What I Did On My Summer Hiatus…

October 2nd

Whoa!  Where has the year gone – everything has gone by so fast this year that it is definitely a blur in my mind in some areas.  Yes, the whole Summer was definitely tied up with family fun and other activities away from the keyboard.

I can honestly say that I have “never” spent this much time away from World of Warcraft, however, it was well worth it and it probably did me some good mentally too.  I have quite a few years tied up in World of Warcraft and we aren’t even going to discuss the money I’ve spent over the years with multiple accounts and all of my alts.

I can’t say that it hasn’t been a fun game, however, there are times when other things are more important, like teaching your Granddaughter how to give a decent “high five” and walking with her as she takes her first tentative trips around the block on her shiny pink trike that she got for her birthday back in July.  Yep, it’s been fun.

I’ve also been a traitor and discovered a few other games out there as well, just as a change of pace.  No matter how hard I try to break my habit with World of Warcraft, I always keep going back to it even if it has been hit or miss.  It’s been kind of like my “quit smoking” project that goes well for a few days and then I fall off the wagon and have to start over again.

I know that each time I break away from the game and take a few days off and come back, there are fewer of my old friends playing these days.  It’s kind of sad when you think how many hours and years you have spent with these people only to discover that they have moved on with their gaming lives and are off exploring the universe. I definitely miss them a whole lot, however, I do understand that need to do other things more so than some would understand. 

I keep hanging around and waiting to see where Blizzard is going with the game and what the next expansion might be, oh yes, who the next Warchief will be for the Horde or if they are going to turn it into a committee that has to vote on what they are going to do next.  I will admit that I was definitely disappointed with the destruction of the Vale, not only was it a beautiful area of the game, it was great fishing too, now, it’s a hole in the ground – hope they don’t destroy any more places in Pandaria in their zeal to make old Garrosh into some kind of “possessed and it wasn’t me that did that” kind of leader.  Now, wouldn’t that be the shits to have Garrosh declare himself as being possessed and all is forgiven – that would be when I might seriously think about taking a permanent vacation.

I’ve watched World of Warcraft change and evolve over the last nine years or so and it’s been rather interesting.  However, I think they kind of took a hiatus on creative things when Cataclysm hit and they have not quite recovered from that.  I am speaking of the “in-game” lore that is available to the players.  No, I’m not one to rush out and buy the latest book that has come out to fill in the gaps, so, I use cheaters and spoilers to find out some of my information.  I can remember when the books were added as a means of filling out some of the base storylines and not be the actual “storyline” itself.  Oh well, money is the name of the game and I suppose if the Lore can be manipulated in such a manner and make more money for Blizzard, so be it – just kind of sad.

I think what has kept me involved in the game so much is that I am definitely a role player.  No doubt in my mind about that.  I was role playing long before they had it in World of Warcraft and will probably be role playing until the lights go out for me on this life.  I’ve watched the various groups, realms and clichés play throughout the years and I still seem to find myself kind of making my own way.  Oh, I’ve been in large role playing guilds and usually will stay with them for quite a while until the guild drama and in-fighting gets to be too much of a pain in the ass for me.  

My last real large role playing guild really kind of killed it for me as a person, so, I’ve been off doing my hit and miss RP with various people and have vowed to never join another RP guild as long as I play World of Warcraft.  I don’t mind it when my character gets attacked IC, however, I do mind it when I get attacked simultaneously OOC and IC.  Really makes for not a good time.  I do have to laugh a little bit to myself because the people that started all of the bullshit have left the game completely and here I am, still plodding along.  Damn near made me quit playing altogether, however, I am still playing when I feel the urge strike me. As I told the people in that particular situation, my ass kissing abilities are very selective and limited and oops, sorry, their name wasn’t on my list. Actually I think that that particular guild has folded and gone on its way, may they rest in peace.  I did quit doing a lot of RP Hordeside and went back to Alliance – I have nothing but good things to say about the people that I have met on the Blue side.  Found a smaller RP guild to hang out with and have just adored the time that I have spent with them and will probably stay with them until my days of World of Warcraft are over.

I have also gone back to playing some of the games that I played prior to my tenure in World of Warcraft. Oh sure, they have evolved and improved since I started playing them years ago and I’m having a blast.  That’s one reason why I don’t stay in World of Warcraft for hours on end anymore – I find it rather depressing and can’t quite get that immersion that was once there.

I’ve never been a super fan of some of the EA games in the past, however, I have found that Sims3 has really come a long way since they started it years ago.  I am bouncing from world to world and probably have as many characters in that game as I do in World of Warcraft.   One thing about a single player game that has it hands down over the MMO style game is that you can “pause” the game and do something else if needed without worrying about holding anyone else behind in their progress.  Hell, I even do it in WoW from time to time because I am playing the game as a single player game at the moment.   I am in hopes that when Winter makes its presence known that the guilds will pick up and we’ll start doing more fun things together again.  Who knows? I have to laugh at myself because I am so far behind right now that it might not even matter anymore.

Anyway, getting back to Sims3, they seem to add more worlds and more expansions at a more rapid rate than they did in the past which is kind of a nice change for people that like variety and don’t feel the need to be constantly gearing up for this action or another.  If my Sim wants to streak a town, then, it’s drop the clothes and take off, Dude.  EA just added a new world to the game called Midnight Hollow, kind of reminds me of a Tim Burton movie set as well as Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.  It’s awesome with all of the gothic buildings and costumes that are worn by the NPCs that you interact with constantly.  Nope, they don’t whip out a sword and try to roflstomp your butt, which is really kind of awesome.  They might sell you a shrunken head or a tombstone with ghost still inhabiting it.  There are so many professions within the game these days that you can spend hours on end trying to level them all up, not to mention, going to college to get those degrees so that you earn more simoleans.  I think one of my favorite professions in the game has got to be the rock star – you can travel to different worlds and visit with your friends in the game by playing the different venues by invitation.  May not sound fun to some people, however, there are quite a few of us out there that enjoy it.

I have lost myself for hours and even days playing the different worlds – from the new gothic world to the dragon world where you have your own baby dragons to play with.  Oh yeah, let’s not forget the jousting as well as the archery that you can play through on that realm as well.  You also have the ability to do “world” travel now via passports;etc.  The next expansion that is coming up on the 26th of this month will be the “Back to the Future” kind of thing – yes, we will have spaceships, robots and other flying things to interact with in that game, not to mention, they have really given the inventing and building professions more to play with.  You will also be able to manipulate your Sims’ lives by making changes in the future or the past – I’m kind of excited to see what we can do once they get the thing out of beta.

I think that is one thing that has kind of pushed me away from World of Warcraft these days, it’s stale. Same old shit different day and if they tweak the Lore even more, we’ll be back in Vanilla again. Going through Outlands the first time when it was released was awesome and if they try a remake of that area, it will be interesting for a few days and then, bleh.  Oh well, I still like the game as a whole and the only thing that is definitely keeping me tied to it at all are the people that I interact with from time to time. 

Sorry for the rambling, it was just something that I felt like writing about and if you read the whole thing, bless you.  One thing about blogging with your stories being primarily based through World of Warcraft, it can get pretty stale when you’re not playing or interacting with things as much as you once did.   However, I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet – I have most of my accounts paid through November and I am hoping that things will change dramatically in the game that might peak my interest and make me want to spend more time with it.

I have to giggle a little bit when I stop to think that my October 1st post was actually my 400th post – where has the year gone?  I’ll probably start putting together stories for my Sims in the near future and actually posting a few pictures from time to time.  I have another year on my subscription for WordPress and I suppose I can post about other things – recipes, graphic designs that I am working on as well as some of my “grandchildren” stories that we all have when you get to be my age.




4 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Hiatus…

  1. Heheh.. well I can’t wait to read about your SIMS stories.. from what you have been telling me. they sound like an absolute blast!! I totally get where you are coming from about WOW.. since Cata.. its been going downhill. I don’t think they have ever been able to top Wrath as far as story telling goes.. Wrath, to me was their Opus..and the last couple of Expansions suffered after that. I actually went back and listened to the Wrath soundtrack..man ! Do I miss that time !

    • Oh, Wrath was when I came into my “own” definitely. I have been playing since the game started and have gone through every nuance and expansion that they have had, however, I think the quality has hit the lip of the toilet and they are just waiting for a good old flush.

      I really enjoyed Pandaria for the most part, the graphic design and implementation were just incredible, however, the storylines were a bit disjointed until you got into the higher levels and were able to piece it together or even were able to read the short stories that Blizzard published to fill in the gaps for “free”. I’ll stick with it a while longer unless I die of boredom first.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, I’m sure that not everyone agrees with me, however, if they don’t like the “read” – don’t read it. 😀

    • LOL, you are such a tease. Well, okay then, I’ll keep trudging along and let it be a surprise. Thanks for commenting and she’s definitely got that “high five” down like a boss now. 😀

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