Happy Is More Than Just A Word…

*Some Language may offend – very blunt at times.  If you’re easily offended, please don’t read this.*


October 8th

Yo Book!

Where has the year gone and where has the time gone – well, part of it was spent in Northrend with Romy’s family once I broke away from the Rangers in Pandaria.  I can’t say that I have regretted making the choices I’ve made one bit.

Romy and I are both sitting around being blissfully happy with living together. I have never lived with a woman like this before, and enjoying the fact that we’re going to be parents in a few months.  I’m surprised that it took us this long for her to get pregnant, however, we never gave it a thought other than if it happens, it happens.  I know that I am ecstatic with the thoughts of us having a child and a bit apprehensive as to what it will mean to our relationship, other than making it stronger.

How the fuck was I to know that when I saw this redheaded beauty standing in Orgrimmar that fateful day that she would change my whole life?   Having spent most of my time alone in Pandaria without female companionship, I was looking for some conversation and a good roll in the hay. I never dreamed what plans the Fates had planned for us.

 Oh, I’ve heard the stories about my exploits up here in Pandaria, they do get back to me, and I have to smile and just nod my head.  I was drunk most of the time when those things happened and I probably thought they were beautiful in my drunken stupor the night before, however, the light of day brought back a hangover and my sanity.  Generally as a rule, I never stopped at the same port twice in order to avoid complications and a spouse that they might not have told me about. I don’t know why some of these women seem to think that it’s going to make a difference with Romy when they search her out in the market and tell her about her “lover” and how I was just in it for one thing.  Well, the talk should slow down in the near future because my lovely woman is starting to show a bit more of her belly with her pregnancy – she’s still beautiful to me, no matter if she has a bulge in front, we know what caused it.

I can’t help being afraid of things right now because I have never been so happy and I am afraid that it’s a dream that I will wake up from and I’ll be alone again.  I don’t know what I would do without Romy now because my life before she got involved in it was pretty lonely if the truth were to be known.  Yes, I have friends and I slept with quite a few women, however, she has filled that emptiness that I thought I would always have.  She has done more than changed my life, she has completed my happiness.

Oh, Fnor is giving me all kinds of advice about delivering babies.  He delivered his last son because the midwife couldn’t get there in time, however, it might be a bit different with a Kaldorei-Sindorei mix baby, I’m sure they are a bit smaller than full Kaldorei babies at birth.  I’m happy that Romy seems to have found a female midwife-healer here in Pandaria because I wasn’t looking forward to having some guy helping her give birth to our baby if she needed that kind of help.  I’m sure that he means well telling me this stuff, however, he just scared the living shit out of me – I know that things change down there when the baby is being born, however, I don’t know that I could handle the whole thing on my own.  We have a midwife, that’s a huge relief- if I have to move the midwife into the house at the farm, then we’ll do that because I want everything to be the best for Romy and the baby – they don’t need my fucking ass hitting the floor when I faint dead away during the birthing.

Well, I know that Romy still goes out with me when I got hunting or doing some archeology now and again.  She hasn’t lost her love of being out in the wilds even though we are both very careful  not to get into a position where we might run into any danger for her or the baby.  I think she even likes fishing although she tends to fall asleep sometimes – being pregnant must take a lot out of a woman.

Oh well, time for me to go take care of some of my chores and kick Jogu up to peak a little bit.  He’s slacking off a bit since Romy and I are here most of the time and I think that he knows I’m not too thrilled with the amount of booze he seems to be distilling under the house – it kind of smells bad and makes Romy ill sometimes.

Fuck the world!  I’m happy and if anyone tries to ruin anything about them, the wrath of Dawnglory will fall on them like no tomorrow. 

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria



2 thoughts on “Happy Is More Than Just A Word…

  1. hehe, this was an awesome read! Lol, Romy told the other women that if they couldn’t keep a man in their beds there must be something wrong with them. She found the fact that they had to tell her all the lurid details , amusing,because she saw it for what it was .She may have been raised in a more rustic environment but she knows jealously when she sees it,:) I think he’s learned that she doesn’t take to being cooped up in the house all the time.. she’s very much an outdoor person,and being in the house all the time , only makes her stir crazy. These two get more entertaining as they progress into their relationship,and the thought of Fnar passing out while Romy is giving birth. made me snort coffee up my nose..That event will certainly be entertaining,lol.

    • Oh, sometimes women get to be real vindictive when their “catch” escapes and ends up being publicly happy with another one. Jealousy can be an evil thing and I am sure that Fnar wasn’t too careful about whom he slept with – he has always been a real rounder, however, since he has been with Romy, he hasn’t even looked at another woman other than a cursory glance – doesn’t hurt to check the menu, just don’t order something.

      I think this is going to get to be hysterical in the long run because here is a fellow that has fought in wars, killed people barehanded and the thought of a child immerging that way really has him scared to death.

      He really enjoys taking Romy around Pandaria and showing her some of the sights that they didnt’ get to enjoy when they were both in the Rangers. Now, they can take their time and enjoy the beauty of the land and probably go a bit more native as time goes on.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s always appreciated. It’s always fun to know that people are reading the stuff and seemingly enjoying what they have read. 😀

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