Not Such A Nice Guy Sometimes…

October 11th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here at the farm in Halfhill, just enjoying the quiet of the predawn hours.  Watching the fog as it whirls over the fields before the sun chases them away.  I’m also sitting here with a grin on my face and a chuckle that threatens to erupt at any moment.

Kae and I hadn’t been to the Faire in quite some time because there just hasn’t been a free moment to make that escape.  Oh, I’ve slipped back into Stormwind a time or two without her, however, we haven’t been to the Faire together.  Well, we decided that we would take in the Faire this time because I think we both needed a break from everything that we have been doing.

We arrived in Stormwind and it was its usual hustle and bustle of people rushing hither and yon, not really accomplishing a whole lot but they sure do act like they feel busy.  We dropped off our latest completed contracts and got our payment and picked up some more contracts from Maggie.  She was doing her usual tsk-tsk about the employees and how she has to keep an eye on things all of the time.  One would think it would be easier since Mother is there or in Stormwind a great deal of the time since she left Pandaria.

We did get a chance to sit and talk with Mom for a little and I think that did Kae a world of good because I think that her discussing her feelings about leaving the Sentinels and going into the freelance business with me was somewhat resolved.  I don’t think that it’s a mistake and I guess Mother told her right up front that she was putting too much pressure on me to make her an honest woman and would drive me away if she wasn’t careful.  I’m not sure that set real well with Kae but I think it helped her make up her mind.  It isn’t like I ever said that she had to make a choice between the Sentinels and myself either.  It has to be her choice and I am not going to pressure her although I do think that with Mom talking to her in a less than diplomatic manner probably helped her see the Light or at least Elune may have given her a swift kick in the backside or something.

Anyway, I think that we will be handing in our resignations before the end of the month and start living the life that I wanted to have all along.  Of course, Kae isn’t really resigning as such, she’s taking a leave of absence.  I guess you never resign from them, you can take leaves that can last for as long as you need it too, if it’s approved.  Now, I hope that it is approved or we may have to come to a parting of the ways for a while because I am already making arrangements to start working full time for the company again and Kae will have to work on her own problems.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I am tired of the Sentinels and the treatment that they sometimes give the male counterparts that act as scouts for them. 

I know that our patrols lately have been rather boring and the only thing that we do is keep an eye out for troop buildups and try to see what we can.  We’re not running into many Rangers these days and the only thing that we have seen are some of the Orcs wandering around rather aimlessly.  Seems Garrosh has trod upon his own people a bit more than they wanted too.  I know that I have always thought the Horde were always volatile and very unpredictable, however, with the different factions within the group have really kind of ripped the heart out of them.   Even the Orcs seem a bit lost in Pandaria right now.  I guess unless you’re a part of the upper echelon of Garrosh’s troops, you’re expendable and that isn’t sitting all that well with the grunts so very far away from their homes and families. I know that how I would feel if my leader turned out to be a nutcase and had sold everyone down the river for his own selfish gains.  We’ve had a few skirmishes every now and again, however, they aren’t anything like they were a few months ago, time has taken its toll and I would say that this “war” has kind of burned itself out or just fizzled – more fizzle than fire.

Well, what I am grinning about is that we went to the Faire, Mom is going to take our grandparents and the little guys there in the next couple of days, so, it was just Kae and I alone.  We had a great time and I will have to admit that I felt more relaxed than I have in months.   I know that we both drank way too much and probably ate way too much of the greasy food that you can only find at the Faire that has that flavor to it – almost makes you wonder what they really put in it.

We played the games, drank, ate and strolled around watching all of the different people.  We both like to watch people anyway, however, it did seem as though there was  lighter air at the Faire than usual.  There wasn’t a subtle hint of stress and animosity towards some of the people like you normally see.  I think that there were more children at the Faire this time and it was fun watching some of the families trying to keep the kids in check.

I have always loved the cannon ball ride and Kae has always been real hesitant about going on it as many times as I do, however, this time she had had enough to drink that she decided to go on it as many times as I did and try to beat me at the game.  Things were going along really great, however, I think that Kae was starting to feel the Darkmoon Reserve a bit more than I was and she had a bit of an accident. 

Sure, we’re used to getting soaking wet and having to trudge back up to the ride to catch another shot at the target, however, I think Kae misjudged her target this time.  She never even made it to the water, she landed with this awful thud in the sand and just kind of lay there with this dazed look in her eyes.  I thought for sure that she had hurt herself really bad and I was scared to death.  She just kind of lay there with this strange look on her face and I thought that she had broken her back or worse.  Naturally, I went off the deep-end a little bit and got a healer down to the beach by screaming at the top of my lungs and probably causing more notice of the situation than Kae would’ve liked.  Other than being drunk, Kae only got some bad bruises on her backside and probably some traumatic damage to her pride.

What I am giggling about is that there is bruising and then there’s bruising – Kae’s bruising covers her whole backside and she says that she doesn’t’ think she will ever be able to walk right again, not to mention, she wasn’t in the mood for any adventures under the furs.  I know I had a slight hangover when I got up this morning, however, I think that Kae is going to be in worse shape than I am because I wasn’t drinking as much as she thought I was, I was kind of egging her on.  She always thinks that she can go drink for drink with me and forgets that I learned how to drink with the dwarves in Ironforge.

Oh, I know I’m not being nice about laughing about someone else’s discomfort, however, it is funny.  Kae will have to admit one of these days that even a Sentinel can get their pride dinged every once in a while and it is funny.  We do like to compete with one another sometimes and I think this time that I actually kind of proved my point – hope she realizes that there was a point.  I’m bigger than she is, stronger than she is most of the time, and I can definitely drink more than she can.

I really had wanted to stay in Stormwind for a while to see my grandparents and my little brothers, however, Kae just wanted to come home to the farm.  I know the mood she can get in sometimes and I didn’t want to have my Mom see that side of her right now, especially after the conversation they had had before we went to the Faire. I had kind of halfway wanted to stop by the watch shop to see Josie and introduce her to Kae too, however, that may not be such a good idea.

Oh my, someone woke up cranky this morning.  Not to mention, the eggs and bacon probably don’t look that appetizing to her with a hangover.  I will have to admit that I haven’t seen her with a hangover like this and I’m sure my chuckles haven’t helped her.  Luckily I had some Darkmoon Reserve stashed away and put some in her coffee – the hair of the dog thing, you know.

She’s mumbling about never taking another drink and mumbling about never going on the canon ride again.





2 thoughts on “Not Such A Nice Guy Sometimes…

  1. Awww poor Kae.. she’s probably going to feel the aftereffects of the drinking for a couple of days,not to mention the bruises. I always have trouble with the cannon.,because I never seem to hit the target right most days. Great read!

  2. hehe, well, at least they had some fun down there and Kae finally got to talk to another Sentinel other than the people she works with. I’m sure that was a conversation for the record books because Amyn is not real diplomatic sometimes when it comes to her sons.

    Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s always appreciated. 😀

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