Getting Back to Business…

October 20th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve written in my journal and as I scan back over some of the things, I’m surprised that I am even alive at this point.  At least my injuries have healed and my head will only hurt once in a while and not have the constant fog that I had been living in for weeks.

I am still mourning the loss of the child that I didn’t even know I was carrying, which is kind of odd because there were no signs that I was with child that I recognized.  Maybe it was just one of those things that Elune chose to keep from me, one will never know, however, a woman always mourns the loss of a child, no matter if they were ever born or not.  I’m sure that my Sindorei still mourns the loss in his own way, however, I think that we are both happy that we survived the ordeal in the Jade Forest.

At least my brain seems to be working and I can at least concentrate on the things that I am working on, which is a plus for me after these past few weeks of everything feeling as if it were disjointed and out of place.  I would start to do something and after a short time I would wander away and forget what it was that I was doing.  From what the healers have told me, that is a normal way of head injuries and it does clear up in time or it doesn’t – it’s hard to predict.  At least mine seems to have healed and I can at least do the things without forgetting them now – it was so embarrassing to make mistakes and have your children realize that not everything was good with their Mother.

I will have to admit that I do miss being in Pandaria, however, I don’t miss the Sentinel camp as much as I thought I would.  I always felt as if I were a tad bit the outsider because I couldn’t join in with all of the things that my counterparts were doing.  I mean, after all, I am a married woman and some of the ribald drunken debauchery may not have set real well with my Sindorei.   I made quite a few friends while I was there and they do write to me here in Stormwind from time to time. 

I know that I have enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my two youngest sons and my parents in Dolonaar, however, I am actually enjoying being in Stormwind for a while and running my business here, it gives me some meaning as to what is going on in the rest of the world.  Oh, Magdamia has done a marvelous job in my absence, however, there are certain things that I will have to adjust while I’m here.  Not all of us like to be bean counters and trod the lines that she has drawn in the sand.  She’s very good, however, most of my employees are used to handling their own business and not having to pay attention too much to the way that things are handled.  We have some youngsters that are just learning their trades and need to be taught and not scolded if they do something wrong – I guess that’s part of why she is so good at what she does, however, diplomacy is not her forte.

I’m sitting here smiling as I think about my husband. Oh how he would complain about being stuck behind a desk and doing paperwork for hours on end.  I think that I can relate to his complaints more now than I did in the past because the company has grown by leaps and bounds and, unfortunately, that means paperwork.   I know that as the company has grown and the reputation along with it, I have really gotten more contracts than we can handle at times, however, I have been hiring new people and things seem to be working out.  Of course, if Maggie had her way, they would all be Draeni and would listen to her every word, however, I have no complaints with my young Worgen pack that seems to be doing the majority of the work, the dwarves have been very agreeable to furnishing more of their brew that we have been exporting to Kalimdor as well as Pandaria.

Of course, I am also sitting here missing my Sindorei too.  It seems as if our lives are constantly in turmoil and we spend a great deal apart, which is not an ideal thing for a man and wife.  I know that he is not pleased with the idea that he had to move everything so rapidly from Orgrimmar and back to Silvermoon.  At least he was able to get out of the city without being arrested for just being there at the wrong time.  Damn Garrosh and his stupidity.  Hopefully, things will be fully operational in Shattrath before the holidays and we can start shipping some of our stock to that new warehouse there.

We have had some major changes in our lives during the last couple of years and I will admit that I am ready to settle down and let the rest of the world figure things out.  We were truly happy and very content in Dalaran until things went awry and we had to leave there, luckily, we were able to get away before the real fighting started because my parents were there as well as our children.  I do miss the house in Dalaran, it felt like home because we could all be together under one roof and no one seemed to mind or care that we were of different races.

The so-called war in Pandaria was and still is going on to some degree, however, I guess the Horde is very divided and is fighting amongst themselves. I know that my Sindorei had resigned from the Rangers and was recalled for service with the Regent Lord in Silvermoon and was able to wriggle his way out of that by using the business as a buying chip.  He could do more good for the Sindorei and the Cause by furnishing them with the supplies that they so desperately need with the rebellion.  I’ll admit that we are shipping quite a few goods to Kalimdor as well.

I’ve only been able to arrange to see my husband a couple of times since I left Pandaria and it is a very lonely existence that we are both living at the moment.  Oh, we’re busy with the companies and with the things that need to be done, however, I know that we both long for the day when we can live together again in Shattrath or Nagrand and not have to steal these few hours away like we have been doing.  I know the boys enjoy living with my parents, however, I know that they also miss their step-Father more than they will admit. I know the youngest misses him a great deal and has been scolded many times for sleeping with the bone bow that was given to him on his birthday by my Sindorei.  I think that these separations actually affect the children more than we realize.  At least we can make plans to all be together in Shattrath for the Holidays.

Speaking of getting away, I need to get out of this office and outside for a while before I start gnawing at the desk.  I think that I have been stuck here for the last week with nothing but paperwork and contracts to look over and decide if we can do them or not.  I am getting more requests for mercenaries and bodyguards – well, with the holidays coming up, the wealthy do like to travel and do like to have their “sport” hunting even if there is a conflict going on in Kalimdor.   I wish Kal were here to handle some of this because he is much better at giving out orders to some of the employees than I am.




2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Business…

  1. I bet Amyn is glad to be back working on her company, and having to rest all the time.. I bet her sons are happy to see their mom doing better. I think she and Romy would get along fine. since Romy is quite fluent in common, due to the fact, she has spent alot of time in Dalaran, and learning to speak when talking with the merchants.

  2. Oh, she’s happy to be able to finally get back to work doing something. I’m sure that Romy and Amyn would be able to get along nicely since Amyn is very familiar with languages after being with Fnor most of her adult life. Should be interesting to say the least if they get to meet at some point. 😀

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