Oh Hello…What Was That?

October 21st

After taking most of the Summer away from WoW and coming back into the game has been an interesting thing to say the least.  Naturally, I am far behind any of the people that are hardcore and have stayed up to date with everything during my absence. Oh well, I will catch up one of these years although I willingly admit that I am not in a big rush.

Having almost decided to quit playing the game, I relented to my addiction and closed two of my six accounts and consolidated the active characters by recreating and starting over.  Heck no,  I wasn’t going to do the account transfer thing and go through another week of mounts missing and pets being deactivated that I have had from the beginning, not to mention the needless expense if I did the paid transfers.  I don’t mind leveling characters because I am very much an altoholic and I am not afraid to admit it.  I do feel somewhat relieved at closing out two of the accounts because it was getting to be more of a chore in the decision making of which characters I was going to play on a given day.  Didn’t even shorten down the rosters that I have for the game either, which was kind of weird.

After spending most of my weekend getting reacquainted with my characters and “how did I do that before” syndrome, I have decided that I will hang in there and try to keep going.  This morning, bright and early, I decided that I would take the plunge and head over to the Timeless Isle – whoohoo!! So, I took my highest geared character over there to check it out and sat here laughing as I got roflstomped by two very large pink cranes and almost a yak.  Okay, time to regroup and do some other things before I go back – which I plan to do.  I never did run all of Thunder Isle nor did I do all of the Barrens Conquest stuff, so, we’re talking gear that isn’t the greatest but I’ve seen worse kind of thing.

I’m still solo playing most of the content on my Horde characters because most of the people that I knew have left the game or otherwise occupied at the moment.  I can’t say that I have run a dungeon recently, which might help with my gearing situation, however, I hate pugging with a passion and will take that avenue as a last resort.  I’m not one for a lot of stress and verbal abuse by some of the basement creeping mouth breathers that I have run into in the past – however, they tell me that’s what it is all about in an MMO. 

So, it’s back to plodding along and exploring all of the fun things in WoW to see how much has changed and how much I have forgotten.  Hey, I’m not giving up, just taking other avenues and approaches to a game that I have played for almost ten years. I was giggling last night when I was talking with a guildie on the Alliance side about the fact that I didn’t start gaming until I was in my fifties and here I am mid-sixties and I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.  Nope, not as fast on the keyboard as some of the youngsters but I think that I can hold my own most of the time.  Thank you Blizzard for all the hunters that I play – pets have saved my bum on more than one occasion and those little “mistakes” oops, pet did it.

This is just the update and the mental meanderings of an older player in a very young field of play. I have found that I enjoy the game a lot more when I kind of glance at chat now and again to see who is calling whom names at that given moment.   I’ll stop to help someone out if I can, however, for the most part, I’m moving too quickly forward most of the time.  I’m still waiting to see what Blizzard is going to do with Wrymrest Accord and what realm(s) they might merge them with before I get too heavily involved in things.  As for RP on the Horde side of things, it’s been a bit scarce to nonexistent which doesn’t really bother me that much because I can usually create my own crowd with just my own characters – however, they say that talking to one’s self is not a good sign.  So, I’ll keep playing until it isn’t fun and I’ll stop, take a break and come back again.  I don’t think you really quit playing World of Warcraft, you just take longer breaks.



6 thoughts on “Oh Hello…What Was That?

  1. I think the breaks are absolutely necessary to keep from burning out completely.and if you need someone to help with those nasty cranes, I will be happy to help.. The only one of mine, not getting stomped is my warlock. Everyone else is getting chewed up and spit out on a regular basis, which includes my hunter and pally.,lol. I”m still at the point where I am still waffling over quitting the game. like you , pretty much all my friends either quit, RL sat on them, or strayed to other games.

    • I know that I was getting so burned out on some of the stuff there for a while that I thought seriously about quitting altogether. Then, I started thinking about some of the “friends” that I still have in the game and how much I would miss the social contact with them and decided that I could hang in a while longer. Being retired and housebound for the most part, my real social contact has been through World of Warcraft other than some of the family and friends in RL that live close by.

      Hehe, one of these days we might even get online at the same time when were not being pulled away by other games and RL duties. Thanks for commenting. 😀

  2. I’ve never canceled my subscription but I do take holidays in other games once in a while but I always return. And I talk to myself all day long but since the dogs are listening I tell myself it’s alright, lol.

    • Well, my main account has never been cancelled, however, the others have been put on hiatus until I can get caught up with things. The two accounts that I just closed aren’t really needed after I looked at the spaces that I had available on the other four. Hehe, I talk to my two cats and my husband usually ends up answering for them.

      I have found that I don’t have the hours that I used to have to dedicate solely to WoW since I have started playing a few other games, however, the friends that I still have in-game do kind of wonder where I’ve wandered off too if I don’t keep in touch. I think I have taken more time away from the game this past Summer than I ever have and it really was kind of refreshing to see the sun in the sky and to play with the grandkids.

  3. I think you might be surprised at how many of us ummm…”older” players are around. I’m guessing the 30+ crowd out-number the kids by a substantial margin – we’re just not as “vocal.”
    I read somewhere that the average gamer is over 30, and middle-aged women are the fastest growing group in gaming.
    The assumption that games are played mostly by teen-aged or early 20s males just doesn’t work anymore 😉

    • Yes, I read that statistic somewhere too. I know that we used to have a group that would get together every morning with our coffee and run a dungeon or two together – we ranged in ages from 35-65 which was kind of interesting. I think the fun part of that was not only the social level but the way we would all laugh at the “mistakes’ that would happen from time to time.

      I know that the older players aren’t nearly as vocal as some of the younger ones although there are times that you really have sit here and wonder about things. 😀

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