Temporary Hiatus

November 23rd

I’ll make this short and sweet.  I am not one to drag things out anyway, I just try to be optimistic in most cases and it has fallen quite short of late.

I will not be playing WoW for a while until I get some of my medical issues dealt with in the next few weeks – hopefully, I will be able to start functioning in RL like a normal human being.  I have had chronic vertigo (non-stop) for four years and have tried every medical avenue that I have been able too, however, it has gotten progressively worse to where it is an effort just to get from point A to point B in my house, forget about going outside for any length of time.

I will be starting some work with a chiropractor next week and I do hope that it is, indeed, the pinched nerve in my neck that I have been wailing about for the last year or so.  Of course, the regular doctors have been throwing all kinds of physical therapy in my direction and more drugs than the law allows to no avail.  Now I am going to try the holistic approach to things and I hope that it works.  This is my last resort and last effort that I have available to me.

I have definitely enjoyed WoW for all of these years and I have enjoyed being with the people that I know in the game, however, if I can’t enjoy the game, there is no point in being there.  My hand-eye coordination is way off and I am unable to concentrate long enough to get immersed in the game.  I hope to be back after the first of the year in better physical condition as well as mentally.

4 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus

  1. * biggest hugs * I wish you the best of luck and best wishes ..I totally understand. I was knocked on my butt with Bronchitis ,so I haven’t been on WOW as much myself. Hopefully things will work out soon for you and this helps you with your vertigo. Rp and gaming can wait, you take care of yourself first .

  2. I’m going to miss your posts (and, indeed, I already have been), but I’m glad for this update. Been hoping you were ok, and now I’m hoping that this new process sorts out the problem. However it goes, please let us know. And yes, definitely take care of yourself! *hugs*

    • Thank you for your best wishes and I hope that it works out well for me too. I haven’t even been able to put a post together decently due to the physical condition and the medications that I have been on. I will keep you posted as well as I can and thank you again *hugs*

  3. My ability to really function at any kind of level in a fast paced game such as WoW right now is nil. I know that as much as I had hopped to be able to get back in there and give it one more try, it really wasn’t going to be feasible. I’m hoping that this works and I will be able to have some of my “life” back in RL too. I will miss you and the RP as well as the others in the game that are still playing. *hugs*

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