Escaping For A While…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

December 6th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that it seems like the only time that I even attempt to write in my journal these days is when I can make my escape to Pandaria and the farm in Halfhill.  I know that I used to write in my journal almost religiously every few days, just to clear my head of the garbage that seems to accumulate there over time, however, I think the garbage has been winning these last few months.

At least on this trip to the farm, Amyn was able to meet me there and I didn’t mind being closeted away with her for at least three days.  Oh, we had so much to catch up on, not just the marital physical aspects.  At least we got to talk about the family a bit and I am very proud of our sons, all of them because it seems that they are all trying to pitch in to make the businesses a success.  Even the little guys have made a trip or two to Shattrath with their Mother to get things set up down there so we can get moved back to Nagrand. At least we can all be there together again and I will admit that I have missed my family life.

I know that I finally caught up with Dawnglory and I will admit that impending fatherhood for him has him all atwitter with the excitement.  Of course, just like any first time Father, he’s all full of plans and ideas as to how he and Romy are going to live this idyllic life here in Halfhill.  I know that Amyn and I felt the same way when we were waiting for Kal to be born in Shattrath.  I have to laugh because the reality really sets in with the lack of sleep and that first real diaper change.

I did get to spend some time with Kal, I swear that kid is still growing although I didn’t think it was possible, maybe Kaldorei grow longer than Blood Elves.  I’m 6 foot four inches tall, which is tall for a Blood Elf and Kal was at least seven feet and I think that he has surpassed that in the last few months by a couple of inches.  He’s really starting to look more and more Kaldorei, he’s a good looking man even if I have to say so myself.   He’s finally been able to break away from the Sentinels for the most part and is working very hard for his Mother and the family business.  His Mother said that he is maturing and that part of it has to do with the fact that his Sentinel is keeping him very busy on the farm as well as out in the field with her.

I know that I sit here and wonder where all of the years have gone and how things keep changing.  I’m getting older, so is Amyn, although I try not to bring that up because there is nothing worse than a wickedly upset wife.  The kids are growing by leaps and bounds and one day I expect Kal to come tell me that I am going to be a grandparent even if he hasn’t taken his vows yet with his Kaldorei woman, he might as well have. They are inseparable and I can see that he truly loves her even if he doesn’t recognize or admit it yet.

I guess that Vashlan is still living in the apartments over the warehouse in Stormwind and his Mother is really starting to put the brakes on his spending.  We both had to laugh at the number of robes that he has accumulated of late along with the expenses of his training during the last few months.  I asked if there was a woman involved and Amyn said that she didn’t think so, however, it’s not something that Vash would discuss with his Mother right up front.  Anyway, the poor kid has the double curse of being a mage as well as being half-Sindorei – we are known for being clothes horses. Oh, he’s accumulated quite a few books too – his Mother explained to him that there is such a thing as a library in Stormwind and that he can start getting some of the books there without having to buy them, plus, we’re running out of space in the apartment for personal storage too, I guess.  I suppose he isn’t too thrilled that his Mother has him working in the warehouse as well as helping Magdamia in the office too.  Well, he’s got to pay for his living somehow and maybe that will teach him the value of money.

I will be so happy when we can all live together again.  It gets lonely without my wife and it gets to be almost more than I can bear at times.  I don’t like living in Silvermoon most of the time for all of the aforementioned reasons and the more time I spend there, the more I want to be away from it.

As for the business.  Things couldn’t’ be any better if it wanted to be.  We have more business than we can handle at this point and I am constantly hiring people and I am sure that Zippie is going out of her mind with all the money that keeps coming in.  I guess the Regent is happy with our performance because he has given us more contracts to fill than I thought possible.

As for Garrosh and his “perfect” Horde, seems they are having a bit of an issue because the siege of Orgrimmar has been going on for quite some time.  Once they kill or capture that fool, the better.  There have already been too many lives lost to that pinheaded idiot.

Ah well, I suppose I could keep rambling here and lose more time, however, Pan isn’t going to allow me to do that.  He’s all set to go for a romp and for me to catch him some fresh fish.  Yes, I go fishing and just kind of relax when I am here in Pandaria.  It’s nice to be away from the Rangers and all of the things that went on with that although I will admit that there are times that I miss it.

Fnor Morningstar


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