Just In A Mood…

January 31st

Dear Journal,

Well, I must say that I am very surprised how my Boss is currently dumping everything in my lap while she is off trysting with that Sindorei mate of hers. She’s already been gone a week and I get a note from her this morning to say that she will be in Nagrand another week, plus, she wants me to take a trip to Shattrath to see what I think of the way that things are set up with the warehouse and the staff living quarters.

I’ll go down there and do an inspection and give her my opinion, however, I hope that she isn’t thinking that I am going to give up my life here in Stormwind to go to Shattrath to live.  Of course, more of my people live down there, however, I’m not so sure that I want to make the move.  I wouldn’t mind making a trip down there every couple of weeks or so, however, I don’t know that I could handle being there all of the time.

I hope that she doesn’t end up getting pregnant or something because that would mean that she would either be bringing the kid here or she would be going wherever it is at the time.  I know that when she occasionally brings the two younger boys here I am always relieved when they leave because there is nothing sacred to them.  They play with everything here in the office as well as the warehouse – I usually do a full inventory after they leave because things are so  out of place.

Her two oldest boys are very handsome and even I will have to admit that they don’t look that much the Sindorei except for the eyes if you look directly in them, you can see the green flecks.  Of course the oldest one is almost as tall as full-blooded Kaldorei and the younger of the two isn’t too terribly short either.  However, the younger one is a mage and has more clothes than I could even imagine having and nothing but the best materials and he has collected clothes and books to where I don’t think he even knows what he has.  The older one is living in Pandaria with a Sentinel and I often wonder how that is working out for the two of them because the last time they stayed here at the apartment, it was obvious what they were doing upstairs.  Oh well, I wouldn’t mind giving him a tumble, however, he probably has a hang-up about hooves.

I’m just a little bit upset that I am being left here in Stormwind taking care of everything about the business while she is making all of the money and I have to survive the best that I can on what I am being paid.  I know that I thought about quitting my job a while back, however, part of the reason that I didn’t leave is that I do have free reign over things without much worry.

I don’t know, maybe I’m homesick, maybe I’m a little bit jealous because she seems to have everything a woman could want and I’m still the old maid in my family without any interest or any real prospects at this point. My Mother has told me that maybe my standards are set too high and I need to adjust them a little bit.  I don’t think that it is too much to ask to find a man that has some real intelligence and common sense as well as being nice to look at.  I want a man that will be equal in things and not someone that expects me to be subservient to them in any way. I would also like to find a man that I am not afraid of crushing – maybe I should go home for a while.

I think that I am just a bit on the cranky side this morning, that’s my problem.  I should just lock the office door and go take a walk or something and maybe my attitude will change a little bit once I get out in the air.




Starting Some New Adventures…

January 30th

Dear Journal,

Well, I’m sitting here at Thrallmar, smelling the dust, the sweat and the blood as it wafts on the breeze.  Even for a Forsaken, this place is definitely not going to get my recommendation for one of those “must visit” places.  Nothing but red dirt and dust for miles and crazed Orcs that have decided to take another path other than with the Horde. It really does make me long for the smell and cool darkness of the Undercity.

There aren’t even any decent coffins where a girl can lay down and get a good night’s rest, just beds that you oft as not end up sharing with someone else, like a perfumed up Blood Elf or even a Tauren. As I opened my eyes this morning, I was lying in a bed face to face with a Troll. Okay, I’ll admit that I was slightly foggy headed and my brain was definitely not in the “ready” state at all and I screamed.  Scared the heck out of everyone in the Inn and definitely scared the Troll bad enough that he jumped out of the bed and ran out the door.  Well, guess who got stuck with paying for the nightly lodging?  Next time I feel the urge to do that sort of thing, I’ll hit the door too and that way I won’t have to pay.

I did go to the Faire last month and had a great time and here it is almost time for it again.  I am in hopes that I will be able to slip away and go again because I need a break from all of these living folks that seem to have some kind of death wish for even being here in Hellfire Peninsula.

Last trip out was great because I ran into some people that I hadn’t seen for a while. I actually ran into a fellow employee of Morningstar Enterprises.  Poor little Tauren was having a tough time in trying to decide the best way to get to the Undercity and Silvermoon.  Apparently, she was scared to death when she went to Orgrimmar and saw the conditions there and was afraid that she might get caught in some kind of coupe between Garrosh’s goons and the Tauren.  I told her that I didn’t think that we would see that anytime soon because Garrosh had lost enough support for most of the people that were left loyal to the Horde. I guess the guards were what had her put off when she visited the Tauren section.

Anyway, long story short.  She had been sent to Orgrimmar by Zippie to make a delivery and pick up the money.  She had done all of that and had run away from Orgrimmar as fast as her hooves could carry her and was then in a quandary as to how she was going to get the money to Zippie as quickly as possible. I told her that the mail was still running and that she could just mail it in like I do sometimes, however, she seemed to be real nervous about that because it was a great deal of money that she had collected from some goblin engineers.

Well, I was in a good mood from the Faire and I told her that I would take it because I had some stuff that I had to drop off in Silvermoon and I was going to be visiting with my sister in the Undercity for a few days and I would take it.  I should have known that it was a great deal of money because she handed me a chest of some size to deliver for her.  There are times that I could kick myself in the butt, if I still had one, for trying to be helpful. If there was enough money to fill up a small chest, guess I should just skip through Undercity real fast and get over to Silvermoon through the portal and come back to see Brianca.

The Tauren told me that the Boss had been in Thunder Bluff and had been there with some red-headed girl as well as his best friend, that good looking one as well as a very pregnant Blood Elf. Well, I could figure out the good looking elf, the Boss and the pregnant girl, however, the other girl, I was real curious about because the description fit the Boss’s sister that has been missing for months.

Damn!  I hope it wasn’t her because I was going to take some more time away from this wonderful paradise to see if I could find her myself.  The Boss had been offering a sizeable reward for information and the return of his sister to the Silvermoon office.  Brianca and I sure could have used that money now that we have two separate living areas to keep up.

Let me back up here and explain the two living areas.  I still have the house in Orgrimmar, a nice little two bedroom place for Brianca and I, which hasn’t been cheap to rent.  Well, Bri and I got into a fight about stupid stuff and she went back to the Undercity in a snit.  That’s the main reason that I was going to Undercity to visit her and try to convince her to come back to Orgrimmar with me.  We’ve never really been apart since the plague hit and we became Forsaken.  We’re all that is left of our family and we need to stick together.  To be honest, I had been pushing Bri real hard about doing more work and she was getting more homesick every day and kept wanting to go back to visit some friends and I just kept pushing her.  I thought that she was being lazy by fishing all of the time and not leaving the city that much to gather the hides and the artifacts for the company.  Well, it never dawned on me until after she left that she might have been afraid of going out into the Barrens on her own too. I know that I have had a few close calls out there and almost had to burn my pants a few times because I had been that scared.

I went to Silvermoon to deliver my stuff and drop off the money with Zippie that the Tauren had given me.  While I was there, I was chatting with Zippie and found out that the red haired girl that had been with the Boss in the Bluff had, indeed, been his wayward sister.  Let’s just say that Zippie wasn’t too happy that the girl was back although she was happy that the reward didn’t need to be paid out because the Boss had found her himself.  Damn, there goes that reward that would have been nice in my pouch.

Anyway, to make a long story short. I caught up on the gossip that is always going on in the company and  Zippie told me that she was going to be traveling back and forth between Silvermoon and Shattrath quite a bit. I guess the company is getting ready to open the doors in Shattrath here pretty soon since they are sending quite a bit of stock down there, I got some stuff to take back with me while I was there.  I was kind of pleasantly surprised when Zippie asked me if I would be interested in doing some escort work while I was in Outland.  Well, yeah, I’d be interested in it, it pays a whole lot more than going out and gathering skins, hides and various other things, it doesn’t pay as well as the artifacts but every little penny counts.  Seems Zippie wants to keep in touch with me and when she is traveling back and forth from Silvermoon to Shattrath, she wants me to accompany her.  Well, that’s a cush job if there ever was one, so, I said that I would make myself available.

I did get to visit with Bri in the Undercity for a few days and I’ll admit that it felt nice to be home for a while.  Of course, I left my coffin in Orgrimmar and had to make do with this ungodly made coffin that Brianca had gotten for me.  I won’t say that we kissed and made up though because she doesn’t want to come back to Orgrimmar to live for a while, she seems to have found a male companion in our fair city.  Well, at least he’s Forsaken and there won’t be any hanky-panky going on because I’m not even sure if he has those parts left. I got to talk with him for a while – Nestick is his name and he’s even more addle pated than Bri and I were when we first realized our condition.  At least he doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of trouble getting used to things and Bri has been helping with things too.  Well, so much for that idea of having her come back to help cut down on the expenses since she’s taken it in her head that this fellow needs help more than I do.

I got back Thrallmar and the first thing I get handed is orders to go out and kill a bunch of boars for the meat to feed the rest of the people there.  I guess the little Blood Elves didn’t want to get their hair messed up and their hands dirty.  Besides, I’ve gone out in the field with a few those elves and they usually scream like little girls and run if their hair gets messed up.

Luckily, I did run into another Forsaken fellow that has decided to partner up with me although I will have to say that our socializing is a bit limited.  He doesn’t have a lower jaw and it’s hard to understand what he is saying half the time.  I find myself grinning a lot and nodding my head even if I don’t know what he just said.  I did suggest that he should get back to Undercity and see if he could get a jaw replacement and all he did was pull his pockets inside out to show me that he had no money.  Well, we’ll get him some money and get him back there.  He’s kind of funny about the way he keeps trying to keep himself clean and tries to make sure that his gear is in good shape all of the time.  Never saw a Forsaken that was that meticulous about what’s left of his hair either – could he be a Blood Elf or was he a Blood Elf before?  I sure can’t tell.   Oh well, at least he’s very dependable and I can always count on him to have my back covered when we’re out there killing more boars.

Hazey Smythe

I Will Change Everything Back to What I Want…

January 29th

Dear Journal,

I woke up this morning to the sounds of children playing and the pitter patter of little feet going down the hall outside my room.  Now, I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decision or not because the little feet inside the house were little goblin feet, I guess my brother decided that they could stay here at the house in Silvermoon – he should have put them in the apartment above the stables unless he has someone else stashed away up there. Knowing my brother, he probably has an entire family of Tauren staying up there or even some Trolls that had a pitiful story to tell him.

My room was pretty much the way that I left it with the exception of the bridal gown that I threw in the fireplace last night and burned.  I am going to have to go to the dressmakers and get some more current gowns since the ones I left here no longer fit me correctly since my body has changed so much with the physical activity that I did while I was gone. I wonder if my stingy brother will loan me some money against my earnings or something so that I dress befitting a woman of some rank in Silvermoon should dress?  I don’t have that much money of my own right now and if I were staying at an Inn, I’d be on the street in a few days.

I know I was shocked when I ran into my brother at the Faire, even more astonished when I saw Dawnglory there with a very pregnant woman.  Oh yeah, my feelings for him haven’t changed that much and I just felt like this woman was just some whore that he knocked up and felt like he needed to make sure that the baby was his. They aren’t married and they, apparently, aren’t planning on making their relationship legal which means that their baby, if it is his, will be a bastard.  She must have been very pretty at some point though to keep my man interested and now, with that big belly sticking out there, she’s lost her looks for a while.  Of course, we were introduced and she gave me such a look that I almost laughed out loud.  I guess that might be some kind of threat to her or something, however, time will tell.  I know Dawnglory well enough to know that he’s going to lose interest and will be off womanizing again.

My brother told me that Dawnglory was very much in love with this woman and that I had better get any ideas that I had in my mind about him forgotten because this woman could kill me very easily.  Oh, I don’t think so, big brother, I’ve learned a lot in these last few months and I think I can handle anything that she might try to do. I guess she was a Ranger under my brother’s command and worked alongside Dawnglory – well, more than alongside but more underneath.  Oh well, guess she got pregnant and Dawnglory left the Rangers, as did she.  I hope he didn’t get kicked out for dallying with the subordinates because it will be hard for him to go back, if that was the case.

Felessa got married while I was gone and she’s pregnant too.  I have my doubts about whether her baby was her husband’s or not because he’s kind of old.  She was really smitten with this young Ranger that is still in Silvermoon and I have a feeling that it’s his.  I know that her marriage contract is set up that she has to produce an heir to the family and she’s doing that, I don’t think it said that it had to be a legitimate heir.  Oh, she’s so busy making baby clothes and getting as big as house that I don’t think that she and I are going to be socializing with one another that much.  She did promise to throw a party in the near future to welcome me back and to reintroduce me to some of the people that I haven’t seen for awhile.  She’s probably going to try to find someone for me so that I can get fat and pregnant just like her.  I like the idea of a party, however, finding a man to sleep with isn’t on the top of my list unless it’s one particular man.

I did meet quite a few men in my travels and I’ll admit that one young Blood Elf caught my eye and I often think about him and how it might have been to go to bed with him. He was the polar opposite of Dawnglory, he was dark haired and a monk.  He basically threw all of the things that he had learned in Silvermoon away and started a new life for himself.  He apparently is from a very good family here in Silvermoon, however, he abandoned them along with all of the other things in Silvermoon.  He was kind, considerate and very well educated – one would think that he still had some of his Silvermoon connections because he didn’t seem to want for much.  In fact, he helped me out a few times with gear and weapons when I didn’t have any money.  I know that we spent a lot of time together and I am sure that he is wondering where I am right now.  I’ll have to write him and let him know where I am and that I am still planning on coming back to Kalimdor in the very near future if things don’t work out the way that I want them too here.

Well, I guess that I should see if my brother will let me go with him to the farm in Pandaria so that I can try to befriend Dawnglory’s woman after she has her brat.  I’ll also try to figure out if there are any chinks in the relationship that she has with my man so that I can get him back where he belongs.  No, she isn’t going to keep that golden haired man out of my bed if I have anything to say about it – he was mine long before he ever met her.

I really need to get a bath and go get my nails done, they are absolutely horrid and I suppose I need to go talk to Zippie and find out what kind of contracts she has for me. I hope she doesn’t think that I am going to be doing all of her grunt work for her either, not without some recognition and money from my brother.  Besides, if she goes to Shattrath to run things down there, I can run things here in Silvermoon without any trouble at all and without her nosy interference.

I hope my brother left word with the stableman that my mount needed to be properly groomed and outfitted with new tack.  I would hate for anyone to see me riding my hawkstrider the way that she looks right now.  Oh, maybe I can take Fnor’s black hawkstrider out, he’s a much better looking animal and the gear that he wears is very rich looking.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll take one of my brother’s mounts.

Faendra Morningstar

Getting Back In The Good Graces…

January 28th

Dear Journal,

Well, Bless Elune and Thank the Light!  Kae has finally gotten over being upset with me and I am now able to sleep in our bed with her again.  I realize now the error or my ways and I have apologized profusely to her and have promised to never do that sort of thing again.  Well, those muffins did work well for ammo when I couldn’t think of anything else that might kill a Void Lord.  I just shouldn’t have shared that information with Kae and the circumstances in which this all came about.

I will have to admit that sleeping under the house at the farm wasn’t all that bad considering that I had my bedroll and I did build a small fire under there to keep a bit warmer even if the smoke did filter in the house a little bit. However, that didn’t keep me from wanting to be in the house and sleeping under those furs in that nice big bed with my Sentinel.  It was indeed a long week and a lot of apologizing and small tokens of my esteem to buy my way back in the house too.

Now I know what my Mom meant when she said that I have to be a bit more sensitive to a woman’s feelings than one of my buddies.  I didn’t realize how much my using her muffins as ammo would hurt her feelings and how much trouble it would get me into – they did keep me alive and got me home safe at least.

I guess that Kae wrote to Mom and had her send the ingredients from Stormwind because when I got up this morning, there were fresh muffins on the counter and a note from Kae.  Naturally, she got up before I did and was out and about in Halfhill. Seems I caught a bit of a cold sleeping under the house and have been staying in bed a bit more, actually I am trying to thaw my body out.  These muffins that she made this morning were absolutely wonderful and tasted just like the ones my Mom used to make for us in Shattrath when Vashlan and I were boys – I know I ate six of them and I’m feeling a bit stuffed at the moment.

Even though I can look outside and there isn’t any snow on the ground at the moment, it is still Winter and it gets pretty darn cold at night even here in the Valley of Four Winds.  Not cold enough to freeze the crops, mind you, however, I know that I was really starting to feel like I was back in Northrend there at the last.

When I got back in the house last night, the first thing I did was to take a nice long hot bath and it felt wonderful.  It was also doubly nice because Kae was in the tub with me and was massaging my shoulders and just making me feel like all was forgiven at last.  I know I won’t be making that kind of mistake again.  She even cooked some of my favorite food as well as some soup, I think I ate more of the soup than anything because it just tasted good and felt good going down my sore throat.  Naturally, she couldn’t’ help but notice that I wasn’t feeling quite myself and promptly tucked me into our bed under those nice warm furs and I think I fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

I know that I have been properly dosed with herbs and have been sleeping quite a bit this morning. I think Kae feels guilty for making me stay under the house because I now have this cold which has me sneezing, coughing and just generally feeling rotten.

I did make it to the Wanderer’s Festival Sunday night and I will have to say that it was fun to see all of the people there, wishing that Kae was with me too, and the lanterns on the water were beautiful.  Naturally, there was a lot of drinking, not by me, and the music was good.  I met quite a few people and tried to talk to some of them.  I really need to get over this introverted thing I’ve started doing of late because it does make it tough to get to know other people in the area.  I’m not normally shy, however, there are times that I get that way, maybe it was the beginning of the cold coming on because I did feel kind of fuzzy headed.

Well, we have our usual rain going on right now and I think that I am going to just stay inside and stay home for the day in hopes that I’ll feel better.  I don’t think that I have had such a cold since I left Dalaran and I remember that cold lingered for several days.  I am just enjoying the warmth of the house and the smells of all of the spices and cooking that Kae has been doing – I don’t think that we’ll be going hungry anytime soon.  I don’t know where all of this domestic activity is coming from and maybe she is trying to fill the void from leaving the Sentinels.

I know that I didn’t have any trouble adjusting to not having to report into the camp and getting sent out on patrols anymore.  I am really getting back into the lifestyle that I had before I came to Pandaria and joined up with the Sentinel group.  Of course, I’m happy that I did join at the time because if I hadn’t, I would  have never met Kae.  We still have quite a few friends that we see from time to time here in the market from the Sentinels and I know that Kae does miss being a part of the group, however, in my opinion, she made the right decision because I could tell that she wasn’t really happy without being able to partner up with me on her patrols.

All I can think to say is that Life is Good and this cold is not good.   I think that I am going to crawl back in the bed and try to sleep some more and hope that I won’t feel  this bad later in the day.



Starting Off The New Year…

January 27th

Dear Journal,

Peiling and I were sitting by the fire night before last and we both started laughing. We’ve been in Stormwind for a whole year.  Yep!! Been a whole year and I think that we have done rather well considering that when we got here, we both had empty purses and not as much skill as we thought we had where we came from.  It’s been a long haul, however, it’s been a learning thing and it has been fun.

I know that I am just sitting here this morning and kind of taking it easy a bit.  Oh, Peiling is out at the market to see if he can scrounge up some of his beloved tea from his homeland and in hopes of seeing that little girl panda again, I’m sure.  He met her a couple of months ago and they have become very close friends although I don’t think that there is a romantic interest there so, however, I’m no expert on Panda’s and their mating rituals.  I just know that Peiling keeps telling me that he is taking his time getting to know her and learning more about her family.  It sounds like they didn’t live that far apart in Pandaria but had never met.

Me, well, I have seen a few young ladies that have caught my eye, however, I think they were more interested in the size of my purse than me.  Luckily, I don’t carry a whole lot of money with me when I go out wandering the city.  I’ve already learned the hard way that these cutpurses are very quick and you never even know you’ve had yours taken until you go to pay for something. I hope they enjoyed the gold that I had in my pouch when they acquired it because I can tell you that it was damned little – that was shortly after my arrival in the city.

I’m not one for drinking, thank the Light, however, I do like to socialize now and again.  I had started going to the Blue Recluse for a while because it was fairly close to the Inn and it also seemed to be fairly friendly for the most part.  I met a few people there and enjoyed sitting there drinking my mead and listening to the conversations that were going.  It’s mostly mages that hang out there and there is good reason for that with the Tower being right outside and it’s a quick place to grab a bite to eat as well as a good place to grab a drink to go with it.  I did notice that the crowd started changing a couple of months back and decided that I would find a new watering hole.  A rougher crowd than what I was used too and I noticed that a lot of the younger mages were not coming in very often either.  I wonder what might be going on there and if the guards are keeping an eye out on things.

I’ve actually taken to going over to the Pig and Whistle in Old Town.  That’s closer to the house that we were able to rent before Winter Veil.  As I said before, this past year has been interesting and fun for Peiling and I.  We actually have our own bedrooms and don’t have to share a bed like we were at the Inn.  Peiling is a very good friend, however, I will have to admit that a Panda can snore louder than ten men in a room and he’s not an exception. Thank goodness he knows how to cook – there are times I will be dead to the world in my deepest sleep and I will wake up to the most glorious smells emanating from our little kitchen.  I’m surprised that I don’t weigh as much as Peiling sometimes because what he can do with a few vegetables and some cheap meat is better than anything I have ever had a chance to eat before.

Things have worked out really well for us since we went to work for that Night Elf lady, Amyn Shadowmoon.  She explained everything to us and introduced us to a Draeni by the name of Magdamia something or other.  She was very nice to us, however, she did look at us like we had crawled out from under someone’s dirty carpet.  I think she has issues dealing with the furry folks that come into the warehouse, including Peiling.  He was so polite to her that I was about to kick him in the butt for trying to suck up, however, I realized that that is just his way with dealing with unpleasantness.

So, yeah, this past year has been a good year even with some of the problems we had and have been able to overcome.  At least we have our own home now and don’t have to worry about bed space being gone when we get back from a hard day’s work.

I guess I should explain why I am taking it easy this morning instead of going out and getting myself busy with some of the contracts we picked up.  Well, yesterday, I had a contract that needed to be delivered in Iron Forge.  It would have been all good except that I ran into Andrew Bitterbeer, one of the fellows that works out of Stormwind too.  Oh, we’ve chatted a few times and he was always giving Peiling a tough time about the Pandaren brews and arguing about how much better the dwarves could brew.

Well, yesterday, I got invited to the Bitterbeers’ pub and it was all over except for the shouting. Oh, nothing would do except that I had to taste each brew that they had in stock, which seemed to be quite a bit.  I was fine until I got to taste the founder’s brew which could have curled the hair on one of those kodo things in Kalimdor I’ve heard tell of.  Naturally, you can’t exactly drink and not eat, so, I ate boar ribs until I was getting a bit green about the gills.  I will have to admit that when I caught the tram back to Stormwind, I wasn’t sure that I had even arrived in the correct town.  I staggered home in a stupor and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch in front of the fire.

That’s exactly where I woke up this morning with a blanket thrown over me by Peiling, I’m sure.  Oh, my head felt like someone had been beating on it all night and we won’t even discuss my stomach.  On the kitchen table was a note from Peiling and a tankard filled with some concoction that he had made up to help me with this blasted hangover.   The stuff helped my head quite a bit, however, my stomach is definitely the thing that is keeping me at home until it settles down.  I have no desire to be running through Stormwind and throwing up on every street corner.  So, I may have to call it a “day off” and work some extra hours to make up for my stupidity.

I know that dwarves can drink quite a bit and it doesn’t seem to bother them, however, I don’t think I have had a hangover like this for a few years.  Maybe it was time for me to relearn why I don’t drink very often and why I should never drink with dwarves.

At least this year seems to be getting off to a rousing start and I think that Peiling and I will be showing a profit again.  It’s kind of doubtful that we will be moving out of our little house here for a long time because we both have friends here in town and I don’t think either one of us wants to start over in a new place for a while.

Jake Jacobsen

Escaping…If Only For A Little While

January 25th

Yo Book!!

I’m kicking myself square in the ass right now, or I would if I fucking could, at this rate.  Romy is at the farm in Halfhill, being way too large to travel with me around Pandaria due to her advanced pregnancy, and I’m stuck up in Kun’lai.  Freezing my ass off, I might add.

I’m glad that I got in touch with Mahamura Cloudhoof before I left yesterday because I didn’t want to leave Romy completely alone on the farm right now, however, I had some business that I had to attend too.  Well, let’s just say that I had to get away for a while before I started babbling like a fool. I love Romy more than life itself, however, I needed to get away for a little while – these trips will become few and far between once the baby arrives, I’m sure. I know that I felt the need to get away for a few hours or maybe even a day or two and I know that Romy probably needed a break from me as well.

I know that Romy wasn’t feeling all that fucking well when we were at the Faire, however, I didn’t understand what was going on.  I thought it was part and parcel with her being pregnant and getting into the last few months of her pregnancy.  I’m sure that the food didn’t help her that much at the Faire and I am sure that all that standing around wasn’t all that comfortable for her either. When we were getting back to the Bluff, Romy almost passed out in the elevator – which has never bothered her before now.

I think part of my problem is that Fnor’s sister has come back into our lives.  I can’t help but feel more than a little bit apprehensive with her being back.  I know that she spent most of her time stalking me in the past due to some girlish crush or something and I had to be extremely careful when I was around her so that anything that I said or did wasn’t misinterpreted into something that wasn’t fact.  Sure, I did flirt with her sometimes, however, it was never intended to be taken seriously either, however, I think that she took it to heart.

I know that I had told Romy a little bit about Faendra in the past, however, I think she felt that there was more to it than what there was.  So, when we finally got back to the farm, I sat her down and told her all of the gory details.  I told her about the ways that Fae had tried to trap me into a marriage in the past and how she had chased me unmercifully for the last couple of years.  To be honest, I was really starting to get uncomfortable attending some of the family functions that my sister and I had become a part of over the years.  Fnor’s family is the only family that we have ever had and with Fae coming of age, it was getting to be impossible to feel comfortable with them.

I had never had to lock my bedroom door in my life until I awakened one morning to find a nude girl in bed with me that had come in uninvited.  Of course, what had awakened me was my libido responding to some of her caresses that seemed more experienced than they should have been. I know that I bolted from the bed, sans clothing, and immediately got dressed and opened the door and ordered her out.  Of course, I was met with a very shocked face and then her anger got the best of her.  It caused quite a scene and awakened the rest of the household because it was a rather loud argument.

Naturally, I spent a few hours with Fnor later in the day to explain what had happened and I think that he understood even if he didn’t quite believe me.  I have always been a womanizer and I have never had any trouble in getting a woman in bed with me, however, this particular woman, I didn’t want to have in my bed at any time.  This was my best friend’s baby sister and I had known her since she was toddler – no, I definitely didn’t want to have an affair with her, nor a one night stand.  I loved her as I would love my own sister and there was just something wrong with the thought of having any other kind of relationship with her.

I did tell Romy that I had even tried to sit Fae down a couple of times and talk to her about her feelings towards me and that those feelings were not reciprocated in any fucking way.  Of course, I always felt bad after we had these discussions because she would end up crying as if I had struck her or something and would bolt from wherever we were at the time. I don’t know if she ever really understood what I was telling her – I loved her as a sister, nothing more.

Of course, my Romy was very understanding of how things had been between Fae and I and that there was no real history other than me running away from it. Now that Romy and I are together with our baby on the way, I am in hopes that Fae will leave me alone.

I will have to admit that it felt a bit awkward to fucking talk to Romy about this sort of thing, however, one thing that I have found is that I can talk to her about anything, anything at all, and she understands and listens to me.  If she disagrees with me about something, she definitely doesn’t hold that back either, however, she will explain to me why she doesn’t agree.  I’ve never had anyone like this before in my life, someone that I feel like is an equal to me in all things.

I really miss Romy tonight. I would love to be snuggling under the furs in our bed and finally getting warm.  I know that I wasn’t expecting the weather to turn this bad here at the Summit, however, I have to remind myself constantly that it is Winter and Spring is a few weeks away just yet.  The snow starting falling with a vengeance just as I was finishing up what I had needed to take care and it reminded me very quickly why there is some danger in flying in this stuff too.  My mount was being rather balky as it was due to the cold, however, once the snow hit, she was having none of it.

I have to laugh at our situation right now because, to be honest, I don’t know how Romy can sleep with the way that the baby is so active.  I know that unless I hold Romy in my arms with her belly pointing the other way, the little fellow just kicks so hard that he wakes me up.  I have a feeling that this baby is going to be a boy, if not, it is going to be one healthy little girl.  Naturally, our intimate moments have been put on hold for a while because it’s too uncomfortable for Romy and a bit awkward for me as well, seems the little tyke resents the intrusion and puts up one heck of a fight.  Naturally, my libido hasn’t quite gotten the message that this sort of thing has to be put on hold for the time being.

I honestly don’t know how Fnor does it.  He and Amyn don’t get to see one another on a regular basis and he seems to be able to maintain himself without a woman being around.  I know that he and I have had a few talks about this and he told me that when his mind starts wandering in that direction, he just forces himself to think about other things.  Well, that is the reason that I am stuck in Kun’lai for the night again – he’s with Amyn in Nagrand.

There are times that we still do business with some of the people in Orgrimmar and this just happens to be one of those times where I’ve been sent out to collect from someone that took off without paying for their shipment of artifacts.  It’s quite a large sum and one that Fnor isn’t quite willing to let slide for months either.  Naturally, the fellow was quite surprised to see someone in One Keg that was from Silvermoon, supposedly, and was there to collect on an old debt.  He had the money on him, which was fortunate for him, and was able to pay me the money.  It was my plan to collect the money, head back to the Vale and get the funds sent off to Zippie in Silvermoon before heading back to Halfhill and Romy.  Well, you know what they say about “plans” and how if things can go wrong, they will.

I did get word to Romy that I would be delayed up here another night and that if the weather cleared in the morning, I would start the journey back.  I definitely want to be with her when the baby comes. I know that I have been staying pretty close to the farm because we found out that Romy is further along than what we thought she was.  Yes, it has me worried and I can tell that Romy is equally concerned as well.

It appears as though Romy was pregnant already when she was attacked by the Mogu, shortly after her arrival in Pandaria.  That means that she was able to carry the baby through that physical attack and the weeks afterwards without being aware that she was with child.  What has us both concerned is the fact that she had taken some pretty strong drugs when she was injured and what kind of effect it might have had on the baby.  I’m very worried and I hope that things are alright with the baby and I definitely hope that it hasn’t caused any complications.

I just know that I don’t want to lose Romy because she is the one that has made my life complete.  I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like without her.  I don’t want to think of what kind of man I might have become if we hadn’t met that day in Orgrimmar.

Ah, finally, the Fates are listening to my prayers and the weather seems to be abating somewhat, the sleet and snow have at least stopped for now.  I’m sure that the stable master isn’t going to be too keen on me arousing him and getting my mount out to fly home, home to my beloved and the pending birth of our child.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

Well, Look Whose Back…

January 24th

Dear Journal,

I know that I definitely haven’t had any time to write in this silly journal since we left Orgrimmar.  The Boss has no idea how much work that move was for me and how crazy things were for us here in Silvermoon for a while.  Oh, he had made all of the preliminary things happen, a warehouse, offices and a place for me, Dooddah and Uncle Zednick to stay.

I think that he wanted us to stay at the big house here in Silvermoon, however, that wasn’t going to happen because we need time to ourselves and there are just too many Blood Elves there.  Sure, it’s not so bad, could have been worse, I suppose.  He could have left us to our own devices in Orgrimmar, however, that’s not his way.  Besides, I worked my butt off getting everything out of there before Garrosh’s people came in to take what we hadn’t gotten out of there yet.

Stupid Orcs that came to take over the warehouse were more than just a little bit dumb.  Their overseer asked me how we had kept the doors open all of these if this was the quality of stock and not much of that.  I just kind of smiled and told him that we were about to go under and it was just as well that they were taking the place, they could clean it up and kill the rats that were infesting it.

I know that all of us that were still in Orgrimmar had been working twenty-four-seven  getting the stock out of there.  What the Orcs didn’t realize is that we had been getting the stuff out bit by bit once we heard all of rumors and saw that pin-headed Warchief come back to town looking like he was crazy or something.  I did hire a few extra people to help haul the stuff from  there to Thunder Bluff and it went pretty well.   I had told them “not” to join up with the caravans because they were being attacked on a regular basis, however, not everyone listened.

I’ve already started shipping a few items to Shattrath and I am looking forward to that move because it will be our last.  I guess that I am going to be the one roving back and forth between Silvermoon and Shattrath for a while until someone suitable is found to take over one of the shops. I have already been told that the operation in Shattrath with be twice as large as the one in Orgrimmar since this is the last free city and that we will be handling stock for the Silvermoon and Stormwind operations.  The Boss has already told me that I will get to choose which one I want to be based out of and I can tell you right now that even with the workload increasing, I will probably take Shattrath since that is where most of the  action will be.

You could have knocked me over with a feather a couple of weeks ago when the Boss showed up with his sister.  Yeah, the one that stole the money and anything else she could get her hands on and ran away from Orgrimmar before the siege. The one that was nasty and hateful to almost everyone that worked out of Orgrimmar and the one that lorded it over all of us as if she were the owner and not her brother.   When she came in the door she was already smirking at me and I could see that she wanted to say something but didn’t dare because her brother was standing there.

I was informed that she was back and that she would be working for Morningstar Enterprises as a contractor and that she would not be taking over where she left.  I know the relief swept through my body like a torrent.  She would be working for me and would have to answer to me just like any of the other contract people.  Well, that definitely wiped the smirk off of her face because she knows that I will be watching her like a hawk.

I don’t trust her at all and I will definitely be watching her like a hawk because she made me look bad the last time she was her by her theft and giving us all the slip.   I would have thought that she at least apologize to me for her actions when she was there in the office, however, she just stood there like she was rooted to the floor and didn’t say a word other than she was happy to be back.

I know that I will start her very slowly with some of the more menial things that need to be done, low end contracts for everything until I see that she is capable of handling that.  I’ll treat her just like any other “new hire” and she will just have to like it or leave.   My guess is that she won’t stay with us for very long because she won’t be able to handle being just one of the other people.  The first thing I am going to do is to have her inventory the stock that we have on hand right now, although I just finished doing that myself a couple of days ago, at least I will be able to compare the two inventories and see if she can even count.



Being With The One You Love…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 23rd

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I haven’t been this happy in quite a while, however, I know that it will be short-lived since Amyn and I both have to get back to our businesses again.  We finally were able to make the connection and make arrangements to go stay at the house in Nagrand.  It always seemed like heaven on Azeroth to me, however, these last few days have been amazing.

We haven’t had the opportunity to be together for such a long time and we have both taken a vow to not ever let it be this long again.  I think that we have made love for the last two days non-stop because we were so pent up with desire for one another.  To lay there and hold my Kaldorei in my arms and to feel her body pressed against mine almost seemed like a dream, however, each time I awakened, she was eager to prove to me that it wasn’t a dream and that she was indeed real.  I am happy that we both thought to grab some fresh fruit before we left Shattrath.

I have to laugh at the two of us because when we met in Shattrath, we started stripping our clothes off as soon as we got behind the closed door of the little house there.  I am indeed thankful that the children weren’t anywhere around because they would have been embarrassed at the antics of their two parents.  It was almost like it was when we first got together in the Barrens.  I actually think that the passion was even more heated this time though.  We spent our first night in Shattrath and left before dawn to make our escape to Nagrand.

There are no servants here in Nagrand yet, so, we have free rein in the house and it appears as though we aren’t planning on putting our clothes again for a while.  I know that Amyn brought us both some breakfast in bed wrapped in nothing but a sheet.  We both laughed as we ate our meal and didn’t stir from the bed.  Shades of a honeymoon, I suppose.

Amyn had made sure that the bed from Dalaran had been setup in our bedroom and that the drapes were hung to match – it almost seemed as if we were back in our old home with the exception of the animal noises and the view of the moons as the light poured in across the bed.  I swear it almost seemed as if we were both caught up in the same dream filled with lust, love and more passion than we have been able to show one another since we left Pandaria.

To be exact, we haven’t been alone nor have we been able to have these intimate moments since Amyn was wounded and I swear that she has become more the tigress with the way that she has been carrying on.  It does remind me of that young Kaldorei Sentinel that I first seduced in the Barrens all those years ago. I’m not sure who really seduced whom, however, I just remember those times vaguely and I am sure that I am looking at them through rose-colored glasses.

Unless you have come to love someone the way that I love Amyn, you would have no idea of the things that I am feeling.  When I am with her, my life feels complete and I feel as if I could live forever in her arms.  Oh, we’ve had our rough spots in our relationship, however, I think that those trials and tribulations have made our relationship even stronger. We tried living separate lives and we’ve even been with other people, however, we are drawn back together again because I feel that we were just meant to be – the Fates want us to be together.  We have our children that have helped to make our relationship stronger as well. Nothing bonds a man and a woman together stronger than the two of them creating a child together – we have two sons together and I couldn’t be prouder of either one of them.

I know that we were laying in each other’s arms last night and we both started laughing at the same time.  I guess we were both gazing at one another and could pick out the traits of our two sons.  Kaldor has my mouth and chin, Vashlan definitely has the shape of my eyes and, Light help him, my eyebrows – let’s not even go into the attitude about clothes and home decor. I think our sons are very handsome even if they are more like their Mother than myself with their Kaldorei body build.  I think that we can both be very proud of our boys.  As for my step-sons, they are very much like their Father from what Amyn tells me although she thinks that they have picked up a few tricks from their older brothers that would definitely mark them as being raised in a mixed race family – they both love clothes.

We were both supposed to leave here tomorrow morning, however, we have decided that we are going to stay a few more days and the proper messages have been sent.  We both have people that can take over running the businesses for a few more days and I think it’s time that we got our priorities straightened out.  The businesses will run for years after we’re gone, however, we need to be together in the here and now for a while longer. 

Amyn is still sleeping this morning and I am sitting in my new study admiring the view from my windows as well as just enjoying the comfort of being some place that will be a haven for me at times.  I know that this house in Nagrand will never replace the house in Dalaran, however, it will be a wonderful replacement for it since I am no longer able to return to that fair city. I know that there are times that I do wonder what has become of that home, however, Amyn tells me that I am better off not knowing and I shouldn’t think about it.  It’s going to take some time to get used to my new desk here though because it is much larger than the one that I had in Dalaran and is much more ostentatious it was.  I wish I could have brought that desk with me, however, there wasn’t time and it wasn’t that high a priority.

One of the things that I am enjoying about his house is the fact that there is a lot more land available to us in the surrounding area.  There is enough room for the boys to build homes if they wish and there is definitely enough room to build another little cottage for Amyn’s parents if they wish to move down here.  Naturally, Vashlan was finally able to get his magic to work to keep the water going into the bathrooms and kitchen hot for bathing and cooking – it’s almost like being in Dalaran.

I did tell Amyn that Faendra was back and she smiled and said that she was happy for me and hopes that Fae won’t become a burden for the rest of the family again.   I told her my plans of keeping Faendra on in the company as just one of the employees that would have to earn her own keep and she totally agreed with me.  I know that I couldn’t remove Zippie from her position and replace her with Faendra after all of the hard work that she has done and after all of Fae’s wrong-doing.  Of course, Fae would very much like to be back in her old position, however, I have already told her how it was going to be.

Fae is going to have to prove herself to me and the rest of the family after her latest escapade that kept us all on pins and needles all of these months.  Let’s just say that I don’t trust Fae at this point and I am afraid that if she were to have the position that she held before, she would just revert back to what she was before.  Fae is staying at the big house in Silvermoon for the time being, however, I have a feeling that she may want to get a place of her own instead of living under her brother’s roof.  We’ll see how that works out. Oh, enough about Faendra, I’m not here in Nagrand with my beautiful wife to think about my sister and her troubles, I’m here to enjoy being with  the woman that I love.



Fnor Morningstar


When Things Break…

January 22nd

I know that I am just kind of sitting here this morning and waiting for our next assault of winter weather here in Colorado.  Luckily for me, I don’t live in the mountains, as such.  Yep, city dweller here and I avoid the mountains like the plague during the winter months anymore.

Oh, back in the day when I was young and foolish, I would be up there with the rest of them skiing down those slopes at my own peril and the danger to others.  I wasn’t very good at the sport and soon gave it up for a nice warm fire and a glass of wine at the lodge. Oh, I’m sure there are people out there that just are dying to be out there in the snow, not me. It looks just wonderful from the inside of the building and not actually being out there trudging about is a wonderful thing to me.

I’m still sitting here giggling about how my day went yesterday.  Here I am getting back into WoW and playing like a fiend trying to get things caught up and getting myself immersed in the lore again and it was maintenance day – the bane of all Tuesdays since the beginning of time with WoW.  Since I hadn’t checked before I went to bed the night before, I was in high hopes that it would just be rolling restarts, nope, no such luck – it was a full blown maintenance although, for the life of me, I can’t see that they did anything other than to “merge” some more realms.   They did get rid of some of the more pronounced lag areas that I had hit prior, so, I guess that I should be thankful for that.  So, no WoW in the morning.

Okay, I thought to myself, since I can’t play WoW, I’ll do some writing. Now, you have to remember that I am an older player and very much the creature of habit so when things aren’t going the way that I like, it makes for a pretty rough day.

The very first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning around six or seven is to stagger out to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee – the nectar of the gods. So, I staggered out, measured out the coffee and the water and proceeded to set the coffee pot up to deliver that wonderful stuff and toddled on upstairs to my loft – The Sanctum. My husband has his “man cave” in the basement where one has to indeed be a brave soul to enter and I have my loft where all of my books, crafts and computers are kept.

So, sitting up here in the loft and starting to think about which of my poor characters might be visited for the morning, I kept waiting to hear the tell tale three “dings” from the coffee pot that tells me that it has done its job and I can go fill my cup with that wonderful stuff.  Suddenly it dawned on me that it was well past the time where those three dings should have happened and possibly, in my sleepy state, I had forgotten to turn it on.  So, off I trudge, back down the stairs, through the great room to the kitchen.  Hmmm, no glowing light on the coffee pot greets my caffeinated hungry eyes and I started cursing myself for being a bumbling fool and turned on the pot again.

Since I was on that level of the house, I thought that it might be good if I went ahead and took my shower and got dressed for the day before I forgot about it and spent most of the day in my pajamas – this happens more frequently in the winter than any other time of the year.  So, off to the shower I went and feeling good knowing that by the time I got out of the shower the coffee would be ready this time.

You guessed it!  Got out of the shower, got dressed and toddled back into the kitchen only to discover that the coffee pot had its little red light on and there was no coffee in the pot. I quickly checked the water, checked the burner on the coffee pot and it was icy cold.  Ut oh! This could only mean one thing – the coffee pot had expired. So, without further adieu, I promptly walked into the bedroom and announced to my spouse that the coffee pot had given up the ghost and we were going to be without that wonderful nectar until he went to the store and purchased a new one.  I really need to start getting spares in the future.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my husband is one of these people that stays up all night watching television and the Gods only know what else and sleeps the day away for the most part. Since he is the only one that drives at this point (I will soon join the others on the road again), I was at his mercy.  He rolls over and looks at me blearily and states “I have a dentist appointment and I will get one on the way back home.”  Okay, I know that he won’t move out of the bed until sometime after noon and his appointment was probably an hour or two after that. So, I reconciled myself to being without coffee for a few more hours. He is also the self-proclaimed King of the Procrastinators.

I thought about going and visiting neighbors and drinking their coffee, however, I decided that I could work on some chores here in the house and avoid going outside for a while.  Although the weatherman said that it was quite warm out there, I had already ventured out to get the newspaper and almost got carried off by the winds.  Nope, didn’t think it was a good thing to try the neighbors.  I had tea, I had a coke and was still yearning for my coffee.

So, at six o’clock last night, I was actually able to make my coffee and have a couple of cups. Lots of cream and sugar to go with it.  I think that I had signed into the game a couple of times during the day but didn’t get very far because I was very distracted by my fixation of getting coffee. I had been working on one of my little worgen alts and I could totally relate to her snorting and growls, I was starting to sound pretty much the same way.

So, this morning started off a hundred times better, two cups of coffee later and I will admit that I feel like I could conquer the world at this point.  My writing that I planned on doing waited until this morning to happen and I have been happily playing World of Warcraft with wild abandon.  I think that I can safely say without any kind of shame that I am addicted to that morning coffee.

No coffee means, no raiding, no ability to carry on an intelligent conversation and you can just forget RP. Yep, that’s an addiction. Just posting this for giggles and grins.



Oh My…Poor Orgrimmar

January 22nd

Dear Journal,

I don’t know why Zippie sent a parcel to us here in Pandaria that needed to be delivered in Orgrimmar, however, I am going to let her know that it makes me very uncomfortable to go there. She could have sent one of her goblin friends that work for the company or her sister or Uncle, however, she chose to send it all the way out here to us and wanted it delivered quickly.  She babbled on in her letter that there was no one else that could do it for her right now and it was for a good deal of money.

I didn’t even know that we were still making deliveries or even doing business with the people that are left in the city considering all of the things that have happened. I know we closed the business and now it’s in Silvermoon and what isn’t in Silvermoon is in Shattrath. I hope that she doesn’t get some wild hair and decide to try to send me to Dalaran because that is one place that I know that I won’t be welcomed with open arms.

I told Naton about the letter and the parcel and he said that he thought that I would be okay.  He said that he has done some business there with his armor, however, things have changed quite a bit since we were there last.  He told me to not meet anyone’s gaze, keep my head down, make my delivery and collect the money and get out of there as quickly as possible.  Okay, I did follow his advice although it was very hard for me to do.

I had heard that Garrosh had the Trolls under guard in their quarter, however, I didn’t know that it was as bad it was.  I had wanted to pick up some wild rice from there because it would be good with some of the dishes that I have learned to make here in Pandaria.  I was shocked that the poor Trolls are under lock and key and have Kor’kon guarding them all of the time.  They are prisoners and are only allowed to do a minimal amount of things.  I tried to buy some rice and a Kor’kon guard told me that I could be arrested for consorting with the enemy.  Well, I didn’t make my purchase because I didn’t want to get locked up there in Orgrimmar.

I decided that I would try to buy some rice from the Tauren quarter because I was almost sure that I had seen some there before I left for Pandaria.  I was shocked to see Kor’kon guards everywhere in the quarter.  It’s not as heavily guarded as the Troll area, however, it did make me realize that it would be very easy for Garrosh to order a full scale slaughter of our people in the city.  It almost made me cry when I saw how things were – our people are not happy in Orgrimmar and I wish they would leave before it’s too late.  I know that I was very frightened the whole time I was there.

I can’t believe that Zippie had me deliver a parcel to the goblin engineers.  It would have been so much easier for her Uncle to deliver that stuff or even her sister. I have no idea what was in the package, however, the goblin engineer seemed very excited to have it and even tipped me a copper.  Well, you know how goblins are, at least he gave me something to go along with his thanks.

Even though Naton told me to keep my head day and not meet anyone’s gaze, I wanted to see some of my old friends in the Tauren quarter, my old teacher,  for example.  I went to where he usually stands and I was surprised at how empty the place was.  Where our people would normally gather to talk and to tell stories to one another and some of the younger bulls would go to show off their new armor, there was no one there.  No one was enjoying the sunshine and no one seemed to be very sociable.  I did find my teacher and he was very happy to see me although he told me that I should get out of Orgrimmar as quickly as I had come in.

Now, I got another errand to run while I was there talking with him. He took a carefully concealed letter from his belt and told me that I had to deliver it to Baine in Thunderbluff.  I was really worried when he gave me the letter because I didn’t want to get arrested by the guards for something and have them find it on me, they might think I was some kind of spy.  I took the letter and left – I did go to Thunder Bluff and I did deliver it without seeing Mom and the boys.

As I was starting to wonder about how I was going to make the trip to Silvermoon without being gone for several days I happened to see a Forsaken with a very familiar gait and a very familiar lion.  It was Hazey Smythe.  We never had socialized all that much when we were in Orgrimmar, however, I’ve always considered her a good sort and one that could be trusted.  I asked her how she was doing and she looked at me like I had lost my mind and replied quite succinctly “Still dead” and we both laughed.

I told her of my problem with getting the money back to Zippie in Silvermoon and she said that she would take it for me because she had planned on taking a trip to the Undercity to visit with her sister and it would be very little trouble for her to continue on to Silvermoon to make the delivery for me.  She had a few things that she needed to deliver herself, so, it wasn’t inconvenient for her.  At least she was able to take care of that problem for me and I trust her with the money because she’s been with the company for quite a long time too. She laughingly aid that she thought that Garrosh was afraid of the Lady and that he wouldn’t want to step on her toes. So,  the travel from Orgrimmar to the Undercity is still open and it’s just a short portal from the Undercity to Silvermoon.  Whew, I’m glad she was there because I was really afraid to make the trip myself, I’m not your warring kind of cow, I like farming.

When I finally got back to Halfhill, I told Naton of all that I had seen and he just shook his head and looked sad.  He said that he had seen the guards in the Troll quarter, however, the last time that he had gone to the Tauren quarter, there were no guards.  We both think that things with Garrosh have gotten even worse than they were when we were in the service to the Horde.  Let’s just say that we are both happy that the Boss was able to get us released from that and we are working for Morningstar Enterprises.  Now, we just hope that nothing goes awry with the Regent Lord and the Blood Elves.

Oh, I had better get busy and make dinner for Naton and I because he actually said that he was hungry.  He doesn’t eat much but when he does, he makes up for all of the time that he hasn’t.  At least he’s trying some of the new food that have been able to get at the market, he says he likes Jogu’s chicken and dumplings and wishes that it wasn’t so pricey.