Here We Go Again!!

January 7th, 2014

Well, another year has bit the dust and we’re off to the races on another one.  That’s okay, it’s a going to be a good year because it has already had a lousy start at our house.

My husband and I both have been quite ill since Christmas and can finally see the road to mending.  Apparently there is this nasty bug going about that resembles flu, however, it isn’t flu – just one nasty cold that will knock you right on your bum.  Let’s just say that our New Year’s celebration consisted of a discussion as to what was best – the generic brand of Nyquil or the real deal.

I did get my gaming computer back from the shop finally after over two weeks of patiently waiting.  Turned out to be another “Windows” thing and not a hardware thing as we had initially suspected. Naturally, software isn’t covered under the maintenance agreement and they wanted $100 to run a restore;etc.  To make a long story short – they did the restore for free after I pulled the fact out that they had had the machine for over two weeks and had failed to repair it.  Got the machine home and happily started loading my software back on it.  Look out WoW, here I come, ready to play again.  To make a very long story short – they failed to give me the key for the version of windows that they loaded on and my machine locked up with an “illegal copy” of windows.  So, back to the drawing board and back to doing my own restore and reloading all of my software again. So, it has taken me from Christmas Eve 2013 until yesterday to get my software all loaded and actually starting to play online again. I was taking my time with the loading because there were times that nothing made any sense with all of the cold meds that I was taking and I didn’t want to have to do the whole damned thing over again.

The only thing that I can say is that I am very happy that I am retired and have all of this time on my hands to spend on my computer – NOT.

So, I’m happily trying to get back into my games and trying to keep from falling asleep every fifteen or so minutes.  The doctors have decided that my hubby and I are going to live, gave us some more zippy drugs to take and with a pat on the head, sent us home.

So, after giving my laptop to my son to use due to the complete meltdown of his power supply on his desktop, I’m going to be sitting at my desk trying to piece together my MRP again for World of Warcraft, try to figure out what I have missed out on in the last few months and get back into it.  I actually thought seriously about quitting the game, however, I couldn’t force myself to hit that final button.  Nope after all of these years, there is a comfort zone in WoW that I can’t find anywhere else and it’s a nice place to spend your time with your friends.

Now, it’s time to get back to Azeroth, pick up my storylines, maybe even start a few new ones, who knows.  I’m just happy to be able to sit here and write to my heart’s content and drive you all bonkers.


7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!!

  1. Yikes! It seems like the season for illness, my hubby was down sick all Christmas break, recovering in time to go back to work. I’m taking a hiatus from WOW for a little while,just long enough to recharge my creative batteries which pretty much sputtered out . I will be getting back into writing again, once things get settled back down after the holidays . I’m glad to hear things are getting better on your end. Sorry to have been a stranger lately * Hugs* and hopefully we can get back into rping again .

    • Yes, it does seem as though it has been the time for illnesses. I think that we have had more than our fair share of dealing with it. Yep, trying to get back into WoW and enjoying myself considerably – hehe, I feel like a newb sometimes. Hope things get better at your house too. *hugs*

    • Oh, I have a few new storylines that might kick things off again. I’ve missed the writing quite a bit although I have been trying to keep myself caught up with all of the writing that others have been doing.

    • Oh my!! I remember that zombie invasion all too well. Seriously, I have been playing for the last couple of days and getting all kinds of ideas cooking in this old brain of mine. It’s good to be back.

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