Lost & Found…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 11th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that I definitely feel more relaxed right now than I have in months.  I knew that I had had things nagging at me in the back of my mind but I had done rather well in compartmentalizing them to where I hardly knew they were there except for a few times when they would push their way to the forefront. Business is hectic and my personal life is still pretty lonely since we haven’t gotten everything moved to Shattrath just yet, almost done with that, however, it does seem to be taking forever this time.

I had taken some time away from Silvermoon again and was just kind of kicking back on my front steps at the farm in Halfhill when I saw my good friend making his way across the fields.  Oh, his destination wasn’t even in question in my mind.  I did have to laugh at him though because with as much time as he has been spending in the sun, his skin is rather dark and that blonde hair of his has gone almost white.  Dawnglory is always going to be one those men that is going to age gracefully and those looks of his don’t appear to be fading either.

We sat on the steps and talked about our farms and how things were going with the business and how things were going back home.  I think that we are both spoiled with the ability of being able to run away now and again and take refuge here in Pandaria.  I know there are times that I can feel myself on the verge of losing my temper completely sometimes when I am in Silvermoon, not through anything that my staff has done, just from being around some of the people where you have to do the social mincing of words and the polished politeness that has as much sincerity as a broken doorknob.

I guess that Romy, Dawnglory’s woman, is getting quite large with their child and Dawnglory is definitely looking forward to the day when the little thing arrives and they can resume some of their activities again.  I can remember all too well the weeks prior to the birth of a child where you felt like you were on a desert isle somewhere and definitely very much alone.  I know it can’t be all that comfortable for the female either because she has all of that extra weight, not to mention, a very active baby running around inside.

I don’t know how the subject came up but it did and we acted on it.  I hadn’t been to the Faire in months and I knew that Dawnglory and Romy hadn’t been either.  We have all been pretty busy, him meeting all of Romy’s family and me with the business.  So, Dawnglory hot-footed it back to his house to see if Romy felt like going to the Faire and roaming around a bit.  I know that I love being here at the farm but it can get to be rather old if that is all you’re doing.  I know that Dawnglory hasn’t left his farm much during the last few weeks for fear that Romy would go into labor and he wouldn’t be around for the birth.

Naturally, we did check with the healer before we left because I knew that I didn’t want to go through the experience of delivering a baby while we were gone.  I have delivered one of my own sons, however, I don’t think that it was the most pleasant experience that Amyn has ever had giving birth.  I know that I was scared to death and promptly passed out once the child was delivered and the healer had arrived. A man can be brave in battle, brave in the face of danger, however, I don’t know too many men that can handle delivering a baby without feeling like they are on the losing end of a battleground.

We arrived at the Faire in good time and I will admit that I felt a bit awkward being there with the two lovebirds and not having Amyn on my arm.  Oh well, it was fun and I think that we all enjoyed the games that we could play as well as some of the food.  We were sitting there eating, yet again, and I happened to glance around and saw someone that I recognized.  I know that my heart skipped more than a few beats before I could get off my backside and chase the woman down.  It was my sister, Faendra.  I know that she was very shocked to see me and burst into tears as she threw herself into my arms.

We hadn’t parted on good terms the last time that I saw her and she had run away from Orgrimmar before the siege had started.  I have had the employees out looking for her whenever they had an opportunity, however, they weren’t having much luck.  She had written to me once and I was unable to track the letter back to the source because it had been passed through quite a few hands before it was finally delivered to me in Silvermoon – it had even made the trek to Pandaria.

I think that we were all surprised to see one another at the Faire.  Maybe it was Fate, maybe it was something else entirely, however, I was very happy to see her.  I was a little bit surprised at her reaction to seeing Dawnglory with his very pregnant woman, however, it was a cordial greeting between the two women even if it was a bit awkward.

I think that Faendra has grown up quite a bit since she left Orgrimmar in a snit. She’s a lot thinner and I will admit that she looks very tired.  I know that we all sat and talked for quite a while before the subject came up about Fae’s returning to Silvermoon or even Thunderbluff with us.  She acted a bit strange about it but at the same time, I could see the relief in her eyes.  I think the poor girl really has been starving for a while too.  I never knew that she could eat as much as she did sitting there at the table. We opted to go to Thunderbluff since Dawnglory still has his little camp there.

At least this is one worry that I can take off my list of things.  I don’t know if she is going to stay with us or what her plans are.  I know that I was just relieved to see her again and that she seemed to be okay.  Of course, she and I will have to sit down and have a nice long discussion about some of the things that happened prior to her running away and things that have changed since she has been gone.  I do know that I am going to let her make her own decisions as to what she wants to do because I think that was part of the problem between us before – I was trying to shelter her and protect her from things that she needed to experience on her own.  I just felt like it was my responsibility as her older brother to make sure that she had everything she needed or wanted, just to help make up for the loss of our parents.

At least I don’t have to worry about her being out there in the wilderness alone and thinking about all of the things that could have happened to her.  Naturally, we haven’t had a chance to talk yet, however, I am going to make it a point to let her direct the conversation, no matter how curious or unpleasant some of the topics may be.  I still feel guilty that I didn’t go out looking for her, however, at the time I think that we both needed that space to let our hurt feelings heal and to let my temper cool down quite a bit.  We had exchanged some rather hurtful things in our last verbal exchange and she was none too pleased with the marriage plans that I had made for her in Silvermoon.  She was still very much enamored of Dawnglory at that point – let’s hope that that has subsided and she has faced the reality of her situation in that area.   I suppose that we will have to discuss some of the changes that have happened in Silvermoon – how the marriage I had arranged for her had been cancelled and the groom is happily married to another young lady.  I don’t think that I will even bring up the cost of her dowry either because that is just something that I will have to deal as time goes on.  With her reputation being in tatters, there will be no Silvermoon marriages that I can afford to arrange for her.  Maybe she found another young man in her travels that she cares for?  We really haven’t had much of a chance to talk and there are many questions that I would like to have answered.  Naturally, she is going to have to rebuild her own social bridges with Zippie and the rest of the employees because she did leave things in the wrong light when she left.

At least we’ve decided to spend some time in Thunderbluff and we can relax a little bit before we start back on our work schedules.  I’m sure that Romy and Dawnglory want to get back to their farm in Halfhill to await the birth of their child.  They are both adamant that they want their child to be born in Pandaria.  I can understand that to some extent, however, it is still a bit of a trip.

The news that we have been able to uncover in Thunderbluff in regard to that idiot in Orgrimmar hasn’t been all that great and I am beginning to wonder if it is ever going to end. I know that if things ended tomorrow that it wouldn’t affect the business at all because you always need supplies for troops even when the conflict is cooling down.  I’m sure that everyone will be happy when we can get our lives back in order and we can have some peace in our lives.  I honestly can’t recall ever having extended years of peace except for when we were in Shattrath initially.

I suppose that I should go ahead and get a letter written to Amyn to let her know that my wandering sister has surfaced again.  I’m not quite sure how she is going to react to that news because she was very upset with the Fae left and almost tore the family completely apart.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Lost & Found…

  1. Lol, Romy can be quite formidable when she wants to be, but knows the time and place for it. The fact that she is very pregnant says alot about how much she means to Fnar,she doesn’t really have to say anything but let Faendra figure it out on her own. Its certainly going to be interesting in the future to see how things progress in the future. Can’t wait to read Fae ,and Fnar’s versions..should be entertaining!

  2. LOL, well, I think that Fnar was more concerned about Romy than he was about Fae’s return. She’s probably still a nutjob but it would take a lot to pull the man away from the woman that he loves. I think this is going to get to be very entertaining in the future.

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