SafeHaven – Level 23…Finally!!

January 11th

Woot!! Well, it has definitely taken forever to get my Horde guild to where it is now, however, I’m happy.  Just finally turned the level to Level 23 which is awesome to me.  Of course, two more levels to go before I can really do the happy dance.  What has taken so long is the fact that the majority of the people that I had in my guild have left the game and I am the only “real” active member which means that all of these levels are basically done “solo”.  It’s okay, I’m having fun, getting myself immersed in  the game again and just kind of plodding along at my own pace.

I’m looking at the number of characters that I still have active in the game and I think that I am going to be very busy for the next few months in trying to get them caught up again as well as getting them into the proper gear again.  I’ve probably forgotten more about the game than some people have learned in the last few months with the way that I have been playing so sporadically.  Oh well, I’m having fun and just kind of playing as a casual, it’s not so bad.

I still enjoy the game quite a bit and enjoy leaping from one character to the next as I play through things.  However, I know that I pulled some of my characters out of Cata too quickly to get them into Pandaria and will be going back and picking up some of that stuff.  It’s fun, it’s a bit time consuming and I am sure that some people will think that I am completely bonkers, however, if it’s fun, I’ll do it.

4 thoughts on “SafeHaven – Level 23…Finally!!

    • It’s still my big dream to get the thing to Level 25 because it’s been a real labor of love and frustration. Oh, my son helped me out for about a level and I haven’t seen him log in for the last eight months – I think he’s done. I still play other games, however, I always seem to come back to WoW. 😀

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