A Dream Come True

January 13th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am very happy to be sitting here at the farm with the chill air wind blowing across the fields as well as the very warm fire burning in the kitchen.   A lot of things have happened since I last wrote and they have all been good as far as I am concerned.  Of course, I’m sure that some people might beg to differ on that but that’s okay too, they aren’t living where I am either.

Kae and I did make our way to the Faire and it was kind of a celebration that we both enjoyed.  She had finally made her decision to leave the Sentinels because she said that it was far too lonely  for her without me being with her and the scouts that they had been putting with her were lacking the skill that she had grown accustomed too with me.  We were both kind of chuckling that some of the fellows really weren’t ones to talk much when they were sitting around the fires at night with the Sentinels because they had one thing on their mind and it wasn’t written in some rule book somewhere.

She had handed her official resignation in on Friday morning and we left for the Faire shortly thereafter.  We were acting as giddy as two school kids getting away from school for a holiday vacation of some sort.  It was like someone had handed us a piece of paper that said that we were free from all of the worries of the world because that’s how we felt.   I know that if any of our friends had seen us, they might have thought that we were drinking ourselves into oblivion or something. I know that we both felt as if we had had the weight of the world lifted from our shoulders, which in a way, we had.

I know that we enjoyed the food, the rides and truly enjoyed mingling with the crowds.  I know that this is something that we haven’t felt comfortable in doing for quite a while.  What with my heritage and the Sentinels always being suspicious of our relationship, we always felt as if we were being watched , no, I don’t think that we were being paranoid, just being extra careful with what we were doing all of the time.  Now, we have no reason to worry about those things, our lives are our own to do with as we would.

We spent the entire day at the Faire and stayed until it closed that night.  No, we didn’t make the trek back to the farm that night either.  We actually stayed in Stormwind and enjoyed ourselves there for a while.  We went to Blue Recluse and sat with Vashlan and some of his friends, however, I’ll admit that it was a bit uncomfortable for us to be there because they were talking all the mage stuff and a couple of his buddies kept looking at Kae as if she didn’t have a stitch on.  I’ll admit that the green-eyed monster was starting to rear its ugly head with the few drinks that I had, so, we left and went back to the apartment above the warehouse.  We had already made plans to go back to the Faire again the next day and we were looking forward to that.

Naturally, we did the things that couples do when they are alone and I am sure that my bed has never had that much activity in it before. It was just fun being able to lay there in each other’s arms knowing that we had no rush to get up in the morning because our time was our own.  Just lying there and holding Kae in my arms as she slept was probably the most contented and happy that I have ever been since we have been together.

I know that we are a lot happier now that some of the major decisions have been made in our lives and we can finally start planning for the future.  I know the last few months can’t have been pleasant for Kae because they weren’t for me.  We seemed to argue constantly and it was always about the same things – the Sentinels and her duty to them.  I’m surprised that we were able to survive that conflict but we did and I think that it has made our relationship a lot stronger than it was.

I’m sure that Magdamia will be shocked when we both start picking up contracts to be filled here in Stormwind, however, she’ll just have to get used to it.  I know that Kae will be good at whatever she decides to do because she’s proven herself in the past and we both work well as a team.

I suppose the next big question will be about us taking our vows at the Moonwell in Darnassus.   I know that Kae would do it in a heartbeat, I am still dragging my feet and I will have to admit that it almost frightens me, it’s a lifetime commitment, not like it is with my Father’s people that can call the whole thing off if they are unhappy with one another. Part of me wants to go ahead and take Kae as my mate and the other part of me is arguing about giving up my freedom – I don’t think that it would change that much because we never have felt like we “owned” one another like some of our friends have felt with their relationships.  We work and live together and have learned how to compromise with one another to where we both are happy with the way that things are going.

I will have to admit that my Dad really hit the nail on the head when he told me that if I truly loved Kae, I would know it.  I think I do love her because the thought of her not being in my life makes my heart feel like it is breaking and I can feel the tears well up in my eyes at the thought of her not being with me.

Just waking up with Kae in my arms, her head resting on my shoulder and her hand intertwined in my hair this morning was like a dream come true.  Just feeling her velvety warm skin next to mine under the furs was a revelation of sorts.  Of course, her scent is almost mind boggling and I will have to thank my Mom for that.  She gave Kae some of that almond scented soap that she had purchased on one of her last shopping sprees in Dalaran and it smells wonderful.  I almost wonder if there isn’t something else in that soap too because I will have to admit that we have both been more amorous of late.

After all of these months of arguing, bargaining and trying to come to some kind of compromise in our lives, it feels good to have it finally settled.  I know that it was very hard for me to pull myself out of the bed this morning, stoke up the embers in the fire and put the tea and coffee on.  Thank heavens my robe was close at hand because we had forgotten to close the window in our bedroom, which made it chilly and the furs all that more inviting.

At least now we can start planning things for ourselves.  If we decide to make the vows and we decide to have children of our own, we can do that – all in good time.  I know that I find myself more often than not referring to Kae as my mate – maybe our vows have already been said to Elune, I know our hearts are held fast with the way that we feel towards one another.  Maybe this is something that I need to talk to my Mom about, she probably has a better understanding of our ways than my Father would.






2 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. D’awwww! That is soooo sweet, and yes, Kal.. you got a keeper there. Whether they choose to marry or not, that’s up to them, but I have a feeling , Kae secretly longs for a wedding of her own, to her chosen one. Its so nice to see them being happy ,and free to live their lives as they please. Great read!!

    • It’s been fun going back through some of my storylines and either wrapping them up or bringing them up to date. Kal and Kae have always been one of my favorites as I have watched them grow over the last three or so years – yep, they’ve been around for a while. I’m glad that you enjoyed the read and thanks for commenting. 😀

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