Look What Showed Up Now!!

*Please note that there is some swearing and blunt language in this post..if you are easily offended by this sort of the thing, don’t read it*


January 14th

Yo Book!!

Well, what was supposed to be a fun time for all of us to go to the Faire and kick back for a while kind of turned into a pile of fertilizer.  Oh, Romy couldn’t really do much with her pregnancy being as advanced as it is, however, I think she had a good time watching Fnor and I making fools of ourselves.  We were having an absolute riot with the games and I enjoyed watching and hearing Romy’s laughter when we were acting the fools.

Naturally, I should have fucking known that something would happen to fuck things up because that’s how this shit works.  Just when you think that life couldn’t get any better, something comes along and fucks it all up again.

Oh, I suppose I should get over my ranting about things and just be happy for Fnor that his loser of a sister has shown up again.  It’s like bad money that you think is behind you and it pops up right when you don’t need it.  Oh well, if she’s changed, maybe things won’t get too fucked up.

I know that I was probably as surprised as Fnor was when we both saw his sister’s red hair mingling with the crowd.  I know that Fnor almost killed himself chasing her down and the way that they greeted one another was definitely heartwarming, we’ll see how heartwarming it is in a few weeks – I hope it’s not the same old shit.

Naturally, the smirk on Fae’s face was one that I would have gladly wiped off when she was being introduced to Romy.  Yes, Romy’s pregnant and the child she is carrying is definitely mine and we’re not married – that’s not a problem for us. I just know that I put my arm around Romy’s waist and kept rubbing her lower back because I could feel the muscles tightening up and she’s uncomfortable enough without adding stress to the mix.   I don’t know how in the  hell women do it but without saying a word out loud, I think that Romy and Fae came to some kind of understanding in the brief time that they were introduced.

I definitely made arrangements for Romy and I to stay with the Cloudhoof clan because my little place isn’t big enough nor private enough to accommodate all of the people that were going to be staying there.  Besides, I knew that Mooma had a couple of nice beds that she wouldn’t mind Romy and I sharing one of them.

I was very worried about Romy when we were getting back to the Bluff because she acted very unsteady on her feet and I thought that she was going to collapse in the elevator on the way up. I think that when we get back to Pandaria, the healer and I are going to have a discussion about this pregnancy because Romy seems to be awfully large for as far along as she is and seems to be having a lot of discomfort with it.  Is the baby coming earlier, is she further along?  I have no idea, I just know that I am extremely worried about her and the baby – more about Romy than the baby.  I know that sounds fucking selfish but Romy means more to me than any offspring that we might produce.

I was going to suggest that we try to stay in Thunder Bluff for a few days and possibly take in the Story Circle, however, with the way that Romy was moving and moaning in her sleep last night, I think that we might want to get our asses back to Pandaria and the farm.

I know that I am going to have to explain to Romy exactly who Fae is and what kind of history that we’ve had together,  which is almost nonexistent, except for what might be in Faendra’s head.  I had to deal with her little girl crush most of her younger years and then I had to deal with her obsessive behavior when she got older, which was not easy.  When you know that a woman is trying everything in her power to trap you into a marriage that you don’t want or desire, it makes for some difficult times.  Oh, sure, Fnor and I talked about it and he was well aware of her feelings, however, if she had shown up knocked up and claimed it was mine, who’s word would he take?  I am sure that he would hear me out and listen to her as well and make a decision, however, he also knew my reputation with the women too.  I just know that I am not going to let this new intrusion into our lives upset Romy in her condition and definitely not ruin the happiness that we have had together either.

I know that Romy isn’t the jealous sort and I know that she is very secure in our relationship but who knows what kind of poison might be cooking away in Faendra’s head right now.  The look she gave me and then the way that she looked at Romy seemed almost coldly calculating.  No, I won’t tolerate anyone making Romy unhappy nor endangering our baby.

I have all of our stuff packed and ready to head back to the farm already, so, when Romy wakes up, we’ll start the trip back.  I don’t know that Fnor is going to join us on the trip back yet or not because I know that he wants to spend some time with her sister and talk to her about what is going on with the company and with the rest of the family.  I think that they need some fucking private time on that one and I don’t want to know anything about Fae’s travels because I just don’t fucking care.


Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

2 thoughts on “Look What Showed Up Now!!

  1. Hehe .. oh fur is going to be flying for sure, because Romy will do what she can to protect her man from predatory females even if it means getting physical.Being raised in Northrend, and learning to fight dirty has given Romy an arsenal of tricks to use if she has to,and she’s not a girl who is afraid to break a nail,so that means someone mouths off to her about her baby ,or her man, they get a shot in the kisser 🙂

    • I know that I am almost afraid to think about what might be cooking away in Faendra’s little twisted head, however, Romy doesn’t have a thing to worry about with Fnar because he is so devoted to her and the baby that it’s almost hysterical. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. 😀

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