Visiting The Family…

January 16th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve last written in my journal, however, things have been a bit on the busy side of things with the farm here in Halfhill.  I think that Naton and I have finally recovered from taking care of the Boss’s farm and Dawnglory’s as well.  That was the longest month that I think I have ever seen.  I don’t think that I can complain too much though because we were well compensated for our time and I think that it was sincerely appreciated that we were able to take care of things for them while they were gone.

No, Naton and I didn’t make it to the Faire this month, however, I think that we are going to plan on going next time because we do enjoy our time in the Bluff with Mom, Tahfal and Nahai.  Besides, we get to see some of our old friends and catch up with some the things that are going on.  Most of the people that we know are still in the service to the Horde but are slowly working their way out of that business too.  I know we have lost a few friends over the past year and it saddens my heart to think that we will never see them again at Story Circle nor be able to talk with them again until we join them with the Earth Mother.

I guess that Mom and the boys had some exciting times recently when the Boss and Dawnglory stopped by for a visit after they had gone to the Faire.  Poor Mom thought that the one red-headed elf was ready to have her baby when they came to her, however, all they wanted was a nice bed to sleep in since the woman seemed to be in an advanced state of pregnancy.  Oh well, at least Mom didn’t have to deliver a Blood Elf baby, it’s been a while since she’s done that and I’m not sure how it would have all gone.

Mom mentioned that the Boss had a red-haired woman with him too, which is kind of odd because he’s already married to his Night Elf and I haven’t ever known of him to stray.  Well, you never know with Blood Elves anyway because they seem to be a randy bunch of little fellows.  I wonder who this other woman was because Mom didn’t seem to be overly impressed with her, said she was real thin and kind of arrogant.

Only one person that I know of that might fit that description has been missing for the last few months after she stole the money from the office and ran away from Orgrimmar – another reason why we had to move the offices from there too.  Poor Zippie was just frantic about the money more than she was about the fact that the Boss’s sister had flown the coop.  We have all spent months looking for her although I will have to admit that it wasn’t at the top of my list even with the amount of money that the Boss was offering for information or even  bringing her back.

I guess they only stayed the night with Mom, Dawnglory and his woman, and headed back to Pandaria.  I suppose they want to get back there quickly because they want their baby to be born in Halfhill and not anywhere near their own people.   The Boss had just left with the other red-haired elf right before I got back to the Bluff.  I wonder if it is his sister?  If it was, it’s going to get interesting for the rest of us if he decides that she’s to be trusted again with the business, I don’t think he’s that stupid but you know that blood is thicker than water and people will look after their families first and foremost.

I guess that I’ll find out one of these days if it was his sister, although I will have to say that if it was, I don’t want to work with her.  She’s mean-spirited and she wasn’t very nice to any of us when she was in charge of things in Orgrimmar.

Oh well, I know that Mom and the boys are wanting me to go with them today to do some herbing because they always need a good hunter with a boy when they go to some of the places for the best herbing.  I told Mom that I had only come back to check on things and to visit for a couple of days before I got back to the farm.  Mom was a bit upset that Naton hadn’t come with me this time and I had to explain to her that he was very busy with the armor orders that he had gotten in Halfhill.

I know that Naton and I both are working ourselves crazy with the farm because we are trying to get things organized enough and the farmhouse fixed up enough to where we can bring Mom and the boys back there with us.  I know that Mom would love the farm and she would definitely love the fact that the herbing in Pandaria is a whole lot better than it is in Mulgore right now.  I know Mom will never give up her home in the Bluff, however, I don’t think that she would mind being in Pandaria in the winter months because it never gets as brutally cold there as it does here.


2 thoughts on “Visiting The Family…

  1. Oh yeah, Romy certainly felt like it,and she was delighted to meet the Matriarch of the Cloudhoof clan, she can see where Maha gets her sweet nature from,she’s also very relieved to be home again. She’s got a sneaking suspicion that the little one is only biding it’s time before it decides it wants to make it’s debut

    • ROTFL, poor old Mooma is almost blind, that’s why the boys stick close to her when they go herbing because she has made a few mistakes in the past.It does seem like things are moving right along with Romy’s pregnancy and I’m sure that everything will be okay. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

      ((Trying to keep up with all of these characters is really a chore-haha, however, I’m really enjoying pullling it all together again.))

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