Have Things Changed? … I’m not so sure

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

January 17th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here in Silvermoon in my study and I will have to admit that even though I am very relieved to have Faendra back with the family, there is just something there that doesn’t quite meet the eye.  It’s just a feeling that I have and I can’t  help but pull on her history to know that when I have these feelings, it’s best to pay close attention to them.

We all know what her feelings were for Dawnglory when she ran away.  Part of me feels that she is still holding those feelings close to the vest even though she is now very much aware of his situation and his pending fatherhood, that didn’t seem to bother her all that much although the look that she gave Romy was more of a subtle challenge than anything remotely close to being friendly.  There was definitely enough tension in the air that you could almost cut it with a knife and I think that Romy handled things beautifully, which is something that I would have expected from someone her age and station in life.  Romy’s no fool and I hope that Dawnglory is very much aware of how fortunate he is to have her in his life.

I think it was probably a wise decision on Dawnglory’s part to make arrangements with the Cloudhoof clan to spend the night with them and leave his house to Faendra and myself.  Romy is starting to feel very uncomfortable with her pregnancy and I know that Mooma is a midwife and has delivered quite a few calves in her time, I’m not so sure about how many Blood Elf babies she’s delivered, however, I feel that the old dear would be very competent with that sort of thing as well.

Faendra and I sat in the house and talked quite a bit.  She told me that she ran away because she didn’t want to marry the fop in Silvermoon and that she wanted to have a bit more control of what was done in her life.  No, she wasn’t interested in her social standing in Silvermoon even though that was the one place that she was more suited to be than anywhere else on Azeroth.  I did tell her that with her running away that the marriage had been called off, the groom has since wed someone else and all of the dowry monies had been paid to the family to make up for her insulting them by running away.  She acted a little bit surprised that I would have paid them off, however, I explained to her that since my business was based in Silvermoon, I had to keep the social arenas under control and if that meant spending that money to maintain appearances, well, that’s just how it had to be.

I had almost considered sending Fae to Shattrath to help with the business setup down there and something just told me that that might not be such a good idea.  For one thing, she is going to have to earn my trust and respect again after stealing all of the gold out of the safe in Orgrimmar.  So, she is going to have to be content in staying in Silvermoon for the time being and rebuilding some of the bridges that she burned with the other employees in the company, especially Zippie.  No, Faendra isn’t going to be “in charge” of anything and will have to earn her keep just like any of the other employees.

I think that a part of her thought that things wouldn’t just go back to the way that they had been in the past and didn’t take into account that I even have feelings that need to be mended as well.  Oh, I know that if I had sent her to Shattrath, I might have gotten more than a few letters from my wife but I might have even lost a few of my more loyal employees.  They didn’t approve of how things were handled when Fae left so abruptly and I know that they aren’t going to take orders from her anymore.

Yes, Fae has grown up quite a bit since she has been gone and I can see a certain hardness in her character that wasn’t readily apparent before she left.  I still don’t know what all happened to her on her travels and I was very much up front in telling her that I would like to know how she survived all of these months without any money and without any proper gear, however, I didn’t want to know all of the gory details.  I especially don’t want to know anything about her sex life, it’s not something that an older brother wants to hear about although I’m sure that she would take great pleasure in telling me about it for some reason.

Honestly, I am extremely happy to have her back home, however, there is just a feeling of dread that keeps cropping up in my mind.  I suppose I could ask Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa, to keep an eye on things for me even though the two girls used to be the best of friends.   At least Felessa listened to her brother and got married is now expecting the “heir” that was part of the marriage contract which is probably what has Faendra in such a snit and making comments about all the gravid females in the area.

Oh well, I can’t let Faendra occupy my mind this much because I know that usually just causes all kinds of problems with the family too.  I do want her to have a good life, however, all of my efforts in the past have been repaid with a slap in the face and curses.  I think that I will keep her with the company if she wants to work for Morningstar Enterprises, however, she is just going to be one of the regular employees that goes out with contracts and collects her money that way, nothing special that makes her stand out above any of the others.

I did get a letter from Amyn and I know that she took her parents and the two youngest boys to the Faire this last month and she talked about how much she missed me while she was there.  She hasn’t gotten my letter yet telling her about the finding of Fae and the things that have transpired since then.   I know that I truly miss her and I hope that we can get together in the near future in Shattrath and Nagrand.  I am getting that yearning to open the house in Nagrand again, I love the area and it is the one place where I know that we can live as a family there.  Oh, how I have missed the holidays as a family and how I have missed the family gatherings.  Yes, I think I will write a letter to her and see how she feels about that.   I’m sure that she is anxious to get out of Stormwind for a while too.


Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Have Things Changed? … I’m not so sure

  1. Oh boy ! Things are really going to get interesting but its good that Fnor is seeing this side of his side of his sister.Gives him a better understanding of what’s happening ,and while Romy has a great deal of respect for him, it doesn’t extend to Faendra. So if Fae steps out of line ,with Romy, Romy won’t hesitate to smack her down good regardless of who Fae is related to ,lol.

    • LOL, if Romy smacks Faendra, Fnor won’t say a word because it would have been done with good reason and Fnor has a lot of respect for Romy. Right now, he doesn’t trust his sister at all and is just anticipating her reverting back to her old ways in a month or two, however, she won’t have his support when she does. She will have to suffer the consequences of her own actions because I don’t think that Fnor will lift a hand to help her after all that she has done to him and the rest of the family. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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