Not Quite Domestic Bliss

January 18th

Dear Journal,

I don’t think that I have ever been this angry with Kal since we have been together, however, it’s not so much anger as it is being humiliated.  While I will admit that leaving the Sentinels has been a real hard adjustment for me, becoming somewhat domestic has been more than an stressful thing and very trying.

Yes, I knew how to cook some very good dishes and I knew how to cook any kind of game that I killed, however, some of this other stuff, I wasn’t all that familiar with.  Kal kept talking about these wonderful muffins that his Mother used to make for him when he was growing up, so, being the blissfully happy person at being “free” from duties at last, I contacted his Mother and got the recipe.  Gathering the materials wasn’t all that difficult because our farm is very close to the market here in Halfhill.  I did have to substitute a few things because the Pandaren had no idea what some of the stuff was.  I made the muffins and gave them to him for breakfast one morning as a surprise.  Oh, he seemed so happy to have them and kept remarking on how good they were.  So, I started making them frequently, not too often because I didn’t want them to become something that he got bored with.

Little did I know that my muffins were horrid and what I thought he was eating, he was stuffing in his belt pouch.  I thought he was eating an awful lot of them, however, since they were a favorite, I didn’t say anything, just made more for him.

Come to find out, he was using the muffins to kill the vermin in the fields by throwing them at them.  He was also using them to add some extra strength to some of the fencing.  I had found a couple of the muffins and just thought that he might have dropped them or something.

Anyway, to make a long story short. Kal went on an adventure with some of his friends and I guess that my muffins were used for quick and dirty ammo.  I wouldn’t have ever known if Kal hadn’t been drinking and told me about it.  Stupid man, he should never drink and come home to tell me about what he has been up too.  I am so embarrassed that I don’t know that I will ever be able to face these people again.  I have met them on a few occasions, however, that was when I was still with the Sentinels and they weren’t all that friendly since they had some unsavory reputations.

Oh, let’s just say that we had quite the verbal battle and he slept under the house last night in a blanket roll.  Maybe I over-reacted, I don’t know but he should have never told me about it.  I think that the next time I try to make something new in the kitchen, I’ll let someone else test them for me that will be a bit more honest about how they really are.

I really am trying.  Elune guide me in my endeavors to make Kal a good mate.  I love him dearly, however, he really needs to be a bit more diplomatic about things that I do and not hurt my feelings and especially not share that with his friends.



2 thoughts on “Not Quite Domestic Bliss

  1. * hugs* awww poor Kae I feel for her. I totally understand her feelings, Romy used to feed her bad cooking experiments to the Vermin.. some of her attempts were so bad, they promptly dropped dead after eating them. Of course men don’t like to admit when there is something wrong, so they will pretend, which usuallly tends to back fire on them,lol. Great read!!

    • Yes, my poor little Sentinel is trying her best to become all that she thinks that Kal wants and building a strong relationship. LOL, Kal should have told her they were a bit dense and hard to chew – they did make great ammo though after blessed arrows and prayer did not kill a demon – the muffins did.

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