When Things Break…

January 22nd

I know that I am just kind of sitting here this morning and waiting for our next assault of winter weather here in Colorado.  Luckily for me, I don’t live in the mountains, as such.  Yep, city dweller here and I avoid the mountains like the plague during the winter months anymore.

Oh, back in the day when I was young and foolish, I would be up there with the rest of them skiing down those slopes at my own peril and the danger to others.  I wasn’t very good at the sport and soon gave it up for a nice warm fire and a glass of wine at the lodge. Oh, I’m sure there are people out there that just are dying to be out there in the snow, not me. It looks just wonderful from the inside of the building and not actually being out there trudging about is a wonderful thing to me.

I’m still sitting here giggling about how my day went yesterday.  Here I am getting back into WoW and playing like a fiend trying to get things caught up and getting myself immersed in the lore again and it was maintenance day – the bane of all Tuesdays since the beginning of time with WoW.  Since I hadn’t checked before I went to bed the night before, I was in high hopes that it would just be rolling restarts, nope, no such luck – it was a full blown maintenance although, for the life of me, I can’t see that they did anything other than to “merge” some more realms.   They did get rid of some of the more pronounced lag areas that I had hit prior, so, I guess that I should be thankful for that.  So, no WoW in the morning.

Okay, I thought to myself, since I can’t play WoW, I’ll do some writing. Now, you have to remember that I am an older player and very much the creature of habit so when things aren’t going the way that I like, it makes for a pretty rough day.

The very first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning around six or seven is to stagger out to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee – the nectar of the gods. So, I staggered out, measured out the coffee and the water and proceeded to set the coffee pot up to deliver that wonderful stuff and toddled on upstairs to my loft – The Sanctum. My husband has his “man cave” in the basement where one has to indeed be a brave soul to enter and I have my loft where all of my books, crafts and computers are kept.

So, sitting up here in the loft and starting to think about which of my poor characters might be visited for the morning, I kept waiting to hear the tell tale three “dings” from the coffee pot that tells me that it has done its job and I can go fill my cup with that wonderful stuff.  Suddenly it dawned on me that it was well past the time where those three dings should have happened and possibly, in my sleepy state, I had forgotten to turn it on.  So, off I trudge, back down the stairs, through the great room to the kitchen.  Hmmm, no glowing light on the coffee pot greets my caffeinated hungry eyes and I started cursing myself for being a bumbling fool and turned on the pot again.

Since I was on that level of the house, I thought that it might be good if I went ahead and took my shower and got dressed for the day before I forgot about it and spent most of the day in my pajamas – this happens more frequently in the winter than any other time of the year.  So, off to the shower I went and feeling good knowing that by the time I got out of the shower the coffee would be ready this time.

You guessed it!  Got out of the shower, got dressed and toddled back into the kitchen only to discover that the coffee pot had its little red light on and there was no coffee in the pot. I quickly checked the water, checked the burner on the coffee pot and it was icy cold.  Ut oh! This could only mean one thing – the coffee pot had expired. So, without further adieu, I promptly walked into the bedroom and announced to my spouse that the coffee pot had given up the ghost and we were going to be without that wonderful nectar until he went to the store and purchased a new one.  I really need to start getting spares in the future.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my husband is one of these people that stays up all night watching television and the Gods only know what else and sleeps the day away for the most part. Since he is the only one that drives at this point (I will soon join the others on the road again), I was at his mercy.  He rolls over and looks at me blearily and states “I have a dentist appointment and I will get one on the way back home.”  Okay, I know that he won’t move out of the bed until sometime after noon and his appointment was probably an hour or two after that. So, I reconciled myself to being without coffee for a few more hours. He is also the self-proclaimed King of the Procrastinators.

I thought about going and visiting neighbors and drinking their coffee, however, I decided that I could work on some chores here in the house and avoid going outside for a while.  Although the weatherman said that it was quite warm out there, I had already ventured out to get the newspaper and almost got carried off by the winds.  Nope, didn’t think it was a good thing to try the neighbors.  I had tea, I had a coke and was still yearning for my coffee.

So, at six o’clock last night, I was actually able to make my coffee and have a couple of cups. Lots of cream and sugar to go with it.  I think that I had signed into the game a couple of times during the day but didn’t get very far because I was very distracted by my fixation of getting coffee. I had been working on one of my little worgen alts and I could totally relate to her snorting and growls, I was starting to sound pretty much the same way.

So, this morning started off a hundred times better, two cups of coffee later and I will admit that I feel like I could conquer the world at this point.  My writing that I planned on doing waited until this morning to happen and I have been happily playing World of Warcraft with wild abandon.  I think that I can safely say without any kind of shame that I am addicted to that morning coffee.

No coffee means, no raiding, no ability to carry on an intelligent conversation and you can just forget RP. Yep, that’s an addiction. Just posting this for giggles and grins.



2 thoughts on “When Things Break…

  1. OOOh I can totally relate.. I need my first cup in the morning to function,or I’m a total bear.. it’s gotten to the point to where my ten year tells me to drink my coffee and quit being so grumpy..lol, kids ! Gotta have coffee!

    • Oh, I’m more than grumpy, I am absolutely the raging woman from Hades. Even the cats avoid me when I haven’t had my coffee because they know there won’t be any love and kisses until I drink that first cuppa.

      ROTFL I was making so much noise in the house in hopes that my hubby would roll out of bed “early” and go get the coffee pot, however, I discovered that he had covered his head with his pillow and was snoring blissfully away while I was going through my withdrawal.

      True to his word, he did get the coffee pot after his appointment and it was rather late to be brewing coffee although I am notorious for taking a cup to bed with me. So, I’m trying to RP, since we had an event going on and trying to pour as much coffee as I could into my already cringing body. I finally got so relaxed after getting my fix that I ended up leaving the game a bit earlier than I had planned and went to bed – coffee cup in hand.

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