Well, Look Whose Back…

January 24th

Dear Journal,

I know that I definitely haven’t had any time to write in this silly journal since we left Orgrimmar.  The Boss has no idea how much work that move was for me and how crazy things were for us here in Silvermoon for a while.  Oh, he had made all of the preliminary things happen, a warehouse, offices and a place for me, Dooddah and Uncle Zednick to stay.

I think that he wanted us to stay at the big house here in Silvermoon, however, that wasn’t going to happen because we need time to ourselves and there are just too many Blood Elves there.  Sure, it’s not so bad, could have been worse, I suppose.  He could have left us to our own devices in Orgrimmar, however, that’s not his way.  Besides, I worked my butt off getting everything out of there before Garrosh’s people came in to take what we hadn’t gotten out of there yet.

Stupid Orcs that came to take over the warehouse were more than just a little bit dumb.  Their overseer asked me how we had kept the doors open all of these if this was the quality of stock and not much of that.  I just kind of smiled and told him that we were about to go under and it was just as well that they were taking the place, they could clean it up and kill the rats that were infesting it.

I know that all of us that were still in Orgrimmar had been working twenty-four-seven  getting the stock out of there.  What the Orcs didn’t realize is that we had been getting the stuff out bit by bit once we heard all of rumors and saw that pin-headed Warchief come back to town looking like he was crazy or something.  I did hire a few extra people to help haul the stuff from  there to Thunder Bluff and it went pretty well.   I had told them “not” to join up with the caravans because they were being attacked on a regular basis, however, not everyone listened.

I’ve already started shipping a few items to Shattrath and I am looking forward to that move because it will be our last.  I guess that I am going to be the one roving back and forth between Silvermoon and Shattrath for a while until someone suitable is found to take over one of the shops. I have already been told that the operation in Shattrath with be twice as large as the one in Orgrimmar since this is the last free city and that we will be handling stock for the Silvermoon and Stormwind operations.  The Boss has already told me that I will get to choose which one I want to be based out of and I can tell you right now that even with the workload increasing, I will probably take Shattrath since that is where most of the  action will be.

You could have knocked me over with a feather a couple of weeks ago when the Boss showed up with his sister.  Yeah, the one that stole the money and anything else she could get her hands on and ran away from Orgrimmar before the siege. The one that was nasty and hateful to almost everyone that worked out of Orgrimmar and the one that lorded it over all of us as if she were the owner and not her brother.   When she came in the door she was already smirking at me and I could see that she wanted to say something but didn’t dare because her brother was standing there.

I was informed that she was back and that she would be working for Morningstar Enterprises as a contractor and that she would not be taking over where she left.  I know the relief swept through my body like a torrent.  She would be working for me and would have to answer to me just like any of the other contract people.  Well, that definitely wiped the smirk off of her face because she knows that I will be watching her like a hawk.

I don’t trust her at all and I will definitely be watching her like a hawk because she made me look bad the last time she was her by her theft and giving us all the slip.   I would have thought that she at least apologize to me for her actions when she was there in the office, however, she just stood there like she was rooted to the floor and didn’t say a word other than she was happy to be back.

I know that I will start her very slowly with some of the more menial things that need to be done, low end contracts for everything until I see that she is capable of handling that.  I’ll treat her just like any other “new hire” and she will just have to like it or leave.   My guess is that she won’t stay with us for very long because she won’t be able to handle being just one of the other people.  The first thing I am going to do is to have her inventory the stock that we have on hand right now, although I just finished doing that myself a couple of days ago, at least I will be able to compare the two inventories and see if she can even count.



2 thoughts on “Well, Look Whose Back…

  1. Oh boy.. sparks are going to be flying for sure ..I can totally understand Zippy’s concerns; especially since she’s been having to do all the work trying to get things back in order after Fae blew out of town with the money. Its going to take Fae awhile to win back the trust of those in the company and the office.However that should make for some interesting stories 🙂

  2. The big question will be “has she changed?” or has she become more subtle in her manipulations? It’s food for thought and it’s something that will be on everyones mind when they all know that she is back at long last. Of course, Fnor is happy to have his baby sister back, however, I’m sure that he is well aware that she can also be trouble for the family and the business. Zippie loves her job and her dedication has been incredible, one that The Boss won’t forget and she will be rewarded in time.

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