Escaping…If Only For A Little While

January 25th

Yo Book!!

I’m kicking myself square in the ass right now, or I would if I fucking could, at this rate.  Romy is at the farm in Halfhill, being way too large to travel with me around Pandaria due to her advanced pregnancy, and I’m stuck up in Kun’lai.  Freezing my ass off, I might add.

I’m glad that I got in touch with Mahamura Cloudhoof before I left yesterday because I didn’t want to leave Romy completely alone on the farm right now, however, I had some business that I had to attend too.  Well, let’s just say that I had to get away for a while before I started babbling like a fool. I love Romy more than life itself, however, I needed to get away for a little while – these trips will become few and far between once the baby arrives, I’m sure. I know that I felt the need to get away for a few hours or maybe even a day or two and I know that Romy probably needed a break from me as well.

I know that Romy wasn’t feeling all that fucking well when we were at the Faire, however, I didn’t understand what was going on.  I thought it was part and parcel with her being pregnant and getting into the last few months of her pregnancy.  I’m sure that the food didn’t help her that much at the Faire and I am sure that all that standing around wasn’t all that comfortable for her either. When we were getting back to the Bluff, Romy almost passed out in the elevator – which has never bothered her before now.

I think part of my problem is that Fnor’s sister has come back into our lives.  I can’t help but feel more than a little bit apprehensive with her being back.  I know that she spent most of her time stalking me in the past due to some girlish crush or something and I had to be extremely careful when I was around her so that anything that I said or did wasn’t misinterpreted into something that wasn’t fact.  Sure, I did flirt with her sometimes, however, it was never intended to be taken seriously either, however, I think that she took it to heart.

I know that I had told Romy a little bit about Faendra in the past, however, I think she felt that there was more to it than what there was.  So, when we finally got back to the farm, I sat her down and told her all of the gory details.  I told her about the ways that Fae had tried to trap me into a marriage in the past and how she had chased me unmercifully for the last couple of years.  To be honest, I was really starting to get uncomfortable attending some of the family functions that my sister and I had become a part of over the years.  Fnor’s family is the only family that we have ever had and with Fae coming of age, it was getting to be impossible to feel comfortable with them.

I had never had to lock my bedroom door in my life until I awakened one morning to find a nude girl in bed with me that had come in uninvited.  Of course, what had awakened me was my libido responding to some of her caresses that seemed more experienced than they should have been. I know that I bolted from the bed, sans clothing, and immediately got dressed and opened the door and ordered her out.  Of course, I was met with a very shocked face and then her anger got the best of her.  It caused quite a scene and awakened the rest of the household because it was a rather loud argument.

Naturally, I spent a few hours with Fnor later in the day to explain what had happened and I think that he understood even if he didn’t quite believe me.  I have always been a womanizer and I have never had any trouble in getting a woman in bed with me, however, this particular woman, I didn’t want to have in my bed at any time.  This was my best friend’s baby sister and I had known her since she was toddler – no, I definitely didn’t want to have an affair with her, nor a one night stand.  I loved her as I would love my own sister and there was just something wrong with the thought of having any other kind of relationship with her.

I did tell Romy that I had even tried to sit Fae down a couple of times and talk to her about her feelings towards me and that those feelings were not reciprocated in any fucking way.  Of course, I always felt bad after we had these discussions because she would end up crying as if I had struck her or something and would bolt from wherever we were at the time. I don’t know if she ever really understood what I was telling her – I loved her as a sister, nothing more.

Of course, my Romy was very understanding of how things had been between Fae and I and that there was no real history other than me running away from it. Now that Romy and I are together with our baby on the way, I am in hopes that Fae will leave me alone.

I will have to admit that it felt a bit awkward to fucking talk to Romy about this sort of thing, however, one thing that I have found is that I can talk to her about anything, anything at all, and she understands and listens to me.  If she disagrees with me about something, she definitely doesn’t hold that back either, however, she will explain to me why she doesn’t agree.  I’ve never had anyone like this before in my life, someone that I feel like is an equal to me in all things.

I really miss Romy tonight. I would love to be snuggling under the furs in our bed and finally getting warm.  I know that I wasn’t expecting the weather to turn this bad here at the Summit, however, I have to remind myself constantly that it is Winter and Spring is a few weeks away just yet.  The snow starting falling with a vengeance just as I was finishing up what I had needed to take care and it reminded me very quickly why there is some danger in flying in this stuff too.  My mount was being rather balky as it was due to the cold, however, once the snow hit, she was having none of it.

I have to laugh at our situation right now because, to be honest, I don’t know how Romy can sleep with the way that the baby is so active.  I know that unless I hold Romy in my arms with her belly pointing the other way, the little fellow just kicks so hard that he wakes me up.  I have a feeling that this baby is going to be a boy, if not, it is going to be one healthy little girl.  Naturally, our intimate moments have been put on hold for a while because it’s too uncomfortable for Romy and a bit awkward for me as well, seems the little tyke resents the intrusion and puts up one heck of a fight.  Naturally, my libido hasn’t quite gotten the message that this sort of thing has to be put on hold for the time being.

I honestly don’t know how Fnor does it.  He and Amyn don’t get to see one another on a regular basis and he seems to be able to maintain himself without a woman being around.  I know that he and I have had a few talks about this and he told me that when his mind starts wandering in that direction, he just forces himself to think about other things.  Well, that is the reason that I am stuck in Kun’lai for the night again – he’s with Amyn in Nagrand.

There are times that we still do business with some of the people in Orgrimmar and this just happens to be one of those times where I’ve been sent out to collect from someone that took off without paying for their shipment of artifacts.  It’s quite a large sum and one that Fnor isn’t quite willing to let slide for months either.  Naturally, the fellow was quite surprised to see someone in One Keg that was from Silvermoon, supposedly, and was there to collect on an old debt.  He had the money on him, which was fortunate for him, and was able to pay me the money.  It was my plan to collect the money, head back to the Vale and get the funds sent off to Zippie in Silvermoon before heading back to Halfhill and Romy.  Well, you know what they say about “plans” and how if things can go wrong, they will.

I did get word to Romy that I would be delayed up here another night and that if the weather cleared in the morning, I would start the journey back.  I definitely want to be with her when the baby comes. I know that I have been staying pretty close to the farm because we found out that Romy is further along than what we thought she was.  Yes, it has me worried and I can tell that Romy is equally concerned as well.

It appears as though Romy was pregnant already when she was attacked by the Mogu, shortly after her arrival in Pandaria.  That means that she was able to carry the baby through that physical attack and the weeks afterwards without being aware that she was with child.  What has us both concerned is the fact that she had taken some pretty strong drugs when she was injured and what kind of effect it might have had on the baby.  I’m very worried and I hope that things are alright with the baby and I definitely hope that it hasn’t caused any complications.

I just know that I don’t want to lose Romy because she is the one that has made my life complete.  I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like without her.  I don’t want to think of what kind of man I might have become if we hadn’t met that day in Orgrimmar.

Ah, finally, the Fates are listening to my prayers and the weather seems to be abating somewhat, the sleet and snow have at least stopped for now.  I’m sure that the stable master isn’t going to be too keen on me arousing him and getting my mount out to fly home, home to my beloved and the pending birth of our child.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

2 thoughts on “Escaping…If Only For A Little While

  1. haha, I think they are both going a little stir crazy but I’m sure Romy would have encouraged Fnar to go out ,and take a break before the baby arrived. She is glad that Fnar told her about Faendra,and gives her a better understanding of what was going at the faire. When they found out she was further along in her pregnancy than she thought, she was quite shocked and worried..especially with the drugs she had been using for her injuries. I miss reading these posts, his are always so fun to read.

    • Fnar knew he had to get away from the farm for a little while because he was starting to go absolutely bonkers. Talking to the virmen was a clear sign that he needed a change and I’m sure that Jogue was getting fed up with the talks that he and Fnar were having – babies, women and booze.

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