Getting Back In The Good Graces…

January 28th

Dear Journal,

Well, Bless Elune and Thank the Light!  Kae has finally gotten over being upset with me and I am now able to sleep in our bed with her again.  I realize now the error or my ways and I have apologized profusely to her and have promised to never do that sort of thing again.  Well, those muffins did work well for ammo when I couldn’t think of anything else that might kill a Void Lord.  I just shouldn’t have shared that information with Kae and the circumstances in which this all came about.

I will have to admit that sleeping under the house at the farm wasn’t all that bad considering that I had my bedroll and I did build a small fire under there to keep a bit warmer even if the smoke did filter in the house a little bit. However, that didn’t keep me from wanting to be in the house and sleeping under those furs in that nice big bed with my Sentinel.  It was indeed a long week and a lot of apologizing and small tokens of my esteem to buy my way back in the house too.

Now I know what my Mom meant when she said that I have to be a bit more sensitive to a woman’s feelings than one of my buddies.  I didn’t realize how much my using her muffins as ammo would hurt her feelings and how much trouble it would get me into – they did keep me alive and got me home safe at least.

I guess that Kae wrote to Mom and had her send the ingredients from Stormwind because when I got up this morning, there were fresh muffins on the counter and a note from Kae.  Naturally, she got up before I did and was out and about in Halfhill. Seems I caught a bit of a cold sleeping under the house and have been staying in bed a bit more, actually I am trying to thaw my body out.  These muffins that she made this morning were absolutely wonderful and tasted just like the ones my Mom used to make for us in Shattrath when Vashlan and I were boys – I know I ate six of them and I’m feeling a bit stuffed at the moment.

Even though I can look outside and there isn’t any snow on the ground at the moment, it is still Winter and it gets pretty darn cold at night even here in the Valley of Four Winds.  Not cold enough to freeze the crops, mind you, however, I know that I was really starting to feel like I was back in Northrend there at the last.

When I got back in the house last night, the first thing I did was to take a nice long hot bath and it felt wonderful.  It was also doubly nice because Kae was in the tub with me and was massaging my shoulders and just making me feel like all was forgiven at last.  I know I won’t be making that kind of mistake again.  She even cooked some of my favorite food as well as some soup, I think I ate more of the soup than anything because it just tasted good and felt good going down my sore throat.  Naturally, she couldn’t’ help but notice that I wasn’t feeling quite myself and promptly tucked me into our bed under those nice warm furs and I think I fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

I know that I have been properly dosed with herbs and have been sleeping quite a bit this morning. I think Kae feels guilty for making me stay under the house because I now have this cold which has me sneezing, coughing and just generally feeling rotten.

I did make it to the Wanderer’s Festival Sunday night and I will have to say that it was fun to see all of the people there, wishing that Kae was with me too, and the lanterns on the water were beautiful.  Naturally, there was a lot of drinking, not by me, and the music was good.  I met quite a few people and tried to talk to some of them.  I really need to get over this introverted thing I’ve started doing of late because it does make it tough to get to know other people in the area.  I’m not normally shy, however, there are times that I get that way, maybe it was the beginning of the cold coming on because I did feel kind of fuzzy headed.

Well, we have our usual rain going on right now and I think that I am going to just stay inside and stay home for the day in hopes that I’ll feel better.  I don’t think that I have had such a cold since I left Dalaran and I remember that cold lingered for several days.  I am just enjoying the warmth of the house and the smells of all of the spices and cooking that Kae has been doing – I don’t think that we’ll be going hungry anytime soon.  I don’t know where all of this domestic activity is coming from and maybe she is trying to fill the void from leaving the Sentinels.

I know that I didn’t have any trouble adjusting to not having to report into the camp and getting sent out on patrols anymore.  I am really getting back into the lifestyle that I had before I came to Pandaria and joined up with the Sentinel group.  Of course, I’m happy that I did join at the time because if I hadn’t, I would  have never met Kae.  We still have quite a few friends that we see from time to time here in the market from the Sentinels and I know that Kae does miss being a part of the group, however, in my opinion, she made the right decision because I could tell that she wasn’t really happy without being able to partner up with me on her patrols.

All I can think to say is that Life is Good and this cold is not good.   I think that I am going to crawl back in the bed and try to sleep some more and hope that I won’t feel  this bad later in the day.



2 thoughts on “Getting Back In The Good Graces…

    • Oh, Kal can be a big baby. He can get wounded and be ready to go again at a moments notice, however, a “cold” will put him bed and he whines worse than one of cats sometimes. He’s enjoying all of the attention and enjoying the nice clean sheets and furs on the bed – his bedroll was comfortable but I don’t think it’s been cleaned in quite a while. Besides, he’d much rather be cuddling with Kae than to only have Jaiden to cuddle with – the cat is great but, it’s not the same. 😀

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