I Will Change Everything Back to What I Want…

January 29th

Dear Journal,

I woke up this morning to the sounds of children playing and the pitter patter of little feet going down the hall outside my room.  Now, I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decision or not because the little feet inside the house were little goblin feet, I guess my brother decided that they could stay here at the house in Silvermoon – he should have put them in the apartment above the stables unless he has someone else stashed away up there. Knowing my brother, he probably has an entire family of Tauren staying up there or even some Trolls that had a pitiful story to tell him.

My room was pretty much the way that I left it with the exception of the bridal gown that I threw in the fireplace last night and burned.  I am going to have to go to the dressmakers and get some more current gowns since the ones I left here no longer fit me correctly since my body has changed so much with the physical activity that I did while I was gone. I wonder if my stingy brother will loan me some money against my earnings or something so that I dress befitting a woman of some rank in Silvermoon should dress?  I don’t have that much money of my own right now and if I were staying at an Inn, I’d be on the street in a few days.

I know I was shocked when I ran into my brother at the Faire, even more astonished when I saw Dawnglory there with a very pregnant woman.  Oh yeah, my feelings for him haven’t changed that much and I just felt like this woman was just some whore that he knocked up and felt like he needed to make sure that the baby was his. They aren’t married and they, apparently, aren’t planning on making their relationship legal which means that their baby, if it is his, will be a bastard.  She must have been very pretty at some point though to keep my man interested and now, with that big belly sticking out there, she’s lost her looks for a while.  Of course, we were introduced and she gave me such a look that I almost laughed out loud.  I guess that might be some kind of threat to her or something, however, time will tell.  I know Dawnglory well enough to know that he’s going to lose interest and will be off womanizing again.

My brother told me that Dawnglory was very much in love with this woman and that I had better get any ideas that I had in my mind about him forgotten because this woman could kill me very easily.  Oh, I don’t think so, big brother, I’ve learned a lot in these last few months and I think I can handle anything that she might try to do. I guess she was a Ranger under my brother’s command and worked alongside Dawnglory – well, more than alongside but more underneath.  Oh well, guess she got pregnant and Dawnglory left the Rangers, as did she.  I hope he didn’t get kicked out for dallying with the subordinates because it will be hard for him to go back, if that was the case.

Felessa got married while I was gone and she’s pregnant too.  I have my doubts about whether her baby was her husband’s or not because he’s kind of old.  She was really smitten with this young Ranger that is still in Silvermoon and I have a feeling that it’s his.  I know that her marriage contract is set up that she has to produce an heir to the family and she’s doing that, I don’t think it said that it had to be a legitimate heir.  Oh, she’s so busy making baby clothes and getting as big as house that I don’t think that she and I are going to be socializing with one another that much.  She did promise to throw a party in the near future to welcome me back and to reintroduce me to some of the people that I haven’t seen for awhile.  She’s probably going to try to find someone for me so that I can get fat and pregnant just like her.  I like the idea of a party, however, finding a man to sleep with isn’t on the top of my list unless it’s one particular man.

I did meet quite a few men in my travels and I’ll admit that one young Blood Elf caught my eye and I often think about him and how it might have been to go to bed with him. He was the polar opposite of Dawnglory, he was dark haired and a monk.  He basically threw all of the things that he had learned in Silvermoon away and started a new life for himself.  He apparently is from a very good family here in Silvermoon, however, he abandoned them along with all of the other things in Silvermoon.  He was kind, considerate and very well educated – one would think that he still had some of his Silvermoon connections because he didn’t seem to want for much.  In fact, he helped me out a few times with gear and weapons when I didn’t have any money.  I know that we spent a lot of time together and I am sure that he is wondering where I am right now.  I’ll have to write him and let him know where I am and that I am still planning on coming back to Kalimdor in the very near future if things don’t work out the way that I want them too here.

Well, I guess that I should see if my brother will let me go with him to the farm in Pandaria so that I can try to befriend Dawnglory’s woman after she has her brat.  I’ll also try to figure out if there are any chinks in the relationship that she has with my man so that I can get him back where he belongs.  No, she isn’t going to keep that golden haired man out of my bed if I have anything to say about it – he was mine long before he ever met her.

I really need to get a bath and go get my nails done, they are absolutely horrid and I suppose I need to go talk to Zippie and find out what kind of contracts she has for me. I hope she doesn’t think that I am going to be doing all of her grunt work for her either, not without some recognition and money from my brother.  Besides, if she goes to Shattrath to run things down there, I can run things here in Silvermoon without any trouble at all and without her nosy interference.

I hope my brother left word with the stableman that my mount needed to be properly groomed and outfitted with new tack.  I would hate for anyone to see me riding my hawkstrider the way that she looks right now.  Oh, maybe I can take Fnor’s black hawkstrider out, he’s a much better looking animal and the gear that he wears is very rich looking.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll take one of my brother’s mounts.

Faendra Morningstar

5 thoughts on “I Will Change Everything Back to What I Want…

  1. oooooh. the thinnest of ice!! Lol, it seems like Fae hasn’t changed her ways..and I have a feeling things are going to get very ugly soon, hahah. * pulls out a big bowl of popcorn,,and gets ready for the fireworks *

    • LOL, Fnor kind of doubted that his sister hadn’t changed her ways, however, he’s off in Nagrand with his wife at the moment. I’m sure that he is going to find out when he comes back to Silvermoon that Fae hasn’t changed her spots at ll – however, her brother may have a few surprises for her too. The girl is definitely hung up on Dawnglory and always has been, however, I think that she will find Romy a worthy opponent and Fnar has changed quite a bit since he’s been with Romy. We shall see…won’t we?

    • As a role player, you act out stories within the game with other people. What could be a better way to flesh out those characters than to write about them? It’s something that I have enjoyed and done for years. As I write, I find out more about that particular character and add that to their “personal” journals. The good and the bad, not everyone is sunshine and lollipops all of the time, everyone can have a dark side.

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