Just In A Mood…

January 31st

Dear Journal,

Well, I must say that I am very surprised how my Boss is currently dumping everything in my lap while she is off trysting with that Sindorei mate of hers. She’s already been gone a week and I get a note from her this morning to say that she will be in Nagrand another week, plus, she wants me to take a trip to Shattrath to see what I think of the way that things are set up with the warehouse and the staff living quarters.

I’ll go down there and do an inspection and give her my opinion, however, I hope that she isn’t thinking that I am going to give up my life here in Stormwind to go to Shattrath to live.  Of course, more of my people live down there, however, I’m not so sure that I want to make the move.  I wouldn’t mind making a trip down there every couple of weeks or so, however, I don’t know that I could handle being there all of the time.

I hope that she doesn’t end up getting pregnant or something because that would mean that she would either be bringing the kid here or she would be going wherever it is at the time.  I know that when she occasionally brings the two younger boys here I am always relieved when they leave because there is nothing sacred to them.  They play with everything here in the office as well as the warehouse – I usually do a full inventory after they leave because things are so  out of place.

Her two oldest boys are very handsome and even I will have to admit that they don’t look that much the Sindorei except for the eyes if you look directly in them, you can see the green flecks.  Of course the oldest one is almost as tall as full-blooded Kaldorei and the younger of the two isn’t too terribly short either.  However, the younger one is a mage and has more clothes than I could even imagine having and nothing but the best materials and he has collected clothes and books to where I don’t think he even knows what he has.  The older one is living in Pandaria with a Sentinel and I often wonder how that is working out for the two of them because the last time they stayed here at the apartment, it was obvious what they were doing upstairs.  Oh well, I wouldn’t mind giving him a tumble, however, he probably has a hang-up about hooves.

I’m just a little bit upset that I am being left here in Stormwind taking care of everything about the business while she is making all of the money and I have to survive the best that I can on what I am being paid.  I know that I thought about quitting my job a while back, however, part of the reason that I didn’t leave is that I do have free reign over things without much worry.

I don’t know, maybe I’m homesick, maybe I’m a little bit jealous because she seems to have everything a woman could want and I’m still the old maid in my family without any interest or any real prospects at this point. My Mother has told me that maybe my standards are set too high and I need to adjust them a little bit.  I don’t think that it is too much to ask to find a man that has some real intelligence and common sense as well as being nice to look at.  I want a man that will be equal in things and not someone that expects me to be subservient to them in any way. I would also like to find a man that I am not afraid of crushing – maybe I should go home for a while.

I think that I am just a bit on the cranky side this morning, that’s my problem.  I should just lock the office door and go take a walk or something and maybe my attitude will change a little bit once I get out in the air.




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