Just A Lazy Day In Halfhill

February 2nd

Dear Journal,

Oh, I can definitely tell that it is still Winter even here in Halfhill.  The cold wind and rain this morning was a reminder that we probably have a few more weeks before Spring finally arrives.

I’m just sitting here watching Kal sleep this morning and I always have to laugh because he looks so young when he’s asleep and makes me wonder what his children might look like one day.  He has a habit of lying flat on his back, however, he always seems to have his hand up next to his cheek.  I bet he was a beautiful baby.

I actually hadn’t planned on Kal being home last night because he had gone to Stormwind to deliver some of the goods that we had collected for our contracts and would be picking more up.  I know that we both have enjoyed the changes in our lives since I left the Sentinels and we’re especially enjoying the profits that we are making with our hard work now.  At least we don’t have a set schedule anymore and we can pretty much do what we want most of the time.

I’ve been sticking fairly close to the farm since I left the Sentinels and I think that has Kal a bit concerned because he said that it was like I was trying to distance myself from everything and he was hoping that it didn’t include him.  After our argument in regard to my cooking ability and muffins that could kill things as needed, he spent the entire next week under the house and caught a terrible cold.

I’ve spent the last few days nursing him back to health and coddling him a bit more than usual.  He was very apologetic about the fact that he hadn’t told me the truth about how my muffins really were and that he wouldn’t do that again.  He also kept leaving me flowers and other small gifts on the front step every day too, which made me feel better and guilty all at the same time.  I think it was the fact that he didn’t tell me the truth and the publicly humiliated me with his friends, even if I wasn’t there.

It really did hurt my feelings and I think it hurt my pride too because I am trying so hard to do the things that normal people do.  I’m just now learning how to cook some of the dishes that I have always liked when we would eat dinner with friends and I think that they are turning out fairly well.  Oh, I’ve had a few accidents with stuff, however, I quickly dispose of them by feeding those to the pigs, none have died yet.

I know that we are both enjoying the luxury of being able to sleep in when we want too.  We’ve both been staying under the furs cuddling for a while in the morning lately and it has definitely been a great start to the day.  Looking deep into those silver green flecked eyes of his is always like losing myself for a little while and let’s just say that he definitely has improved with his lovemaking since we have been together. I’m probably the most satisfied woman in Pandaria and I hope he is the most satisfied man.  I know that week of not having him in the bed with me was a very lonely week for me because I have gotten very used to having him lying there next to me and I missed those honeyed kisses and warm caresses.  However, I was angry enough with him that it was just one of those rough spots in our relationship.

I actually feel like I am coming down with a cold or something because my whole body feels a bit off balance.  Not to mention, I’ve been battling something with my stomach the last few days and I’m almost afraid that it might be from my own cooking, however, it hasn’t seemed to bother Kal at all.  I have already decided that if I keep feeling like this and a “cold” doesn’t show up in force, I’m going to go see a healer because I definitely do hate feeling like this.

I guess that Kal didn’t get to see his Mother yesterday like he had planned.  She’s off in Nagrand and Shattrath for a few days, that might explain why we haven’t seen his Father at his farm either.  I know that neither one of them has been able to spend some extended time with each other since she left Pandaria.  Kal just said that he wanted to talk to her about a few things and was hoping that the little guys were in Stormwind.  Guess with his Mother being gone, the little ones were in Dolonaar with their grandparents again.  He said that Vashlan was busy while he was there, so, they didn’t even get a chance to talk that much either.

Kal really is close to his family and sometimes it worries me because I am always afraid that they won’t like for some reason.  Kal’s Mom seems to like me very much however, she did caution me not to try to pressure Kal into something that he might not be ready for because it would spell disaster for the both of us.  It was kind of odd that she would say something like that because she knows that we haven’t taken our vows at the Moonwell yet and that we’re pretty happy with the way that things are at the moment. I think that Kal will be happier once the business is up and running in Shattrath because it was his home when he was a boy and it’s a place where the whole family can be together, plus, the house in Nagrand is supposedly very beautiful according to him.

I guess they don’t mind staying together in one house so that they can have some quality family time.  I’m not sure how I am going to feel about that because I haven’t spent very much time with the family.  It’s hard for me to figure it out too because I never had a real family, I grew up with the communal living and lived with various families over the years.  The only kind of family that I have ever been familiar with has been my time in the Sentinels and that was very comforting to me.  I know Kal misses being with his brothers and his parents something awful sometimes and bemoans the fact that Dalaran is no longer a haven for them to be together.  The only real free city in Azeroth is Shattrath at the moment and I hope that it doesn’t change for his family’s sake.

I do have to laugh at myself because I have only met Kal’s Father and his Mother.  Naturally, I am in awe of his Father, what a beautiful man with all of that black hair and let’s just say that I know where Kal got some of his good looks, he has the same smile and sometimes the timbre of his voice is very much like his Father.  I can see why Kal’s Mother fell in love with him, he seems to be the kind of man that would be very kind and very caring although Kal told me that his Dad hasn’t always been that way, it came along through time.  Naturally, Kal hasn’t told me all of the gory details, however, I do know that the two youngest boys are not the Sindorei’s and that there was a Step-Father for a while that Kal respected very much and was deeply fond of.  I suppose I’ll find out about all of the family in time.

We had planned on going to Shattrath for Winter Veil, however, his family wasn’t able to make a gathering of the clan out of it because everyone was just too busy to do anything. I think that Kal was disappointed because he wanted me to meet his Aunts and definitely wanted me to get a chance to talk to all of them.  I did ask him if they spoke Common when they were together or what?  He just laughed at me and told me that they spoke both Orcish and Common, sometimes his Dad spoke his native tongue until his spouse would give him a “look” and he’d switch back to Orcish most often.  He said that when they were together, you really had to stay on your mental toes to keep up with everything that was going on.  Now, this year, from what I have hard, the business should be open in Shattrath and we will all be down there for the holidays. I hope that we can all get together before Winter Veil.

I guess there was an event in Stormwind while Kal was there that is like a story circle of some sort where people all get up tell different stories.  He said it was really good and he said that some of his friends were there as well.  Even his best friend Civardi got up and told a tale.  He actually told me that he wants me to start going with him to these things so that I can finally meet them.  I reminded him that I did meet them in One Keg, however, I don’t think that they felt all that comfortable around me because I was still with the Sentinels and some of them had some unsavory things in their past or they were involved in things that the authorities would frown upon now.  I’m looking forward to meeting them though because they seem to play an important part in Kal’s life.


Well, I think that I am going to go back to bed with Kal, the rain and wind don’t seem to be easing up a whole lot and it feels chilly although I have stoked up the fire already.  Ah well, we didn’t have anything planned for the day, we might as well get some much needed sleep and rest.




2 thoughts on “Just A Lazy Day In Halfhill

  1. oooooo.. is that this what I think it is ? certainly sounds like the same thing Romy came down with ,not that long ago * wink* Oh this is going to be good,!!! Great read!

    • LOL, don’t know yet (can’t find my dice). I know that Kae is just happy being able to spend all of this time with Kal and being able to enjoy life together without all of the politics and outside influences. If she happens to be pregnant, Kal will be in a state of shock and asking how that happened – he’s a bit naive that way. 😀

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