I’m A Daddy!!!

*Some blunt language and cursing – if you’re easily offended by those things, please don’t read.*


February 3rd

Yo Book!!

Fuck it’s been forever since I have had a chance to sit down and write in my journal at all.  I guess those damned old midwives at the Faire and Mooma in Thunder Bluff were right to tell Romy that she was going to be having the baby very soon.  Hells Yeah!! I’m a Daddy and couldn’t be any happier about something unless it was all of the wealth of the world falling my lap from the sky.

Our little bundle of joy arrived on January 18th and it was a girl.  I was so hoping for a little girl, a little miniature Romy, that I could dote on and learn to love as much as I do her Mother.  We were calling her Miracle at first, however, Romy says it’s to be Mirrin, I think I’ll still call her Miracle most of the time because she has been fucking that – a miracle.

When Romy went into labor, I will admit that I was scared to death.  Sure, I’ve fucking seen babies born before and even delivered a couple back in the days when some of the women would hide their pregnancies in the Rangers and would decide to give birth right in the middle of a warzone.  This time it was different, this was the woman that I love with all my heart and it was very frightening.  I knew the things that can go wrong when a woman is giving birth and I know that things can happen to the baby  – all of these damned thoughts were racing through my mind when I was trying to remain calm and help Romy through the ordeal.  The midwife that we had was very capable and extremely competent, so, I shouldn’t have been so concerned.

I was really afraid that Romy was having a premature birth, however, the size and the development of the baby indicated that this was indeed a full term baby. I’m not sure how much she weighed at birth, however, I’m guess that she was between six or seven pounds, easily.  Oh, she was beautiful, her skin was a healthy pink and she definitely had a full head of hair, all gold like her Daddy’s hair. 

The more time that I’ve spent with Miracle the more I’ve noticed about her.  She definitely looks like both of us, she has my hair, my mouth and thank the Light, not my feet.  Such tiny little hands and feet and those eyes of hers are just a very true green and they seem to twinkle with delight every time I make her laugh, which is often. I never knew that I could be so happy, even in the middle of the night when she wakes up to be fed and changed – she’s eating like there is no tomorrow and always seems to want more, can’t say that I blame her, Romy seems to have an ample supply of milk for her.  I can’t help it, I enjoy watching my little girl nurse and the way that Romy looks at that time really is wonderful.  Oh, I’m getting all sappy there.

I’ve been taking care of our little girl while Romy gets some rest and I’m not out in the fields.  One of the things that I am learning though is that I need to make sure I keep a shirt on because she has a fixation with nipples and my chest hair just seems to be the right thing to grab and pull on.  I think I am getting a few bald spots from that exercise. 

Oh yeah, I did decide that if I was going to have a bath, Miracle needed to come in with me for a while too.  I know that most babies are kind of afraid of the water, however, our little girl seems to love it as much as I do.  She likes to splash the water with her little hands and tries to grab any bubbles that might appear in the water.  Naturally, she is too young to catch anything right now yet, her reflexes aren’t developed and I’m sure her eyesight isn’t that great yet either.  I know that I was laughing at one night as we were playing in the tub because she got this real serious look on her face and it looked like she was trying to grab the sponge floating in the water – she stared at it intently and tried to grab it, naturally, her arm shot off in another direction and smacked me in the mouth. She’s even more beautiful when she’s wet – her hair kind of curls and she gets little golden ringlets all around her head.  Okay, I know she’s not the most beautiful baby in the world but she’s mine and to me she’s more beautiful and precious than life itself.

Romy’s Dad came by to see his new granddaughter and I will admit that he was almost as smitten with her as I am.  He regaled us with tales of what Romy did when she was a baby and I literally had a stomachache from all of the laughter.  Romy is very much the doting Mother and she just beamed when her Father told her that he thought the baby was beautiful.

I can hardly wait for Fnor to see my little girl, however, he’s off in Nagrand with Amyn and a much needed break from the business and other cares.  I did get a note from Zippie telling me that Faendra is just the same as always and that I should be careful.  Great! That’s all I fucking need in my life is some dingbat girl trying to wreck things. I haven’t told Romy about the note from Zippie, however, I think she already knows that Faendra is going to be nothing but trouble for the two of us – not that I’m interested in Fae, I just know how her twisted little mind works.  I don’t know, maybe Romy and I should just get married and that might be the end of it, however, I don’t know how Romy would feel about that either.  I know that I hate the thought of a piece of paper being the thing that keeps us together, we don’t need that and I know that it scares me to death – it would change so many things.  We are together because we love each other and we don’t need to bow to this crazy society’s rules.

I know that the people here in Halfhill are really probably laughing at Romy and I because everywhere we go, we have the baby with us.  Romy carries her in a sling most of the time but sometimes, if she’s tired and her back starts hurting, I will take the baby and carry her in my arms.  I know that I will be happy when the baby is big enough to where I can start showing her Pandaria, however, that won’t be for a while yet because she has to stay close to her food supply.

I know it’s going to be a while before Romy and I can be intimate again because she is still very tender from the birthing and tires very easily.  I just know that every time I watch her nursing the baby, she is the most desirable woman I have ever seen in my life and I want to make mad passionate love to her. Oh, we probably need to discuss some methods of birth control too, I wouldn’t want Romy to get pregnant again right away. As much as I love our little daughter, I don’t think that the two of us would want to rush into another baby right away – I wouldn’t mind practicing though.  I know, I’m a fucking horn dog, however, when you see how Romy’s body has changed since she had Miracle, you’d be half fucking crazy with lust too. I’ve given Jogu a scare or two by walking out in the middle of the night and dumping a bucket of cold water over my head and body – damn, I’m having issues with my fucking libido.  Even now while I’m writing this down I can feel myself rising to the occasion. I don’t think that Romy even realizes how much more desirable she has become either.

Well, damn, I need to get off my butt here and do some work outside before the rain starts again. Yes, I’m sitting here keep an ear open for the baby because Romy is asleep for a bit, however, as soon as she wakes up, I need to get some work done.

Fuck ME!!  I’m A Daddy!!

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria



6 thoughts on “I’m A Daddy!!!

    • Aww, to be honest, he’s probably real close to being my favorite other than his older counterpart. I’ve had more “fun” with Fnar than any of my other Blood Elves. Thanks for commenting.

  1. D’awww. it’s so sweet to see this side of him,and to see how much he has bonded with his daughter..she’s totally Daddy’s girl .Romy is so happy she found Fnar, he is her other half,and from the sounds of it,he feels the same.. She can’t wait until they can get intimate again, and feels very blessed.

    • Fnar is totally smitten with his daughter and I know that Romy is probably very pleased that he loves the two of them so much that he’d be willing to do anything to keep them happy. I know that Fnar has no thoughts of straying away from his new life with his two women – Romy and their daughter. Oh yes, he’s anxious to reclaim his territory in the bedroom, although, he knows that they will have to keep an ear open for the baby….. 😀

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