Trying Times In Silvermoon…

February 4th

Dear Journal,

Well, I figured I’d better write this down because when I try to verbalize it in my mind, I just get a stream of cursing, which I’m good at.  I told Zippie that this damned girl was nothing but trouble and she is sure trying her best to prove me right.

When I first heard the news that the Morningstar girl was home again, I thought, okay, Zed, better watch your step because you know she don’t like goblins in any way shape or form.  Trust me, with the way that she acted when she as managing the stuff in Orgrimmar, you’d a though we were dirt under her feet.  She’s real lucky I didn’t get real mad because I would have turned her into something uglier than a Kodo’s backside. Oh the way she used to treat my nieces real awful until she kept finding strange things in her coffee, her desk drawers and my high point was the snake in her bed. Hey, a fellow does what he has to do, right?

Anyway, when she stole all that money and stuff from the office and ran off, I was kind of hoping that she had run far enough away to where we never had to see her prissy butt again.  I know that’s mean and all that, however, she’s really mean spirited.  Sure, we all spent some time out there looking for her and we might have stopped after a few days, however, after her brother found out that she had taken a hike, he offered a sweet reward for her return.  So, we were all still looking for her kind of half-heartedly and her own brother found her butt at the Faire, of all places.  Dumb girl goes to the Faire and thinks she won’t be seen by anyone or maybe she was trying to be found so she could come back to torment the rest of us.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Her Highness goes to the office here in Silvermoon and starts raising hell with Zippie and some of the workers.  I think what is going to set her brother free is that she took off on one of his prized mounts and brought it back lame.  The stableman is afraid that he is going to lose his job over it but he says that she told him she had permission to use the mount.  We’ll see what happens.  I know she was probably using her bossy tones to get the fellow to give her the mount to start with – she ain’t never nice about wanting stuff, she demands it as if it were her right.

I was sitting in the parlor, reading a book with my feet propped up on the  coffee table because these damned couches are too tall and I wasn’t in the mood to sit on the floor to read.  Besides that, if I wanted to take a quick siesta, it’s easier to just throw your feet on the couch and head off to dreamland.  I was just sitting there, minding my own business, comfortable and happy when the Princess comes roaring in and screaming at me about how we shouldn’t even be in the house and that she wanted us to leave.  I told her I didn’t have any trouble in leaving the house at all and was making ready to do so.  Well, she decided to throw a vase at me and I lost it.  Sorry to say, I sheeped her.  It’s not something that I’ve done for a long time to anyone that I know, however, she was asking for it.  Agatha, the housekeeper, heard all the racket and came in and just busted out laughing.  Well, at least I didn’t hit the little wench with an arcane blast or anything that might have killed her – I guess I could have said it was an accident, right?

Well, we’re still here in the house and the Princess is taking all of her meals in her room so that she doesn’t have to deal with or see the riffraff that her brother has allowed in the house.  I can hardly wait until she sees the Forsaken that stay in the apartment over the stables- that’s gonna be awesome. Well, she can do that and I will sit down and eat every meal that I can that Agatha has cooked, she’s a good cook and it’s free.  Which brings up the reason why we’re still here in the house, it’s free to live her and the Boss said that we could stay as long as we liked.

I guess that Zippie is going to take that job in with the company in Shattrath which means that we’ll all be moving down there to help her out with that.  Can’t say that I am overly fond of going to Outland, however, you go where the money …errr, the family is.  Zippie says the Boss will be back in Silvermoon in a few days so I am going to sit here and wait to see what kind of explosion goes off on my head for sheeping her.  Probably won’t be anything at all and if I know the Boss, he’ll probably laugh.   It was funny watching her run all over the parlor and bleating like a sheep – she never shuts up.

Zednick Prattfall

2 thoughts on “Trying Times In Silvermoon…

  1. OMG!!! * falls over in hysterics.* THAT was funny!!!!!!!!!!! good job Zed.. that was brilliant. I think she will think twice about angering a goblin. let alone a goblin mage. All I can in my head is Fae screaming ,then poof.. turned into a sheep. I agree with Zed, knowing Fnor, he would probably laugh,and tell her she brought it on herself for being abusive with the employees. That made my morning.

  2. Zed has never liked Faendra because she we too uppity as well as being a spoiled brat. He knows that the Boss won’t be upset with him because he wasn’t the one that started it and he hadn’t been drinking or anything. Since Fnor has a son that happens to be a mage, he understands that “sheeping” something can be done in fun and sometimes as a protection without harming the target – so, I think Zed is safe. Yep! Zed is the one that has the temper of the three goblins, Zippie and Dooddah are a little bit more cautious in how they react to things most of the time. .

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