Meandering Thoughts…

February 6th

Dear Journal,

It’s so beautiful down here in Nagrand that my Sindorei and I are having a terrible time trying to decide to leave.  He wants to stay another week and I am willing to do that, however, I do need to get myself to Stormwind to check on a few things, stop by Dolonaar to make sure that the boys aren’t driving my parents insane.

I think that Fnor is avoiding going back to Silvermoon for any reason, however, I reminded him that it was unfair for him to stay gone for extended periods of time without checking especially since his sister is back in the picture. I know how she was before she ran away and he thinks that she might have grown up more and changed.  Honestly, I think that is absolutely impossible for that girl, she’s too self-absorbed to realize that what she is doing might have a detrimental effect on others.

So, to make a long story short, we’re both going to make a quick trip back to Stormwind and Silvermoon and return here to Nagrand for another week unless something has truly gone amiss that can’t be dealt with swiftly.  I know that neither one of us wants to leave at this point, however, it’s our responsibility to our families and our businesses that we do so.

Oh, it’s been heavenly here in Nagrand, the islands floating in the skies are just perfect for those quick getaways that we’ve always been fond of. If I didn’t realize how many years we have been together, I would say that this had truly reminded me of why I fell in love with my Sindorei.  There is never a dull moment and he is constantly moving from one thing to the next.   The house is remarkable and I think that with a few changes here and there, it will be a small replica of what we had in Dalaran.  However, I do think that we need to start thinking about staffing the place as soon as possible because neither one of us wants to do household chores, although, we have been doing them anyway.

I think that I am going to talk to Magdamia and see what she can do about expediting the transfer of some of the goods to Shattrath a bit faster, which means, I’ll have too for a new manager down here or in Stormwind unless Magdamia wants to try to run both – she probably could do that although I know that she truly does need to work on her people skills.

I know that I sometimes wonder how old my Sindorei is, I mean really, he’s always seemed very young and yet there was a maturity about him when I first met him that made me think that he was quite a bit older.  It could also be from his education and the burdens of command that he has always held so willingly too or it could be from the fact that he had to grow up very fast when he had to take on the burden of raising his sister, plus, searching for his sister that became a Death Knight.

I just know that while we have been here in Nagrand, eating properly and getting a well deserved rest, I have watched him get even younger in appearance.  When we first got here, he was looking quite a bit worn and quite a bit older, now, he looks like he did when we lived here in Shattrath.  Yes, yes, I know that he had some work done to have the scars removed from his face and his ears repaired after his ordeal of torture when he was captured by some Sentinels, however, that wouldn’t explain how he almost seems to be ageless sometimes. Oh, he does have some silver strands in his hair here and there but it just makes him look more distinguished befitting his rank.  Oh, we’ve laughed about the fact that we’re both getting older, however, when we are together it does seem like the clock takes a roll back and we act and feel as we once did all those years ago.  I know I feel a bit older because the roads haven’t always been smooth for the two of us and I had the children to raise when my Sindorei would decide to be flighty for a while – he’s not strayed since we got married in Dalaran.

Oh, I’m not silly enough to think that somehow the Fates have given us eternal life or anything, especially when I look at my boys.  Elune’s Blessings!! I look at Kal and he has definitely grown up in maturity and his body has definitely increased in its bulk.  I think that Vashlan is always going to be thinner of the two because he forgets to eat and I think that he got a good dose of the Sindorei heritage there – always the fancy dresser, his hair is always immaculate as well as anything else about his personal things.  My two sons with my Sindorei are as different from one another as night is to day.  Oh, the two youngest boys, they are definitely all Kaldorei and as mischievous as can be, I don’t know how my parents and I have survived their rearing.

If Elune smiles on us before I get too old, I do want to have another child and would like for it to be healthy and a little girl. I know that Fnor would dote on a little girl because he’s had past experiences being raised with his two sisters.  He regales me with tales of how they grew up in Silvermoon and some of the things that they did.  It’s mind boggling how different the two societies can be and yet, very similar.  No, if we had a daughter, I would definitely try to dissuade her from joining the Sentinels, maybe take up something in the priesthood.  Oh, it’s not that I think the Sentinels are bad, I learned my skills and earned my way for quite a few years and my heart and soul are still part of that group.  However, I would want something different for my daughter.

Oh, I’m just getting crazy with my thoughts today.  They seem to be jumping from one thing to another as quickly as a firefly blinks it’s light.  My Sindorei informed me that he is going to take a nap because it seems I wore him out last night – that did make me giggle because I’m not the one that kept things going. Oh my, I just got the eyebrow waggle there, guess that’s a hint that he’s not really all that tired and I think that I shall take him up on his invitation to join him for that nap.


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