Planning For The Future…

February 7th

Dear Journal,

Odd thing is that I have done quite a bit of traveling and haven’t written it down as I had planned, however, I have learned quite a few things in my journey.

When the troubles broke out in Kalimdor, I’ll admit that my curiosity got the better of me and decided to make the journey there to see it for myself.  It’s been interesting, stressful and then, again, enlightening in many ways. However, I have decided to return to my homeland for a while to escape the constant fighting that seems to be a major part of life in Kalimdor.  What with the way that things have gone with the old Warchief of the Horde and how that all panned out, I’m happy that I avoided the majority of the fighting because my skills were such that they were probably not up to the standards of some of the more experienced military veterans.

While I was in Kalimdor I met a young lady with the most extraordinary red hair that had run away from home, I guess, in Orgrimmar. Oh yes, she was definitely a product of Silvermoon as am I, however, she seemed a bit different. It seems her brother was in the Rangers and while he was away in Pandaria, had left her in charge of his business in Orgrimmar, which, she said was quite the burden, what with goblins and Tauren constantly surrounding her. From what I gathered in all of her conversations was that she was in love with one man and a marriage had been arranged for her with another man, so, she ran away. I think that was the gist of it, anyway.

Oh yes, I’m familiar with the practice of marriages being arranged by the wealthy to better their stations in the society in Silvermoon and I have met quite a few young men and women that have done all manner of things to avoid it or have embraced the practice with a caveat that they could always invoke, being unfaithful to their marital partners.  I’m glad that my parents, Light rest their souls,  were never that wealthy and I was allowed to see whomever I wanted.

The poor girl stuck to me like glue once we got to know one another and I’ll admit that I did enjoy her company even if it was very platonic on both our parts.  She was very attractive and I hope that she thought the same of me, however, I was disinclined to get involved with her because of her emotional upheavals.  While she was with me, I did try to teach her how to meditate and how to center herself so that she could have some inner peace, however, she was never very good at it.  Her surname was familiar to me, Morningstar, and I think that I may have seen her a few times on my many trips into the city prior to my leaving the area.  No, I’m not ready to settle down or anything of that nature and especially not to someone that appears to be so chaotic within themselves.

I think that we became good friends though.  She told me that she was going to go to the Faire and wanted me to go along, however, I wasn’t in the mood at the time and told her that I would be here when she got back.  Well, it’s been a while, a month, and she never came back.  I am assuming that she found someone to take care of her or maybe she ran into one of her family members and they took her back to Silvermoon.  I would have thought that she would have written to me by now or even gotten me word of her well-being, however, knowing her as I do, it’s out of sight and out of mind.  I hope that I hear from her again sometime, just to make sure that she is okay.   I hope that she doesn’t make the trip back to our old camp in the Barrens because I’m long gone.  If the Fates have anything for us in the future, they will be in charge of bringing us back together.  Now that I am back in the Silvermoon area, I could make a few subtle inquiries to see if anyone has heard of her being back in the city.

Yes, I’m no fool, I did care for her somewhat, however, I know that she was well above me in the social ladder.  Oh well, I’m not going to pine away thinking of this woman, I have other things to do with my life and I also need to get back into my old haunts and habits to center myself again. I need to get my mind centered on my own goals of going to Pandaria for further instructions, my mentor here is very pleased with my progress so far.

Taliseth Stormstrike

2 thoughts on “Planning For The Future…

  1. Oh boy, Fae. you certainly are not leaving a good impression where ever you go. Taliseth ,though sounds like a good man with a head on his shoulders, and doesn’t seem to let things faze him too much.. I ‘m looking forward to reading about this young man, he sounds like a perfect foil for Faendra.Great read!!

    • LOL, this the black-haired monk that she met that caught her eye and didn’t seem to be bothered with her feminine wiles and kind of ignored that part of their friendship. As you can tell, he has his life in order and has his own goals that he will meet eventually. I’m actually looking forward to the growth in this character because he has so much potential. Thanks for reading and commenting. 😀

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