Exploring Pandaria…

February 10th

Dear Journal,

Which way doesn’t the wind blow in Kun’lai?  I think I was trying to convince myself that the Spring was coming faster than it really was and paid the price for that.  I must remember that it doesn’t matter what the calendar says, it is always going to be snowing on the Peaks.

I had done all of my chores on the farm and Naton “Sadheart” was busy at his forge with more orders for armor and I decided that I was going to go out to fill some of our contracts that I could and do some exploring.  There are always more places for me to see in Pandaria because when we were in the service, it was the Jade Forest and Krasarang where we spent most of our time, so, there’s plenty more for me to see as long as I am careful.

Sure, the war up here is supposedly winding down, however, I don’t think that some of the Alliance have gotten word yet on that because they have given me a merry chase a time or two when I’ve stumbled into areas that I shouldn’t be.  You’d be surprised how fast my hooves can fly when I get into things like that and I am sure that Naton would be roaring with laughter after he dispatched whatever it was that was chasing me.

I thought that I could easily start my adventures at One Keg and carry on from there for a while.  Naton said there was some great areas for digging for artifacts and he’s right about that, I’ve had some good luck with that too. However, the one thing that I wasn’t counting on was being asked to escort a group of travelers from One Keg to bases beyond that – they should only allow people with really long legs to go the way that we went because these little fellows were slow and easily intimidated.  Poor little grummels were really afraid for most of the trip and we made it safely from One Keg to The Burlap Waystation – that was only one leg of the trip it seems because I had to lead them on to Kota Peak.  Good thing I am quick with a bow and was able to dispatch any trouble we ran into, however, my hooves were tired when we got to Kota Peak.

Well, let’s just say that I had enough adventuring for one day and decided to return to the farm in Halfhill.  At least I could thaw out there without much trouble.  I never realized how much the wind could blow when you’re at the base of the mountains, it did remind me of my visits to Northrend that weren’t all that frequent because I was always happy to return home to Kalimdor in a few days.  I guess I’m just not a cold weather kind of girl.

Naton asked if I was able to get what I needed to fill some of the contracts and I laughed and told him that I did and some really strange berries. I’ll have to get some more of those to share because I was hungry on the trip back and ate them all without realizing it.  Tasty, tangy and sweet, what more could a cow ask for?  It was fun getting out of the Valley for a while, however, next time I think that I will remind myself to bring more clothes and a heavier cape with me – I was one frozen Tauren.

We got some mail from the family in Thunder Bluff and I’ll have to admit that it sounds like Mom and the boys are doing rather well for themselves.  Nahai says that he took Mom out herbing and she did really well this time and didn’t put the wrong things in her herbing bag, I suppose those new glasses helped her a bit too.  I know that sometimes she really couldn’t see and would have all kinds of things her bags, which, I’m sure the people in Orgrimmar at the warehouse were thrilled with – the best thing that she had in her bag one time was a very angry little squirrel.  Apparently, her mind must have been elsewhere when she went to turn the stuff in and didn’t hear it because I’m sure that squirrel was not just taking a nap in that bag.

I know that when we get letters from home it sometimes makes me homesick a bit.  I miss Mulgore and I miss some of my friends that are still there, well, most of them are still there because they survived that nonsense in Orgrimmar.  No, I’m not a real happy person when I have to travel through Orgrimmar and see the conditions there.  It’s a shame that we’re not worthy of the Horde anymore with this stupid Warchief driving everyone away in droves.  I did miss seeing as many of the elves that we had there at one point and I don’t think that all of the goblins are present and accounted for unless you count the ones making money hand over fist.

I suppose in another week or two, I’ll have to make that trip to Silvermoon to the warehouse there and get our money from these contracts.  It’s not like we need the money right now and Zippie knows that we have a lot of work to do here in Pandaria.  She always makes sure that she gives us contracts with plenty of lead time on them.  I do miss seeing her as often as we once did, she always made me laugh when we talked.

With all of the talk of moving the main warehouse to Shattrath City, I’m a bit concerned with that because that is one long trip.  I hope that they keep the warehouse open in Silvermoon because that would be easier to get too since I’ve found out that the zep still runs to the Undercity on a regular basis. I’ll have to ask Zippie about that when we take the contracts in for payment and pick up our next batch.  Naton better get on the job and do some more mining, those are the only ones that we haven’t completely filled yet, however, he’s been so busy at the forge that I hate to nag him about it.  Yes, I do nag him now and then because he gets lost in his creations sometimes and forgets a lot of things.

Well, I think that I am going to go take a nice hot bath and make some dinner, plus, I’ll have to see if Naton is in the mood to eat tonight too.  Sometimes I forget and end up with a lot of leftovers that have to be stored away, it’s not like they go to waste though because I’m one eating machine sometimes.


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