Oh, Just Plotting and Planning…

February 11th

Dear Journal,

Well, I certainly hope that my brother gets his behind back here to Silvermoon soon.  Of all of the times for him to decide to take off and go spend time with his Night Elf wife, this was not a good time at all.  Here I have just returned home and I’m trying to get my feet back under me and he takes off. I think it’s pretty inconsiderate on his part.

I am just furious at how I am being treated in my own home. I am also extremely furious at how I am being treated by this so-called manager of our company as well.  I know that when I left Orgrimmar, I had planned on going on to Pandaria to try to get together with the man that I truly loved.  I left Orgrimmar because I was unhappy and now, I think that I am even more unhappy.

Okay, let me start by saying that I was going to try to do my part for the company that is owned by my family and I was insulted when I walked in there.  That nasty little goblin kept giving me all of these menial tasks, like doing an inventory on the warehouse, clearing out a few lockers that the previous owners had disappeared and never returned after several months.  I mean, really, these are things that someone of lesser mental talents could have done. I went to ask for some money to replace my very worn gear that I had been using the last few months so that I could better accomplish my tasks out in the field for the low paying contracts that I was given. She told me to go look in a locker down in the warehouse because there were plenty of discarded items in there that I could use until I made some money – what?  Just who does she think she is?  I’m Faendra Morningstar, a family member of the person that started and owns this stinking company.  I was so angry that I just walked out after dumping the contents of that smelly locker on the floor, I don’t care if someone else had to clean it up, I wasn’t going to lift a hand to do it.

The icing on the cake for the day was that I decided that I would do some shopping.  I knew that my brother had all kinds of accounts set up all over Silvermoon for that purpose so that he and members of the family would not have to carry large quantities of gold on their person.  I wanted some new dresses, shoes and jewelry – I had lost all of my jewelry when I got robbed a few days out of Orgrimmar.

I walked into the shop and the tailor and seamstress were just standing there talking and I thought that I would ask them to help me.  Silly me, how dare I ask them to work.  Naturally, they wanted to know who I was and I told them.  I had already explained to the seamstress what I wanted, how many gowns that I needed to have made as well as the appropriate foot gear to go with them.  I guess the tailor was curious because as the seamstress was starting to take my measurements, the tailor came back and told me that I wasn’t authorized to use the Morningstar Enterprises account. I only had a few pieces of gold in my purse, not even enough to buy one of the blouses that I had been looking at previously, it was all red and gold with lace frills on the sleeves…I really liked that.

I know that I blushed to the roots of my hair and I could feel the tears of anger welling up in my eyes when the tailor and the seamstress just stood there and smirked at my discomfiture.  In my haste to escape the most embarrassing moment in my life, I know that I knocked over several displays as I was making my escape from the situation.  I’m sure that I broke a few things because I could hear glass breaking as I went out the door.  I don’t care, they had no right to treat me that way.

As I was standing in the middle of the Bazaar, I spied some old friends of mine and decided that I needed some socializing, plus, they would listen to my complaints about what just happened.  I was sure they would take my side in regard to the bad treatment I had received.  As I walked up, I noticed that they all stared at me as if I had two heads and turned away.  When I tried to talk to them, they looked at me again like I was a total stranger and told me that I hadn’t been invited into their conversation and would I please leave. Some friends, right?  They hadn’t seen me in months and I would have thought that they might have been a bit more welcoming and curious to hear about my adventures, but, no, they didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

When I got home, there was that nasty little goblin sitting in the parlor with his feet all propped up on the table reading a book.  That was the icing on the cake.  How dare he even be in there to begin with and how dare he be reading one of my brother’s books from the library?  I know I yelled at him and told him to leave because he and the rest of his family didn’t belong in the house, they weren’t invited to live there.  I know I was angry as can be when he told me that he was planning on leaving and that they had been invited to live there by my brother.  I was so angry that I picked up one of the crystal vases from Dalaran and threw it at him. He turned me into a sheep!! How dare he treat me that way, he knew who I was and that my brother was going to boot him out when he heard what he had done to me.

Every single store that I have tried to buy things on the Morningstar accounts has turned me away because I’m not listed as one of the people authorized to use it.  I guess that my brother hadn’t counted on me returning and was in such a big hurry to go to bed with his woman that he didn’t have time to let people know that I was back.  He and I are going to have a long talk when he gets back and he had better make more than a few changes so that I can live my life the way that I have been accustomed in the past.  How dare he think that I am going to be wearing last year’s gowns when I go out?

I was so angry about how things were going that I decided that I needed to clear my head by taking a ride.  I went out to the stables and looked at my poor hawkstrider next to all of my brother’s mounts and she looked just as shabby as I felt.  I told the stableman to saddle up one of Fnor’s mounts for me, the big black hawkstrider.  I wanted to at least look the part of being a wealthy noblewoman, however, the stableman refused at first until I threatened him. The only thing that I am going to get in trouble for since I’ve been back is that I rode the beast too hard all the way out to the Ghostlands and ended up walking him back home because he pulled up lame.  It was very late when I got home and I was very tired, so, I just put him back in his stall and left, the stableman should take care of him, not me.

I know that my brother and I  are really going to have to talk about what things are going to change for me in this household.  I’m not some little chit that he picked up on his travels, I’m his sister and I should be respected as such. It’s definitely all his fault that I ran away to begin with and it’s truly his fault that I’m not married to Dawnglory by now too.  I’m not going to sit in Silvermoon and be miserable and he’s going to make that right, he just has too.

Speaking of Dawnglory, I think that I will sit down and write him a letter to let him know that I still love him and that I forgive him for taking up with that pregnant whore of his. I know they are living together and I’ll remind him that if he wants better than that, he has to reach higher.  I know that I am younger than that woman of his and I can give him as many children as he desires and it won’t be a trap and I’m sure that Fnor will cough up another dowry for me, so, that means more money for him too.

Well, I’m going to stop writing in this journal and clear my mind so that I can write that letter. That woman is probably good in bed, however, I’ll remind him that I can learn the things that please him and he doesn’t have to pay me for the services rendered.  No, maybe I should be more diplomatic and subtle with him this time, I can still trick him into going to bed with me with enough booze and exposed skin.  Okay, I need to plan this out more carefully this time, I’ve learned that he’s not the kind to fall into things very easily.  I wonder if my brother will take me to Pandaria on his next trip so I can get to know this woman of Dawnglory’s, find out what her weaknesses are.

Faendra Morningstar

3 thoughts on “Oh, Just Plotting and Planning…

  1. ooo boy.. I think she’s going to be in for a shock when she finds out that Fnar has no intention of leaving Romy for her, as well as the fact that Romy is not some whore that Fnar has taken up , but part of ancient family that still resides in Silvermoon. Romy rarely ever uses that information because she wants to be accepted for who she is , and not who her family is. Oh this is going to be good!!!

    • Oh, you have to remember that Fae is still real young and full of her own importance – totally clueless that she can’t have what she wants and when she wants it, no matter what it is. She has no real idea whom Romy is other than the “other” woman that has tried to take her man away, which *stomps her little feet* she feels that she as right too. Oh yeah, this is going to get good because she’s still plotting and planning….Methinks that her brother is going to have his hands full when he gets back from Nagrand.

  2. Hahah, poor guy, I feel so bad for him ,as well as the poor goblins that have to put up with her. Oh Fae is a delightfully wicked character,and its so much fun to read about her antics.

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