Trying To Make Things Right…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

February 8th

Dear Journal,

Now, where do I begin with all of this?  So much has happened since I left Nagrand with Amyn and we parted in Shattrath with the agreement that we would meet again in two days.  Two days, one would have thought that we both would have been able to get all of our business things handled in two days, set up for the next few days and reviewed the contracts, right?  Well, I’m sure that Amyn didn’t have to deal with some of the things that I had to deal with once I got to Silvermoon and I’m sure that she would have reacted pretty much the same way that I did.  I wish she were here with because I am emotionally torn and the comfort of those loving arms would make it a bit more bearable.

I decided to take a more circuitous route home to Silvermoon than I normally do because I was dreading the thought of having to deal with things there.  I had been filled with such dread of returning that it actually placed a shadowed pall over the last couple of days that Amyn and I were in Nagrand.  She and I talked about how I was feeling and she, being the wisest of the two of us, told me that I needed to get back there and see what was going on before the worry made me sick. It isn’t often that I get these feelings and I should have listened to them straight away instead of procrastinating and pushing those feelings to the back of my mind where they absolutely refused to stay.

I stopped off in Thunderbluff to check on the Cloudhoof clan and I am happy that I did.  I did get some wonderful news from Mooma, the Matriarch, about the fact that Dawnglory’s baby had been born and it was a little girl.  I bet he is just filled with happiness at the arrival of his first born, I know how I felt when Kaldor was born, I was over the moon with joy.  I’ll have to give him a ribbing about the fact that his first born happens to be female – it will all be in fun and I think that will even make him smile a bit.  It sounds like his woman is doing well too.  I guess that Mooma got the news from Mahamura in Halfhill.   I keep forgetting how old Mooma is and how much old people like gossip about things.  I got my dose of gossip all in one sitting as I sipped my tea and ate pine nuts with the old love.  We talked briefly about how things were going in Mulgore and her big news was that things had really changed, and not for the better, in Orgrimmar.  Seems Garrosh has gotten totally stupid and has guards all over the place in the city. Oh yes, she did tell me that it was safe for most elves to go into the city, however, she wasn’t sure how warm the reception might be.

That definitely peaked my curiosity and I’ll admit that it was another way for me to put off the trip into Silvermoon for a few hours more too.  I flew into Orgrimmar and I could see the marked difference the minute I got off my mount.  There were his blessed Kor’kon all over the place, running patrols through the city and sometimes even running people down in their zeal.  Yes, I understand the reasoning behind all of the guards after the rebellion, however, there was such a sense of urgency in the faces of everyone that I saw that I have a suspicion that there might be a mass exodus from the place once the real siege starts.  Oh yes, I have a feeling that we will be getting a new Warchief in the very near future.

I did run into a couple of the other ambassadors while I was there and they seemed happy to see me and wanted to know if I was going to come back to try to negotiate some sense into that pig headed fool and I had to tell them “no” because I had already made my commitment to the Regent and really had no plans to offer my services to the Horde.  I mean, why would I try to negotiate something that would be entirely ignored and thrown away like yesterday’s garbage.  No, Blood Elves aren’t as pure as the Orcs and I’m sorry that things have come down to that. The Horde is a dying faction that hasn’t the sense to realize that their current leader is losing support of the other races rather rapidly with his conduct.  I wish to hell that Thrall would come back and give that fool a good talking too, doubtful that it would do any good, however, it would at least make Garrosh realize that he is only a replacement of a great man and isn’t that good at it.

I’ll admit that I felt real uncomfortable the whole time that I was in the city because my parting was not exactly under the best of circumstances when I was here last with my resignation. I think that I actually made the poor pinhead angry with my refusal to rejoin the forces in Pandaria. I let it be known that I followed the Regent Lord’s orders first and foremost and that Garrosh’s desires were definitely further down on the list.  Naturally, that probably didn’t sit too well with him.

I actually went over to the goblin slums in hopes of running into Zednick or even Dooddah to see if they had had any news from Silvermoon and to find out how things were going.  No such luck in finding either of them there in the city.  I know that Zednick likes to come back to visit with some of his old friends as well as to get as drunk as possible at the same time – at least he hasn’t portaled himself to where he’s totally lost.  Besides, I could have grabbed a portal from him and made a quick trip to Silvermoon.  No, he wasn’t there and I saw one of his buddies and asked if they had seen him lately and they said they hadn’t.  I know that some of my employees still live here in Orgrimmar and it doesn’t do any harm in talking to them to see how things are really going.

I stopped by the Tauren sector to see if either Hazey or her sister were in town and it looks like they weren’t there either.  However, I could see why Mooma was nervous about making trips to the place any more.  Guards are everywhere and it didn’t appear as though they were trying to enforce any kind of rule over them, they were just standing around watching and listening. I think that everyone would be getting a bit more paranoid about these Orcs just standing around like that.  It can’t be pleasant, however, I didn’t see anyone that I knew there and decided that I had put off my trip long enough and needed to hop on the next zep to Undercity.

Undercity has never been one of my favorite places to begin with.  I have some very bad memories of the place due to some other people destroying a relationship that I had.  Ungrateful bastards that they were, after I had let them stay in my home in Dalaran for the better part of a year.  Oh well, that’s behind me and it made me finally see the Light and to be thankful for Amyn and the boys, I guess I should be grateful for that. To be exact, I think this is only the second or third time that I have stopped off in the city for any length of time since all of that went down. The place still smells like what it is, a place where the Forsaken have gathered in a large group and you can smell the chemicals in the air from that horrible green sludge in the canals.  I guess if I were there long enough, I might get used to it, however, it always makes me want to vomit.   I looked around a little bit to see if I could pick up a few contracts, which I did get more than a few.  I hope that Zippie will be happy that I’m bringing her more work for the employees.  I even got four or five mercenary contracts that Fnar might be interested in or I’ll take them on myself – might be a good change of pace for the both of us actually.  We really haven’t had much time together out in the field since he got out of the service and took up residence with his woman.  I do miss the fun and carefree days that we used to have together before we decided to become responsible people. I’ll get in touch with him later.

I didn’t arrive in Silvermoon until well after midnight and I’ll admit that I was more than a bit tired by the time that I got to the house.  Naturally, everyone was already in bed, however, Agatha had left some food out for me and Pan.  I had sent word to her that I would be home tonight, I just didn’t specify what time either.

It was nice to be able to walk into my suite of rooms and get undressed, bathe as well as take a quick look at what kind of mail I had on my desk in the study.  I looked at the stack that was almost as tall as Zippie and decided that it could all wait until the morning, I didn’t want to get started on that and not get any sleep at all.

I know that felt a bit strange crawling into bed and not having Amyn lying there with me.  A fellow can sure get spoiled after a few weeks of tender loving care from his wife.  I didn’t even bother putting on a robe, I just went to bed nude as is my usual custom when I’m home and I don’t have to worry about anyone barging in.  I lay on those silk sheets and wondered what the morning might bring and really didn’t give it much thought before I drifted off to a heavy slumber.

Well, I should have known that things were going to be different when Faendra started living with me again.  The rules have always been in place that no one was to come barging into my bedroom without knocking first.  Okay, I used to be quite the heavy hitter before Amyn and I got married , so, there was good reason that people didn’t just come barging in.

I had been sleeping so soundly that the first thing I could realize was that someone was in the room and was literally screaming at me.  I was startled, angry and more than a little bit groggy with sleep.  My darling sister was standing in there screaming at me to wake up.  At first I thought there was something seriously wrong in the house, maybe it was on fire, maybe someone had broken in despite the wards, maybe there was an attack on the city – shades of the invasion.

I told her to shut up and to get out so I could put some clothes on.  I was shocked when she responded with one of her quips about the fact that she had seen a naked man before and that she didn’t want to leave before she had a chance to talk to me.  I climbed out of the bed, sheet wrapped around my hips and grabbed her by the arm and escorted her to the door and pushed her out.

I had planned on getting dressed and going down for a leisurely breakfast with some coffee, however, that wasn’t going to happen this morning.  I guess that Agatha had heard the screaming upstairs and knew that I was awake when Fae kept standing outside the door and kept screaming through it.  Let’s just say that Agatha was in the process of bringing up a tray with some food and coffee on it and was told to just leave it by my sister.  That really upset me more than it should have, however, it was the tone of voice and the manner in which Faendra was talking to Agatha that just sent my temper flaring.

I invited Faendra back into the rooms and had her go into my study and sit down.  I took my time bringing the tray in and getting settled in to listen to her tirade.  I knew that it was going to be a lengthy list of things that were wrong in the world of Miss Morningstar.

I know I really must have made Faendra even more angry because the more she complained, the more I sat there with my coffee and actually took out a cigarette and started smoking it without opening the balcony doors.  Oh, I heard about how Zippie had treated her at the warehouse, how Zednick had sheeped her and how she was being treated worse than the lowest peon Orgrimmar.  Her list almost seemed endless. I heard about how the shopkeepers had treated her when she went in make purchases on the Morningstar Enterprise accounts, how her so-called friends had treated her in the Bazaar.  She demanded, not asked, to be put back on the accounts as well as given some kind of position with the company as well as demanding a stipend for her time that she spent getting upset by all of the things that I hadn’t taken care of before I left to go sleep with my whore and make more bastards.

I think that she was more than surprised than I was because I hadn’t said a word during her whole discourse, however, somehow, I had come around the desk and had backhanded her in the mouth after her comment about my wife and children.  She sat in her chair with the most shocked look on her face that I think I have ever seen her exhibit.  What was really odd was the fact that I still don’t feel bad about my conduct.

As she sat there sobbing in the chair, she continued on about the fact that everything that was wrong in her life was my fault.  She blamed me for her failed marriage, that she ran away from before the thing even took place, she blamed me for the fact that Dawnglory was with another woman instead of her as well as blaming me for her being penniless.

I told her that she could always leave if she was that miserable with her existence under my roof and under my care.  She looked at me like I had turned into an Ogre or something hideous.  She subsided her complaints and told me that she had no money to leave and go anywhere else, she was a prisoner here in her own home.   I asked her how much she needed to leave and let her know that I was prepared to write her a check for any amount that she could think of at the moment, however, there was a caveat – if she took the money, she would leave immediately and never darken the door of any of the houses or businesses that I owned ever again.  I would be happy if she left and I would disavow any relationship with her if there were any questions from others.

I guess that stopped her in her tracks and she started acting all sweet and sisterly.  I was able to calm myself and set about giving her the guidelines that I expected her to follow.  She may not have liked them, however, she is going to follow the rules or she can get out, money or not.

These are a few of the rules that I set out for her and you do have to understand that I was more than a little bit upset at the time.

1. You will not mistreat or abuse any of the employees or servants that work for me.

2. You will not try to do any kind of harm or damage to Dawnglory and his family, including his sister.

3.  You will learn to live on the money that you make through your own work with the contracts that were given to you through Morningstar Enterprises.

4. You will never talk to me in such a tone as you exhibited this morning ever again, you will show me the respect that as your brother, you owe me.

5.  You will never mistreat my wife and children again,  as well as, never ever make disparaging remarks about my wife and children to me or others.

6. You will follow these guidelines to the letter and if you don’t, you are free to leave any time you so desire, never to return.

Surprisingly, she agreed to follow the things that I had set out for her, however, I wonder how long that will last.  I truly thought that she had changed and that she would be a more mature and responsible individual after her months out on her own. I’m not sorry that I struck her, it was a long time coming and I’m surprised that I didn’t break her jaw because I hit her as hard as I have ever hit anyone.  I’m ashamed of the fact that I struck a woman in anger, however, considering the time and the circumstances, it was well earned.

After Faendra left my office, I called out to Agatha and had her call in a healer.  I was in so much pain that I thought I was going to die.  I’ve never had such chest pains in my life and I could feel every beat of my heart like a hammer and with every stroke, the pain was worse.  I guess I was white as a sheet and I know that I could barely move when the healer got there.

So, now, I have been told that I came very close to having a heart attack and I needed to cut out some of the stress in my life and I needed to throw away the cigarettes.  Well, throwing away the cigarettes will make Amyn happy because she hates the smell.  As for cutting out the stress in my life, how does one go about doing that?  Family, business, war and the rinse and repeat.  It never stops and I don’t know how I am going to handle it.

Well,  I guess that I am going to take this potion and lay down for a while and hope to the Light that I feel better when I wake up.   I guess that Pan took a swipe at Fae on her way out because he was playing with a piece of fabric that looked very much like the robe she had on.  Oh well, I’m not going to worry about it, it’s her problem and not mine.

I need to get word to Amyn that I will be delayed in getting back to Shattrath at least by two days, however, I am going to be going back.  Maybe I should have Faendra move into the other house so that she can do whatever it is that she is going to do without being under my nose when I’m here in town.  I’ll think about that.  Should I give her some money? I’m too groggy to think straight and I think that sleep is what I need.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Trying To Make Things Right…

  1. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg ..poor Fnor!!! That is the last thing he needed, but I think in a way it was a wake up call that he needs to cut down on the stress ,and if it that means cutting his sister out of the family because of her selfishness demands, it may end up coming to that.
    I can imagine it must have hurt for him to lay down the law on her like that ,but I think he knew it was needed. I think he ,and Fnar need to get together,and have some guy time, just to unwind, I think Romy,and Amyn are going to become conspirators about keeping their men happy and safe,.. Great read.

    • Fnor was broken-hearted with the way that Faendra carried on and by the way that she talked to him – he discovered that she hadn’t really changed at all, Amyn was right,she just learned how to cover it up for a while. He was extremely angry and hurt with the way that things went.

      Yep, wake up call for the old man. He needs to cut out a lot of the stress in his life, however, he was doing just fine until Fae came back and added that one more straw that might break the camel’s back.

      ((hehe, I’m sure that Fae may have agreed to her brother’s edicts at the time, however, time will tell if she is really going to pay attention to it.))

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