Just My Opinion…

February 15th

During this last week I decided to level one of my 85 DKs to 90 and have made it to 88 so far.  You’re talking to someone that usually plays hunters for hours on end, so, the melee class is a whole change for me.  I think that my head is still spinning and it’s hard to stare at your key board for the keys and keep your character on target – whoa, lots of work.  My hats is definitely off to those of you that play this class. I have actually kind of enjoyed myself way more than I should have, I suppose.

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, I started out on IceCrown, which we lovingly referred to as “IceDown” most of the time,  back in the day.  It was actually one of the main hubs of the game when I first started playing.  I think that I spent a couple of years on that realm before the RP bug bit me and I wanted to make the change.

When Wrymrest Accord first opened its doors, I was there on my very first ever, Death Knight just to check things out before transferring any of my other characters over there.  It was fun back in the day when you had mega hubs of RP, real RP that had storylines that you could join into without much problem.  There were quite a few groups in and around Silvermoon and Stormwind that seemed to have their RP running quite a bit.  Great times and fond memories of the old days, I know. A lot of the old players that were there back then have since left the game or have let their characters fall by the wayside.

I started out with a very active group of players in a guild called Bright Moon Faire – I think that was the name.  We would travel throughout the lands presenting shows in various towns and holding quite a few RP events.  Oh, it was definitely Horde and it was where I learned most of what I know about the RP in WoW, still learning a lot even now, years later.  I think that I stayed in that guild for over a year before I decided to test the waters a bit more on my own.

I was also very much involved with writing blogs and posting them on a website that, at the time, was the main hub for most of the RP on the realm.  I have since moved on from that arena to WordPress which is definitely a much better fit for the type of writing that I do.  No, I’m not a great writer, however, I do enjoy being able to post whatever I choose there.  I did have quite a few years of work on that site and luckily for me, I was intelligent enough to save my work off to a hard drive or CDs because every year or so, the site would go under “new” management or just outright crash and burn.  I know a lot of people lost mountains of work when this would happen. After a period of time the site evolved into something that resembled the back-slapping, at-a-boy attitude and gave recognition to a select few of the players that were close friends with the site moderators.  So, WordPress was definitely a nice escape from the clique.

I have joined a couple of other so-called RP  guilds on Wrymrest in the last few years and definitely found more than I wanted in the way of guild drama and cliques.  I know that I play World of Warcraft to have fun and to be quite blunt, my ass kissing ability is very limited.  I finally got fed up with how things were going that I had no control over and promptly started up my own guild called SafeHaven – which I am happy to report that after two years, is well on its way to becoming a Level 25 guild that has been done primarily alone.  I also have a guild that I started on the Alliance side that is called Haven that is getting up to the Level 10 area, however, it is only a year old and once again, it’s being done primarily solo.  I guess that I must be a snob or something because I am very selective in allowing people into these two guilds.  Due to health reasons, it’s easier for me to keep them “private” due to the fact that I have had a few instances in the last couple of years where I couldn’t play for well past the 90 day mark where the leadership of the guild would fall to another player.

I do have several characters that are active in a guild on the Alliance side called Fools Company.  A great group of players that are extremely good at what they do.  They RP, have story lines that are open to all members of the guild as well as open RP that anyone can join into.  For a guild the size of this one, they actually have quite a few events that are open to anyone that cares to join in. Guild drama is not tolerated and if it does happen, it’s addressed very quickly by our Guild Leader.  I’ve actually been a member of the guild for over a year and they understand that I have my own two guilds that I like to keep leveling up. They know that I am an older player and sometimes am a little slow on the uptake.  We even do some of the dungeons and run some of the LFR things as well, as a group. It’s actually a lot of fun and I do love the people in there.

There was a time that walk-up RP was something that you could expect anywhere and at anytime, however, that was quickly killed off with the advent of CRZ.  I’m finding it very difficult to find any kind of  open RP because most of it is being closed off and held within the guilds or any one walking up to a group to join is quickly dismissed in some cases.  I have gone to a lot of events on the Horde side on my main(s) and have actually gotten more RP from other realms and groups  than I have had in months on my home realm.  It’s kind of sad to see this happening on Wrymrest Accord because that is usually a sign of a death knell tolling on an RP realm.

So, to make a long story short, I have started visiting other realms by rolling new characters and trotting around to see what I can see and see if there still is true RP out there any longer.  Some of the realms that I have visited of late are Sisters of Elune, Feathermoon as well as Argent Dawn.   I am happy to say that it appears as though Sisters of Elune seems to be thriving and there are quite a few areas that I look forward to investigating further. None of my characters are guilded on any of these realms, so, it is definitely a free lance thing.  I’m running both Alliance and Horde characters to test the waters and if people will talk to a level 10+ player, that’s a good sign.  No, I don’t even have my MRP filled out either so that it appears as though I’m a novice player.

Oh, I’ll never leave Wrymrest because it has been my home base for quite a few years now and I have 42 characters over there.  I’m happy to say that it is an even number per faction so that I get the full brunt of anything out there in the way of adventuring.  I have enjoyed being with the people that I know so well on the realm and usually enjoy the ambience and the immersion as I play through, however, it never hurts to go out and test the waters, so to speak.

So, this is what I have been doing for the last week.  Leveling up my oldest character on Wrymrest, searching for RP as I go and starting to visit other realms to see if things are as dead there.  No, this isn’t a rant and isn’t meant to slam the realm or the people on it, it’s just my opinion and observations from my viewpoint.

2 thoughts on “Just My Opinion…

  1. I see that you really had fun doing RP and i think you still are to this day, leveing a DK that’s my next project she’s 85 atm but to be honest she’s my tank but i had not tanked her for years and still i need to learn more about DK’s actually im scared to tank now the expansions and the monsters you need to learn a lot as a tank. I don’t want to hold responsible if your whole crew died bec of you when your the MT.

    As far as blogs i had worked to put effort and posted before i changed sites most often before i did lost a couple shared topics from blog azeroth as well and cannot retrieve it so year it is good to back up your posts. attached the file and send it to your email that way even if your hard drive is lost and burn still have that copy in your email.

    Anyway, Good luck with leveling your DK the reason i have alt toons too is i used them as my 2nd and 3rd professions extension for my priest and that i can farm with them no problem. bec mats are damn too expensive lol

  2. Oh, I’m still having fun with my RP when I can find it. As for the DK, she’s my special DK and was a tank at one point. With all of the changes that have been made in the last year or so, I stopped playing her altogether. Now, I’m getting her leveled and geared up again, I may try tanking gain, dunno, I’m not much into the raiding scene now as I once was.

    All of my characters are integrated to support one another with their professions, since I’m retired I do find that I have a lot of time on my hands to level them. I may never see “end game”, however, that’s not something I worry about too often. Looking forward to the next expansion and it does appear as though it is going to be pretty much Horde again. So, off to get my leveling hat on and get with the program. Thanks for commenting, it’s greatly appreciated.

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