Stranger In A Strange Land

February 18th

Dear Journal,

I think it best that we start off by saying that my name is Lagn, I am a displaced person from Draenor and still confused as to what is going on.  Oh, the “g” is silent, so, if I pronounce it the way the natives do here, it’s Lan.  My real Draeni name is not even pronounceable by anyone on this planet, so, that will go unsaid, however, the true translation would come out something like “He Who Walks With Heavy Steps” – at least that’s what I’ve come up with much to the humor of my compatriots. I’m sure my parents had some thoughts in mind when they came up with the name, however, Lan it shall be here.

I will have to admit that my memories of Draenor are sketchy at best because I’ve never set hoof on the place.  My mother was pregnant with me when she boarded the Exodar, how she hid the fact is unknown to me, however, I was born in flight.  I have only heard tales of our home and how beautiful it was with luxury beyond compare – well, considering how I am living now, it had to be better.

I can well imagine that the inhabitants of this world were a bit surprised when the Exodar came plummeting out of the sky and landed , uh, yeah, crashed on their world and look what we brought with us. A lot of lives were lost when we crashed and a lot of families were separated, my own included.  I am still searching for my parents and my siblings, who knows if they even survived the fall from the heavens.

I have seen some of the native inhabitants on this rock we’ve decided to call home and I am not quite sure what to make of them.  Little tiny folks that run about with a lot of energy and bravado accomplishing what?  I just know that they land on Azuremyst Isle and they roam around as if they were the true lords of the land, however, it doesn’t appear as though the place was inhabited by much prior to our landing and these little fellows are coming over to explore the wreckage of what was once a glorious space ship.  Oh, they seem friendly enough, just a bit impatient.

I know that I was unconscious after the crash for quite some time and I often feel as though that a lot of my memories got scrambled but what I do remember is rather pleasant. I’ve been assured by the doctors that I have seen that things will start falling into place over time or they may not fully come back.  How’s that for a real good answer to a fellow that could barely talk when he woke up? I remember my parents as being kind and gentle folk, my siblings were much older than I, so, I don’t think they appreciated me hanging around with them that much.  Ah well, those are things past and I have to deal with the present.  Maybe I will remember more as time goes on and if I don’t, no harm there, I will start my life anew here on this place called Azeroth.

Life is fairly pleasant for me at the moment, that’s why I am even writing, finally got enough money to purchase a quill and some writing paper.  Eventually I would like to find a real journal, however, this will have to do for now. Apparently, I was educated fairly well on the ship and that stuck in my brain, because I know I can read and write, my ciphers are a bit crazy, however, I think that they were always a problem for me.

I’ve learned some new skills since I awakened and I think that I will be able to survive in this land quite nicely now that I have learned how to cook. Things are not as easy as they were on the ship, you can’t just go to the quartermasters and get what you want, here, you have to actually go out and hunt for what you need.  I’m a fairly good baker and my breads are quite tasty if I add some good meats or fish. I’m getting there although some of my friends are astounded at some of my concoctions – they taste good to me, that’s what counts.

I’m also learning how to turn a fair hand at hunting, skinning and making leather goods.  I think that I will survive quite nicely. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I also like to stop for a while, relax and fish because it allows me not only to rest, it allows me to have time for my thoughts without “wasting m time” – according to some of my friends. Now, if I could find a nice girl that knew how to do herbing, I’d be all set. Spices do more than add flavor to the food, they give it a certain life of its own.  Yes, I’m looking for a female as any young male would – I may have crashed in a ship, however, that didn’t kill off my natural wants and needs or desires.

My plan with this journal is to write down my observations and thoughts.  I’m the only one that will be reading it so, definitely, it will be from my own point of view.  If someone should read it, good look at reading my script – it’s not the best in the world and it’s doubtful that I am going to take the time to improve on it because I have more important things to do with my deal – surviving in this world takes money and I plan on earning quite a bit in a short time by hard work.

I will admit that I am a bit daunted by how backward some things are this world.  They have neither the knowledge or the skills to build the things that we took for granted on board the Exodar.  They don’t even have the crystals or the power to operate some of our most archaic machines.  Someday I see the Draeni making some changes there and trying to teach them some of our more advanced technology. Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to return to Draenor?





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