In-Game Bugs Make Me Sad…

February 19th

I’m just sitting here today kind of saddened with the latest patch foul up.  At least I could log in and wasn’t FUBAR – we’ll see how long that lasts.  Is it me or is it just something I am imagining?

With the advent of the realms merging, there have been some strange bugs that have happened that seem to unresolved for the most part – missing items, characters; etc for some of the poor people that have undergone that kind of thing.  Luckily, Blizzard hasn’t gotten crazed yet and decided to try to merge Wrymrest Accord with anyone, we’re already Full and add in the CRZ people, we’re really crowded in some areas.

I was online yesterday when the realms came back up and things were peachy for a short amount of time until I logged out to do some more RL chores.  Came back and got in-game to discover that I had oodles of missing mounts and pets. My RAF mounts were missing, however, they seemed to have come back again, for how long, I have no clue.

I had started a weird habit last year in January to keep my store purchased mounts on an action bar in-game.  I know it’s crazy but I do – just paranoid.  Anyway, I had done several character transfers from one account to another and every time that I did it, the purchased mounts and pets would disappear, seriously. I would put in tickets and spend days with GMs trying to get the problem resolved, which stay fixed and might not – I’m counting at least six times it was fixed and five failures.

So, I went to the forums to see what was going on and sure enough, there was a huge thread in Customer Service in regard to the matter.  I followed the instructions to the letter and nothing happened – after the restart this morning, still, nothing happened.  Now, you have to list all of the Mounts/Pets that you are missing. Okay, that’s not much of a problem unless you’re a collector of said pets and mounts.  Not only are the purchased pets missing, some of the collected pets are gone as well. I had tons of pets and was in the process of clearing out the duplicates last week and selling them, donating them and just flat giving them away in some cases.  I was nearing the limit – does Blizzard have any idea how much time it takes to go through these lists?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am somewhat cranky and to top it all off, my MRP was fine yesterday and everything was as it should be, however, this morning, it’s not.  To a role player that MRP is like the bible, you have to have it filled out;etc. in order to get into some serious RP sometimes without having to tell your story in whispers to others.

So, back to the Mounts/Pets thing.  I hope to heck that I don’t have to start keeping a ledger of pets and mounts and do a monthly inventory to make sure they are there and the books “balance” because that would be too much like work and I’m retired.   I’ll admit, I do keep a roster of my characters because I have too many, my bad, and I track what they’ve done, what profession levels they are and weird stuff like that.  Now, if I have to do that with the pets and mounts too – OMG.

I hope that they can get this “bug” fixed in the near future. There are a few other bugs out there floating around that need to be addressed, however, they have been there for months and years in some cases and they haven’t been resolved yet.  With the way that the game is starting to become a bit more of a hassle to play with the “bugs” I am truly questioning my intelligence in returning to the game full force.  Am I going to purchase the expansion? Three days ago, I would have said “yes”, however, I’m not so sure right now.

Can you imagine if you paid for a Level 90 boost and you log in to discover that that particular character is now missing?  I’m not planning on buying one of those, however, you do know that some people with more money than intelligence will do it.




4 thoughts on “In-Game Bugs Make Me Sad…

  1. Do you non-RaF/Blizzard Store pets show up in the Armory? I mean when the Armory is actually up again 😛 Mine showed up in the Amory but were bugged in the game.
    That’s the problem I had although the GM response I got was an issue with the virtual realms merger, but since your realm isn’t merged…ugh I don’t know 😦
    All my RaF/Store pets and mounts were missing last night too and I won’t have a chance to check today until after work.
    Yeah, as much as I love this game if it starts looking like a rush to get micro-transactions going instead of fixing serious game play issues, I guess I’ll find something else to do 😛

  2. Oh, I haven’t even been able to get in the armory for two days which is the pits, I was in the process of using “Ask Mr. Robot” to do some gear changes and enchants on some of my 90s. So, eventually, I’ll get into the armory and check to see if they are there, maybe. LOL seems like every “patch” is new way for them to mess things up and yes, I agree on the microtransactions, the whole trouble with that is, they are three years behind getting that going. Poor Blizzard used to be a leader and now, they are just following the others and getting more greedy. Yep, they might lose my business before long as much as I love the game, I’ll take a very long hiatus.

  3. I think that is one of the main reasons I went on extended leave from WOW. I was just getting too frustrated with the way the game is going, the developers apparent lack of knowledge of their own game and this Pay to win attitude… I had considered a few times to come back but I don’t know.. I haven’t seen anything so far,other than the few people so far , that will lure me back . I guess we will have to see

    • LOL, well, I’ll just toddle along at my own pace, I’m retired and can’t afford to Pay to Win – there is no winner anyway, not in WoW except for Blizzard. I do wish that you would come back one of these days too, however, I do understand your frustration completely. Hang in there, maybe some day they will get it right. 😀

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