Life Changes…

*Some very blunt language and swearing – if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing, please don’t read it.*


February 22nd

Yo Book!!

I know that I am sitting here in the kitchen this morning feeling more than pleased with myself and more than just a bit exhausted from the physical exercises that I went through last night.  I’m still kind of surprised and pleased with the way that things were again.

Fuck me!  I know that it has been at least three months since Romy and I had any kind of intimate relations due to her advanced pregnancy and then, the waiting after the birth to commence that side of things again.  I’ll admit that I was starting to bay at the moon with my libido about to go insane, however, I’m pleased to announce that I didn’t stray, I didn’t even look at another woman, how could I do that when I have the most beautiful and most passionate woman in all of Azeroth living with me. That red hair, those breasts, those hips – how could I even look elsewhere, not to mention, I don’t think that I have ever loved anyone as much as I do her.

Yesterday was like any other day in our lives since Mirrin was born.  Romy was taking care of the baby and I was out in the fields working as per usual alongside my drinking buddy, Jogu.  He really can work when he’s not too drunk to move, which is the majority of the time.  Anyway, I was about to finish up the row of plants when Romy came out with Mirrin and brought me some lunch- she has turned out to be quite domestic and she always makes sure that she keeps me well fed.

We were sitting there on the ground, Mirrin just gazing around and you could see that she was starting to see some of the clouds and the more interesting things around her – it always makes me laugh when she gasps and starts laughing when something new catches her attention.  I finally broke down and told Romy about the letter from Silvermoon, both of them, actually.

I know that Romy couldn’t help but notice that I have been more than a little pensive of late with the fucking things that I have going through my mind.  I was more worried about the prospect of having Faendra show up on my doorstep again than I was about asking Romy to marry me.  Fuck me, Fnor’s sister can make a man wish that he were living on another planet or somewhere else in this life.  I even showed Romy the letter from Fae that I had gotten.  She might as well know that this girl is more than just obsessed, she’s crazy as an Undercity rat.  I watched Romy’s face as she read the letter and knew that she was more than a little bit angry.  What kind of shocked me was that she gathered up the baby and told me that we would talk more about this later.   That left me a little bit uncertain about things and made me wonder if I had made the right decision in showing her the letter.

It wasn’t long after all of this went down out in the fields when I saw the healer walking up to the house.  That made me wonder if something was wrong with Mirrin or if something was wrong with Romy.  I know that there are all kinds of female things that can crop up after a woman has a baby, however, Romy did seem to be coming along nicely.  She had even started to act more romantic in the last couple of days, which definitely made me wonder if there was going to be something else going on in our house soon – we both have been so busy taking care of the baby that we haven’t really had time for each other.

Let’s just say that things are well in the house of Dawnglory at the moment.  I have a woman that loves me and a baby that is the most precious thing in our lives.  I know that I am always wondering if this  isn’t some kind of amazing dream because I’ve never been this happy in my life.

The subject of marriage came up and all of the reasons that we should go ahead and do it.  We had Mirrin to think about and we didn’t want any of those fucking idiots from Silvermoon to be able to cast aspersions on her parentage.  So, it may not have been the most romantic setting in the world for this sort of thing to take place, however, did.

We had been making love and when we finished that round, I got out of the bed and knelt next to it and asked my love to be my wife.  She said “Yes” with such wild abandon that I didn’t even have time to give her the ring until later.  I had been carrying it around with me and would put it in the drawers next to our bed when I was at home. She said “yes” and now we have a wedding to plan for.  I hope that it won’t be one of those grand things that some women like to have, I would like something very quiet and simple.

Hells yes!  Here is one of the biggest philanderers that ever walked the streets of Silvermoon, his heart has been taken by a wild red haired woman from Northrend.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria


2 thoughts on “Life Changes…

  1. Hahaha, Romy was more annoyed that he waited so long to tell her about Fae’s obsessive behaviour but she is pretty angry with Fae for upsetting him,and so she is proving to him that she will do what she has to protect him,and their little girl. The woman is crazy head over heels in love with him,and she doesn’t care who knows it, so she’s going to fight for her man. That was an awesome read!

    • Fnar is always a little bit afraid that the Fates will snatch this happiness away from him and that’s why he waited to tell Romy about the letters and then showing her the evidence. Hopefully, after they get married that will quell Fae’s ardor for him, however, she has a devious twisted little mind, who knows what she might still try to do to get “her man”. Thanks for commenting, it’s always appreciated.

      LOL – now they have to plan a wedding and all that stuff. What fun!!

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