Not A Divided Front…

February 24th

Dear Journal,

My Sindorei finally made his appearance in Shattrath late last night and I will have to say that he looked a little worse for wear, more exhausted than I have seen him quite a while, however, it was understandable.  Apparently, the business side of his life seems to be doing fairly well, however, his youngest sister has almost driven the poor man to distraction.

We had all hoped that she would have changed, maybe matured a little bit while she was off on her adventures after running away from Orgrimmar.  She may have matured, however, it sounds as if she is just as demanding as she has always been and maybe a bit more devious, if that were even possible.

My poor Sindorei has come to the conclusion that Dawnglory and I were correct in our assumptions that she is just using him for her own gains.  She may love him in her own way, however, it’s not that visible to the rest of us that know the man so well.  I know that we talked about this quite a bit last night after we enjoyed a nice warm welcoming from one another.  I know that Fnar is heartbroken at the thought of how things might end up going with this sister.

Apparently, the poor darling laid down a whole plethora of rules and regulations for Miss Faendra to follow and he feels now that those rules are going to be broken one by one.  He doesn’t like the ultimatums that he delivered to her and is afraid that he might be forced to enforce them. Oh, I can understand his concerns there because I have been around the girl quite a bit as she was growing up and I can assure you that the once sweet child that he adored has definitely become a very selfish young woman.   

Oh, enough of that, we will deal with the issues as they come up because he knows that he won’t have to do this alone.  I will support him in anything that he decides to do or is forced to do in regard to his sister.  He told me about the physical difficulty that he had in Silvermoon and that did frighten me somewhat and I will try to shoulder as many of the burdens that I can to help him.  He needs to start thinking about the fact that he isn’t still that young debonair Sindorei that strode the Barrens as if he owned them. At least he came to tell me what was going on and didn’t flee to the arms of another woman as he might have done in the past.

Since we were married in the Sindorei fashion, I will admit I know for a fact that the man has not strayed from his marital vows to me.  Oh, he’s had opportunities, as have I – we both don’t even feel like looking at another anymore, or if we do, it’s just cursory glance.  We can look, however, I don’t think that either one of us will cross that line.

We talked about my visiting the boys in Dolonaar and he is trying to convince me to bring them to Shattrath soon because he misses them as much as I do.  I don’t think we’re quite ready to bring them here though, he doesn’t seem to remember what a handful they were in Dalaran anymore.  If I brought them to Shattrath right now, my attentions would be very much divided between my children, the business and my loving husband.  I can multitask with the best of them, however, I don’t think that I want to stretch myself that thin just yet.  I know that the little guys still have some of their friends living here in the city as well, which means, that the mischief could reach new heights.

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table and watching my Sindorei slumber his life away.  Poor man really does need to start thinking of himself a bit more and not allow his sister to get him so upset anymore.  I know he loves her, however, he needs to start loving himself more.  His family, his sisters primarily, have always had a priority in his life, however, they are probably not too happy that the roles have changed and his own children and his wife are now the front runners in the race for his attention.  We will muddle things through, my Sindorei and I – we will do this thing together.


2 thoughts on “Not A Divided Front…

  1. I think Amyn is right, he needs to relax, and let his sister deal with her own problems that she has made . Though he feels like he’s responsible for her , he’s not really, she’s survived on her own for a few monthes, and still hasn’t learned from it . Sometimes you need to show them some tough love before they get it. Eventually Fae will get it but not before everyone ends up wanting to wring her neck,lol.

    • I think that there is a line forming to wring Fae’s neck at this point with Amyn taking the lead. I’m sure that things will settle down for a while until Faendra gets another wild hair or she hears something that she isn’t going to like very much. Thanks for commenting, it’s always appreciated.

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