Isn’t This Supposed To Be Fun?

(Just a little OOC rant, kind of)

February  26th

After sitting here and beating myself up with my inability to make it through the Silver level of the new requirement coming in WoD, I’ve decided that it’s time to go back to square one and get myself geared a bit more.  My iLevel isn’t good enough to get into the Flex Raiding because I took a lot of time off and I’m still “catching up” as it were. I’m still bashing my way through the content on Thunder Isle as well as the newer one.   Did I mention that I am doing most of the content solo?

I have taken a lot of time off during the last year due to the fact that I was burned out, lost a lot of old time friends in RL and in-game which made it doubly hard to dust myself off and get going again.  Now, with this new “requirement” of getting through the Silver level in the Proving Grounds has been a bit of a fiasco for me.

One of my issues during the last year has been the fact that I don’t have an enchanter high enough yet to be of any value and gold was scarce – that has since changed  considerably.  Oh, I had “friends” that said they would help with the enchants on the higher level characters that I play and…well, let’s just say, I ended up going to the AH to get them anyway.  One of my problems was taking the time to figure out exactly what was needed to make things “right” and I did get some new addons to help with that so that I wouldn’t bother people with it in-game – time is a precious commodity.

I also abhor running dungeons with a passion that almost reaches religious proportions, however, since I am in a guild by myself most of the time, it’s something that I intend to address once I get my characters to where they aren’t an embarrassment.  I know the mechanics of the classes quite well because I have been playing for a very long time.  I don’t think that I have been “carried” when I was raiding on a consistent basis and I know that I have taken a lot of people through dungeons in the past and hitting high dps while I was at it.  Never thought of myself as a “bad” player  – now, with the proving grounds, I’ll have to say that I must be a bad player.

Anyway, I was asked to help someone run a lowbie through some of the lower dungeons in MoP, I said fine – not realizing what I was getting myself into.   Got the task done and was about to go back to what I was doing previously and was called out – yep.  Do you realize that your gem in your belt is not correct?  Uhuh, yeah…and did you realize that those pants don’t match shirt, kind of thing.  Okay, I informed the person that was waaayyy ahead of me in iLevel that if they were doing an inspection on my gear, please note…I have no enchants and haven’t reforged  since the Resurrection of Christ?   I wasn’t the one that had asked for help getting a dungeon done.  If the critique had been done with a modicum of compassion, I would have been okay – they didn’t know me and I didn’t really know them – they were the ones asking for help, not me.

I explained politely that I was in the process of finding out what I needed and was rectifying the situation as time and gold permitted.  I didn’t need all of the bells and whistles for what I was doing in the game currently, leveling, rep grinding and various other solo things.  Let’s just say that the whole thing was a wakeup call, again, for me. I had forgotten, silly me, that there will always be someone in-game that will be quick to point out your shortcomings publicly, not in whisper, not in a manner that one would find acceptable – it’s like telling a guy his fly is open standing in the middle of a party group of people.  I was humiliated and embarrassed to be caught with my “fly” open, so to speak.

I’ve since rectified the issues at hand, got the enchants, did the reforging as well as doing some upgrading with the points that I had available to me.  I’ll admit to being a bit lax in getting this stuff done in the last two months since I have started playing regularly again, however, it wasn’t important to me as the person behind the keyboard, I was busy trying to solo a guild to Level 25, alts running madly, mains working their tails off;etc.

Luckily, I have a neighbor in RL that plays the game like a  pro, has raids going at least three nights a week, Flex Raids/Cross Realm.  He has lead these groups since it all started and plays the same spec as I do, has the same classes of characters that I do.  Okay, he was noticing that I was unusually quiet in-game and wasn’t my usual cheerful self with my responses.  He asked me what was going on, was I not feeling well;etc.

We got on the subject of my failed attempt at the Proving Grounds, the total fubar gear that I had to work with and he helped me out.  I didn’t have to spend those dreaded hours of looking at enchants until my eyes bled, nor did I have to go to the reforger and pull out my calculator to make sure I got it right.  Sure, we used an addon, AskMrRobot, to get the job done, however, I’ve tried using it alone and just sat here with my mouth hanging open and my brain in neutral.  What started out as being a very depressing time ended up a happy one. At least I now feel that I am confident enough to walk down the street on my characters and not have some elitist call me out for not having all of the things that I need to be almost as “good” as they are.

On a happy note, I got contacted in-game by a person that I hadn’t seen in five years.  They came to the realm searching for me and to see that I was still in-game.  Yeah, the Armory gave me away.  Anyway, I’ve had a rollicking good time getting to talk to an old and very dear friend from the old days.  We’ve kind of joined up to start leveling together and will probably do some other things.  Since we live on opposite sides of the country, we’ve never met.  We have known each other since the days of Sims-Online and partnered quite well in that game, we even played together quite a bit before I realm transferred when Wyrmrest opened.  So, it’s happy times that I have a partner in-game again – it’s been a tad bit lonely since my son quit playing a year ago and I isolated myself further by withdrawing into my little guilds.

I do want to say that the game, World of Warcraft, is supposed to be fun, not a job, not a career and definitely not a life.  You’re paying to play a game to have fun, not be stressed out by things.  Sure, you’ll run into the occasional douchebag that wants to make themselves feel like they are superior  in all facets of game play, however, you turn the computer off and that person disappears like someone’s dirty laundry in a washing machine.  Sure, I intend on buying the next xpac, however, I may not qualify to get past some of the gated things but, I’ll be out there doing my thing anyway.  I don’t think I’ll get crazy and buy copies for all of my accounts early on though, two at the most to start. I intend to keep on playing even if I’m “bad”.

4 thoughts on “Isn’t This Supposed To Be Fun?

  1. Wow, it’s too bad there are people out there that are so quick to point out imperfections. It’s great that you have such an awesome neighbor though! I’m glad things turned out happy in the end. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m lucky I have a neighbor that plays WoW and doesn’t mind helping me out sometimes. We’re both crazy players, he plays primarily Alliance and I play Horde – a lot. Anyway, I’m happy that it turned out the way that it did because I can now run around and not worry about “what those people think” anymore. It definitely was an experience for me – haven’t had someone call me out publicly like that since way back in BC and then, they were just not too bright. Thanks for commenting, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. I understand fully what you’ve been through, I feel the same way. its hard to “catch up” especially my main toon is too squishy not only that Im in a pvp server and all these fkin hordes just ganking behind me where i just want to quest peacefully. not to mention trying to get some gears in timeless isle as well, these elites are scary and crazy if you asked me! cant even dps enough to kill them because of my gears, or just the whole that they are elites and not just normal creatures.

    Also yes those players that critique us because of low gears item level and enchants or wrong gems etc. probably all there lives been sitting infront of the pc playing the game non stop raiding almost everyday.. was not my idea of playing the game,, i limit. i can earn on own effort to do so in my way, but yes i guess its in fact a wake up call that i do need to catch up but soloing is really hard as a priest for me.

    I can heal well no problem if im a group i can work myself better. With my rogue is fine i can sneak using stealth.. Anyway, its a bit frustrating when other players at higher level calls you out. i dont mind whispering but embarassing us like that pisses me off but whatever i just take it. lol Anyway, exactly my thoughts on this. its hard but have to deal with it, especially no gold in hand too much enchants and stuff its crazy.

    • Since I posted this, I have reforged six of six 90s, echanted three and got all of the proper gems – it was a chore and pricey, however, when you don’t have an enchanter or jewel crafterr, you do what you must. Thanks for commenting, it’s truly something I enjoy seeing.

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