Just Enjoying Being a Dad…

*Some very blunt language and swearing – if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing, please don’t read it.*

February 26th

Yo Book!!

What the hell can I say?  I am sitting here at the farm with my lovely wife and my daughter and acting as if there is no other place on Azeroth.  To me, there fucking isn’t.  This is my life and I am completely happy with it.  Would I fucking change my life to please someone else – oh hell no!!

I was lying in bed last night with my two girls, no fucking pervert, those days are gone.  I was lying there with my arms around Romy and the baby and I can’t begin to tell you the happiness that just washed over my body was fucking phenomenal.  The baby must have awakened during the night and I guess that Romy had decided to bring her back to bed with her after she nursed her, hope there wasn’t anything wrong.

I’m beyond happy that I asked Romy to marry me and she said yes.  I know that it quelled a lot of worries in my mind and I hope that it sends a good strong message to Faendra.  She’s started writing me again on a regular basis, guess someone told her about the baby and now, the baby is included in her hateful missives about my lack of integrity in casting her aside to be with some whore.  Well, Romy never was a whore and I doubt seriously if Fae really knows what one is – she should just look in the mirror, she’d see a real whore of the worst kind.

I know that I am going to have to take a trip back to Silvermoon here pretty soon.  Romy and I have some filled contracts that we need to deliver the items on as well as picking up some more.  I also need to make my presence known in town too, just so that the magistrates don’t think that I am not doing my part in my supporting the Regent Lord.  That was the agreement when I left the Rangers and left Orgrimmar so far behind me.  I would also like to check in on my sister and let her know I’m getting married, that would be the right thing to do.

I know that it is going to come as a shock to my sister because I have always been adamant about not getting married.  I didn’t want to be held down to that little piece of paper, although, it’s kind of a double standard, isn’t it?  I did arrange for Felessa to be married and now she’s pregnant with her first child.  Talk about being tied down and having your life directed for you.  I know that I should be ashamed of myself, however, it’s the Sindorei way – you need to make sure that your women are taken care of, married and someone else’s responsibility at a certain age.

I know that I am going to have to face the probability of having a bit of a showdown with Faendra when I do get to Silvermoon.  I could just stop by the warehouse and office and not bother going to the house, I suppose. I have never been one to run from adversity.  I might as well face this face on rather than let Fae think that she is going to be okay with pulling some kind of stunt to either embarrass me or try to form some kind of problematic thing for Romy and I.  I think it’s time that I take Romy back there with me, some of her family haven’t seen the baby yet – neither has my sister.

I did get a letter from Fnor and he is back in Shattrath again.  I guess things did not go well with he and Faendra at the house in Silvermoon.  I could have told him half the things that he wrote about due to my past experience with that fucking little girl.  He indicated that I needed to go down to Shattrath in the very near future to put my stamp of approval on things there.  Well, I wonder if the baby can take all of this traveling…no, I’m not leaving Romy and the baby in Silvermoon if I do go to Shattrath.

I wonder if babies can travel like fucking normal people or do we need to take the long route.  I don’t know if babies can handle portals or what?  Wouldn’t it scramble their little brains or even mess up their developing senses? I have no idea.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any babies near any of the portals that I have taken recently. 

Well, I do know that you can’t mail the little fuckers – can you imagine the stench in the mailbox if you could?   I guess I have to talk to Romy about this because she’s been around more babies than I have recently.  After I left the orphanage, I kind of avoided anything that was wearing a cloth on their butts that needed to be carried around.

Light Dawnglory!! You’re brain is bouncing around like a bird caught in a whirlwind.

I have already been out working on the farm this morning and I was fine with working in the rain, however, when the lightning started, I did head for the house.  I was just in time to smell the fresh bread and saw Romy standing at the stove making some food for lunch.  Oh, that smell and the sight of that woman made me very happy to have someone to come home too.

Romy and Mirrin are taking a nap and I am busy putting the finishing touches on a pair of boots for Mirrin.  Little tiny boots!! I know she can’t fucking walk yet but she has to have some style going for her instead of those little bootie things that she is constantly pulling off. By The Sunwell!! That baby is too much like her Daddy, she keeps taking her booties off and her clothes, nothing makes her happier than to be sitting here in the buff. 

Now, I just need to figure out a way to get that ink off of Mirrin’s feet.  Well, yeah, I had to have a pattern for the soles and the only thing I could think of was dipping her feet in some ink on a dish and putting the prints on some parchment.   Trust me, I fucking slammed her booties back on her feet before her Mother saw the black feet – now, how can I do this without Romy noticing it?   Yak milk might take it off – damn, I hate the thought of trying to milk ours, guess I’ll go ask Jogu to do it.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria 

2 thoughts on “Just Enjoying Being a Dad…

  1. ROTFL! I think I lost it twice …once at the naked baby comment and the black ink on her feet .. good thing I was alone because my family would be wondering why I was cackling like a loon. Those were priceless,because they are so appropo when it comes to kids.. He should be glad she’s not walking because they would be having to chase a giggling toddler down to get her dressed.

    • LOL! If you can’t tell already, Fnar is truly enjoying being a Dad and having a family to come home too at the end of the work day. The naked baby came from real experiences in rearing kids – the ink on the foot, came another real life instance where I was having some custom made boots made in Mexico – yep, had black feet of my own for a while. Glad you enjoyed the read and commented, it’s always greatly appreciated.

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