There Is Treachery …and Then

February 27th

Dear Journal,

I am so angry with my brother that I wish I could just pack my bags again and leave, however, I’m not going without some money in my bags to make sure that I can live the life that I want. He actually had the audacity to slap me, his own sister, when I was just telling him the truth about how his life is. Of all the nerve – well, he’s not even really a blood relative and I should have pointed that out to him again, he seems to forget that his bloodline is very sullied, even if his biological Father acknowledged him before he died…and left him a lot more money and another house here in Silvermoon.

How dare he give me all of these silly rules to follow, has he lost his mind completely?  Unless he’s changed his Will since I’ve been gone, I get part of the properties here in Silvermoon, which is five houses now. One I swear is haunted by his old Sindorei fiancée – now, there was another shady side of Mister By-the-Sunwell, holier than thou.  Yes, he was no angel and Amyn knows it, if she hasn’t lied to herself enough to think that he’s always been hers.  No, she’s had to share him and she was his mate, in the Kaldorei fashion, and she was just his mistress with his two bastard sons. Who is he to think that he can pass judgment on me? I’m a true Morningstar, not him.

Well, if he died and he hasn’t changed his Will, Felaran, even though she’s dead really, will inherit a portion of the houses as well as a large percentage of the company.  Doesn’t he realize that he is worth more dead than alive right now in my eyes. No, not even I could stoop that low, however, the thought is there that I might be forced into something like that.  I’m tired of him telling me what to do, I’m not one of his precious Rangers to jump when he beckons either.

Yes, he told about the fact that he almost had a heart attack when we had our argument.  Well, there is a difference between “almost” and actually having one.  He didn’t have one.  He should of had one with the way that he treated me because it was uncalled for.  All I was asking for were things that I have a right to have and I am entitled to them.  If he wants me to get back into the Silvermoon society, I have to have access to money and nice things.

Now, I am not going anywhere anytime soon due to the fact that I don’t have enough money and secondly, I do know that Dawnglory will come back to Silvermoon eventually. He has to come back because he has obligations that he has to fulfill here as well as this is where the main part of the company is for the time being.  When he does come back, I’ll be here waiting for him and hopefully he will leave that whore of his in Pandaria with their bastard child, if it is even his.  I fully intend on getting him alone and telling him what I think of his treachery and then, possibly slip him a philter that I have to make him love me…not her.

I’ve heard some interesting gossip when I finally did run into one of my old friends that would still talk to me.  Oh, I heard all kinds of things about who is sleeping with whom, who is playing around on their spouses and lastly, a real juicy piece of gossip.  I heard that there is a young Ranger here in Silvermoon that has been asking about Dawnglory, yes, a young Ranger that people have told me looks exactly like Dawnglory.  Now, could this Ranger be one of his by-blows that he left here in the city when he went off to war?  I’m going to check this out and try to meet this fellow, if my suspicions are correct, there might be a way that it would work to my benefit in gaining Dawnglory’s heart again.

I know he loves me, deep down inside.  The way he flirted with me in Shattrath was not just a mild flirtation and I even let him kiss me.  I know that he was very drunk and he even tried to do more than kiss me, however, I think he was just too drunk to do anything about it. He even invited me on a trip to see some of the sights in Outland, however, the trip never happened because he was too drunk to remember it when he sobered up.  That would have been a golden opportunity to have put him into a very compromising situation and the Fates didn’t let happen.  There will be other times and I have to think that after two years, he might still remember some of the things he said to me.

Oh well, enough, I have things to do and people to see.   I still don’t have access to the accounts for my shopping needs.  Yes, my brother left again and still didn’t change that.  I even went to the bank to try to withdraw some of the money from the company account and they wouldn’t let me do either.  I am really getting tired of being treated like a second class citizen because my brother is an idiot.

Faendra Morningstar 



3 thoughts on “There Is Treachery …and Then

    • Who knows what evil lurks in her mind, she’s always been a bit off-center because she’s never been held accountable for her actions until now. Her brother has given her everything she could ever want – he’s a walking “bank” and in her mind, she loves him and hates him at the same time. He’s everything that she dislikes, authority, controlling and most of all – the one that can make life very easy or very hard – if he dies, well, there comes “easy” all at once.

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