To Be…Or Not To Be

February 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, isn’t this just a fine kettle of fish that I find myself in these days.  I was disowned by my family, kicked out the University and definitely put on the black list of Silvermoon society, if my Mother had her way.  That really seems to be about it, other than the fact that I was summarily booted out with just the clothes on my back and a gold filled pouch my Father decided to give me in lieu of standing up to my Mother, the raging bitch.

Oh, I suppose that I should introduce myself instead of just babbling on like this because if anyone should ever find or read this, it might be nice to know my name.  My name is Solerin Dawnshadow and I used to live in Silvermoon with a happy family.  People that know me well enough, just call me Sol.

My Mother was the only one that called me Solerin and it was usually because she was upset with me about something.  Oh, now she has my sisters to promote out of the house and marry off to the highest bidder – good on her, hope she can find someone that will take the whiny things.

I suppose everything would have been okay if I had walked the straight and narrow, however, it wasn’t in my nature to do that.  I was always drawn to the darker side of life.  Tell me I can’t do something and I will break my neck until I do “do it” regardless of the consequences.  Well, this time it was something that couldn’t be covered up or hidden away in a cupboard.

I suppose that my parents will keep paying for my son’s support and education – I never bothered getting married, she wasn’t someone of the same social ilk, so that was a taboo to start with.  Figures I’d find the only fertile whore in Silvermoon to knock up when it was my first time out. I’ve only seen the kid once and that was only briefly, he doesn’t look like me at all and I wonder if he is mine or she just decided that it looked like my family had more money than her other clients and it would be a good way to score an income that didn’t entail her being on her back all of the time.  I was only fourteen and was finding how everything worked, must have done a good job while I was at it.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  What finally got me kicked out of the house and put on the list of people not to have anything to do with is that I decided to follow in the footsteps of my Grandfather.  Now that was a fellow I could look up too and be afraid of all at the same time.  He did his own thing and fought his way to the top of what the people in Silvermoon like to call – the social heights.  He was a warlock, plain and simple, he was a warlock when you could get killed just for practicing your art or having people find out what you truly were.  He passed himself off as a scribe and businessman and apparently did rather well with it.  I suspect there was more black magic in the money he accumulated in his lifetime than my Father would like to admit. He was quite the old hell raiser and I’m sure that I am not the only one to have a bastard child running around, he had quite a few mistresses at his funeral. As far as I know, no one ever knew what he was, maybe my Grandmother did, however, that didn’t keep her from pumping out six children – my Father being the only surviving male.

I digress, what got me kicked out was that I got caught, plain and simple, doing a summoning .  Summoning my imp.  of all things, he and I needed to have a face to face talk about his constant jabbering and complaints in my head.  He was making me very distracted.

I had been sent off to the Academy to become a mage. Okay, that’s magic, I can deal with that.  I tried very hard to follow along and do all of the things that my instructors were telling me to do and I was doing them quite well. It was all the “good” magic that people can accept.  Well, I was fine until I started doing some reading and experimenting on my own – there are books in the library that talk about the magic that a warlock, those damned for life, evil people can do and I read them.  The more I read, the more I wanted to try them out and moved even further from the Light of the Sunwell – I was very intrigued by the demonic things that I read about and got sucked in further and further.

I suppose I would have been fine if I hadn’t gone snooping in the family home and found some of my Grandfather’s old books in the attic.  I’m surprised that they weren’t burned years ago instead of hidden away in a trunk.  I mean,  the man had some books in that trunk and I don’t think that he put them there. I honestly don’t see the harm though because with the books and his journals I have been able to learn quite a bit. Sure, I have met a few other closet warlocks there in Silvermoon and was able to glean some more knowledge from them.

I don’t think that I am an evil person, I truly don’t.  I just happen to look at things a bit differently than some of the more “normal” folks.  When I was busy trying to be a mage, I was very good at that too, odd thing is that it felt awkward to me and wasn’t as fulfilling as it is when I would start dealing with runes and the nether.  It’s amazing what you can find in the nether and I think that if people were to try it, they might find themselves a bit more enlightened.

Sure, Warlocks are still not a part of the acceptable society, however, there are more of us living in and around Silvermoon than what the general populace would like to know about or admit.  I’m definitely on the road and trying to do my best to survive and survive I will. At least I won’t be hindered by so-called family and friends.  One would act like a person grows horns , some do,  we don’t eat babies or anything of that nature, can’t imagine they’d taste that good anyway.  We’re just different from your mages waltzing around in their robes – people just can’t seem to comprehend that we’re not out to destroy the world or anything of that nature.

Oh well, enough chattering from me.  I am happy that my Father at least gave me some money and told me that he understood .  Looking  back on the brief conversation, it makes me wonder if he is one of those closeted warlocks himself, little things that he says and does kind of make sense to me now. I know that he has been beaten down by my Mother with her constant verbal assaults and I really didn’t respect him all that much because of it.  Now, I’m wondering if he isn’t just taking shelter behind a shield of cowardice, who knows.

One thing that I will always caution another warlock about is that they should dismiss their creatures when they are approaching places that are inhabited by others, it’s just a good practice and will keep you from being locked up in a jail somewhere or even possibly killed.  I think there is an unwritten list that along with the Scourge, warlocks are on the list too.  The often abused and  misunderstood warlocks and feared by the uneducated.  Ah well, such is life.

I will make my living in this world and one day I will go back to Silvermoon and take my place back with my family. I will mend what bridges that I can and lie through my teeth to let them know that I have changed. I won’t go back until I am wealthy enough to where it won’t matter.

Solerin Dawnshadow






In-Game Bugs Make Me Sad…

February 19th

I’m just sitting here today kind of saddened with the latest patch foul up.  At least I could log in and wasn’t FUBAR – we’ll see how long that lasts.  Is it me or is it just something I am imagining?

With the advent of the realms merging, there have been some strange bugs that have happened that seem to unresolved for the most part – missing items, characters; etc for some of the poor people that have undergone that kind of thing.  Luckily, Blizzard hasn’t gotten crazed yet and decided to try to merge Wrymrest Accord with anyone, we’re already Full and add in the CRZ people, we’re really crowded in some areas.

I was online yesterday when the realms came back up and things were peachy for a short amount of time until I logged out to do some more RL chores.  Came back and got in-game to discover that I had oodles of missing mounts and pets. My RAF mounts were missing, however, they seemed to have come back again, for how long, I have no clue.

I had started a weird habit last year in January to keep my store purchased mounts on an action bar in-game.  I know it’s crazy but I do – just paranoid.  Anyway, I had done several character transfers from one account to another and every time that I did it, the purchased mounts and pets would disappear, seriously. I would put in tickets and spend days with GMs trying to get the problem resolved, which stay fixed and might not – I’m counting at least six times it was fixed and five failures.

So, I went to the forums to see what was going on and sure enough, there was a huge thread in Customer Service in regard to the matter.  I followed the instructions to the letter and nothing happened – after the restart this morning, still, nothing happened.  Now, you have to list all of the Mounts/Pets that you are missing. Okay, that’s not much of a problem unless you’re a collector of said pets and mounts.  Not only are the purchased pets missing, some of the collected pets are gone as well. I had tons of pets and was in the process of clearing out the duplicates last week and selling them, donating them and just flat giving them away in some cases.  I was nearing the limit – does Blizzard have any idea how much time it takes to go through these lists?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am somewhat cranky and to top it all off, my MRP was fine yesterday and everything was as it should be, however, this morning, it’s not.  To a role player that MRP is like the bible, you have to have it filled out;etc. in order to get into some serious RP sometimes without having to tell your story in whispers to others.

So, back to the Mounts/Pets thing.  I hope to heck that I don’t have to start keeping a ledger of pets and mounts and do a monthly inventory to make sure they are there and the books “balance” because that would be too much like work and I’m retired.   I’ll admit, I do keep a roster of my characters because I have too many, my bad, and I track what they’ve done, what profession levels they are and weird stuff like that.  Now, if I have to do that with the pets and mounts too – OMG.

I hope that they can get this “bug” fixed in the near future. There are a few other bugs out there floating around that need to be addressed, however, they have been there for months and years in some cases and they haven’t been resolved yet.  With the way that the game is starting to become a bit more of a hassle to play with the “bugs” I am truly questioning my intelligence in returning to the game full force.  Am I going to purchase the expansion? Three days ago, I would have said “yes”, however, I’m not so sure right now.

Can you imagine if you paid for a Level 90 boost and you log in to discover that that particular character is now missing?  I’m not planning on buying one of those, however, you do know that some people with more money than intelligence will do it.




Just Thoughts of A Death Knight …

February 18th

Dear Journal,

Oh my, it has been a terribly long time since I’ve written in my journal – I noticed the date of my last writing and also noticed that the book was neatly secured deeply in my bag, so deep that I had to almost empty the bag before I could even remove it.

There are times that I do miss the fact that I can’t truly remember my family and then there are times that I am filled relief that I don’t after seeing and hearing some of the things that Felaran is going through.  Yes, I know I had a family, I didn’t just pop up out of the ground as a full grown man, become Scourge at the commands of the Lich, I had to have had a family, at least parents.

I know I did laugh at poor Fel the other night when she was writing in her journal and grumbling curse words every few seconds as she wrote things in her journal.  Her immediate family really isn’t that large, however, her extended family and friends seems to be quite extensive.  She is fortunate that she has all of the other people in her life, I suppose, however, I’m very happy that she is in mine because I honestly don’t know what would have become of me.

She’s still teaching me things, things that a man grown should have already achieved and known about and she is teaching me how to enjoy this unlife that we exist in. Prior to her coming into my life, I had had a very lonely existence and took it for granted that this is how I would exist in the here and now.  Since she came along, I am finding myself learning how to care about other things, other people and perchance, their feelings.

What I was laughing about the other night was the fact that it appears that her younger sister has returned to the fold and started making everyone’s lives a bit more tumultuous.  I have never met the young lady, however, from the descriptions that I have had from Fel, I’m not real sure that I want too. Felaran had told me that when she, as a Death Knight, returned to the family, there had been quite a bit of trouble from her sister due to the fact that a Knight was not socially acceptable to the people that her sister was acquainted with.  I can well imagine the uproar it might have caused. I suppose that they made amends and became friends when they were living in Dalaran – you know that sister kind of thing.  However, it does sound like Felaran has had her hands full with her much younger sibling and I do feel sorry for Fnor because the poor bugger has been stuck in the middle of it.

I know that in my travels through the Kingdoms, after my release from the Lich King, people were oftentimes less than friendly and I would take all manner of insults hurled in my direction from them.  As time has gone on and the people have found that we can be of service to them in our ability to fight to protect them from things – they have begrudgingly accepted us. However, I will say that our acceptance here in Pandaria has been a much welcomed reprieve from the cruelties that we had gone through before – not that it wasn’t deserved.  We were meant to be storm troops, killers at the call of our Master and we were not designed to have the emotions or feelings of our living counterparts.

Oh, I’m letting my mind wander too far back, I tend to do that sometimes and it does make me not only grateful for the life that I have now, it always makes me a little sad to think of the things that might have been different if I were a mortal man.

I’m sad a bit this morning because Felaran and I went to Halfhill and we were planning on buying our little farm, unfortunately, we were a few gold shy and the fellow just wouldn’t barter with us.  I know that Fel was disappointed, I could see it in her eyes and the way she carried herself.  We talked about it afterwards and have decided that we’re not in that big of a hurry, it will only take us a few more weeks to come up with the money and not be broke after the purchase.  It would be nice to be able to fix the place up a bit before we actually move in too – the house needs a lot of repairs and Naton has already told me that after we buy it, he will come over to help us fix things up – he’s a good man for a Tauren and a fellow Knight.

I know that Fel and I both love Pandaria and there are times when we both almost forget that we are what we are until our Rune Blades remind us, none too kindly, I might add, that we need to attend to certain things in order to survive.  I just know that it seems as though we are more acceptable to the people living here than we ever were in the Kingdoms.  We have decided, when all of this is over, that we are going to make our home here with the Pandaren. I know that the thoughts of having a home and a place to call our own has made us both very happy – yes, we’re going to stay together no matter whatever else may happen.  I think that we were both tired of being alone most of the time and we enjoy one another’s company…and there are other feelings as well.

I know that being with Felaran has softened me quite a bit, however, my old persona will show up without much warning when we are in a battle without fail.  It’s odd that there just seems to be a calling when our adrenalin kicks in and we become what we once were again.  Afterwards, I know that we both feel the glow of the battle, however, we welcome the reprieve of returning to what is considered the norm for the living.

I know that Felaran teases me unmercifully about Fuzzbutt, the kitten that she gave me a while back.  Well, that kitten has gotten to be rather large and is almost fully grown by feline standards and I still treat her like the baby she once was.  Of course, when we’re not doing our duty, we’re able to relax in Dawns Blossom at the Inn where Fuzzbutt seems to be the center of attention to some of the people visiting there as well.  She’s a friendly little thing and is truly getting to be more spoiled than she already was.   I know that I like to hold her on my chest and feel that purring rumble through her body and the warmth.  Fel told me that I treated the cat like a baby and that I was going to ruin her for any kind of “mousing” ability that she might have – you know, killing the virmen would be a good thing for a cat to do.  Anyway, I told Fel that Fuzzbutt was the only child that we would ever have and I thought she was going to split her sides laughing – it’s true, we can’t have kids, so, we might as well have pets, right?


Stranger In A Strange Land

February 18th

Dear Journal,

I think it best that we start off by saying that my name is Lagn, I am a displaced person from Draenor and still confused as to what is going on.  Oh, the “g” is silent, so, if I pronounce it the way the natives do here, it’s Lan.  My real Draeni name is not even pronounceable by anyone on this planet, so, that will go unsaid, however, the true translation would come out something like “He Who Walks With Heavy Steps” – at least that’s what I’ve come up with much to the humor of my compatriots. I’m sure my parents had some thoughts in mind when they came up with the name, however, Lan it shall be here.

I will have to admit that my memories of Draenor are sketchy at best because I’ve never set hoof on the place.  My mother was pregnant with me when she boarded the Exodar, how she hid the fact is unknown to me, however, I was born in flight.  I have only heard tales of our home and how beautiful it was with luxury beyond compare – well, considering how I am living now, it had to be better.

I can well imagine that the inhabitants of this world were a bit surprised when the Exodar came plummeting out of the sky and landed , uh, yeah, crashed on their world and look what we brought with us. A lot of lives were lost when we crashed and a lot of families were separated, my own included.  I am still searching for my parents and my siblings, who knows if they even survived the fall from the heavens.

I have seen some of the native inhabitants on this rock we’ve decided to call home and I am not quite sure what to make of them.  Little tiny folks that run about with a lot of energy and bravado accomplishing what?  I just know that they land on Azuremyst Isle and they roam around as if they were the true lords of the land, however, it doesn’t appear as though the place was inhabited by much prior to our landing and these little fellows are coming over to explore the wreckage of what was once a glorious space ship.  Oh, they seem friendly enough, just a bit impatient.

I know that I was unconscious after the crash for quite some time and I often feel as though that a lot of my memories got scrambled but what I do remember is rather pleasant. I’ve been assured by the doctors that I have seen that things will start falling into place over time or they may not fully come back.  How’s that for a real good answer to a fellow that could barely talk when he woke up? I remember my parents as being kind and gentle folk, my siblings were much older than I, so, I don’t think they appreciated me hanging around with them that much.  Ah well, those are things past and I have to deal with the present.  Maybe I will remember more as time goes on and if I don’t, no harm there, I will start my life anew here on this place called Azeroth.

Life is fairly pleasant for me at the moment, that’s why I am even writing, finally got enough money to purchase a quill and some writing paper.  Eventually I would like to find a real journal, however, this will have to do for now. Apparently, I was educated fairly well on the ship and that stuck in my brain, because I know I can read and write, my ciphers are a bit crazy, however, I think that they were always a problem for me.

I’ve learned some new skills since I awakened and I think that I will be able to survive in this land quite nicely now that I have learned how to cook. Things are not as easy as they were on the ship, you can’t just go to the quartermasters and get what you want, here, you have to actually go out and hunt for what you need.  I’m a fairly good baker and my breads are quite tasty if I add some good meats or fish. I’m getting there although some of my friends are astounded at some of my concoctions – they taste good to me, that’s what counts.

I’m also learning how to turn a fair hand at hunting, skinning and making leather goods.  I think that I will survive quite nicely. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I also like to stop for a while, relax and fish because it allows me not only to rest, it allows me to have time for my thoughts without “wasting m time” – according to some of my friends. Now, if I could find a nice girl that knew how to do herbing, I’d be all set. Spices do more than add flavor to the food, they give it a certain life of its own.  Yes, I’m looking for a female as any young male would – I may have crashed in a ship, however, that didn’t kill off my natural wants and needs or desires.

My plan with this journal is to write down my observations and thoughts.  I’m the only one that will be reading it so, definitely, it will be from my own point of view.  If someone should read it, good look at reading my script – it’s not the best in the world and it’s doubtful that I am going to take the time to improve on it because I have more important things to do with my deal – surviving in this world takes money and I plan on earning quite a bit in a short time by hard work.

I will admit that I am a bit daunted by how backward some things are this world.  They have neither the knowledge or the skills to build the things that we took for granted on board the Exodar.  They don’t even have the crystals or the power to operate some of our most archaic machines.  Someday I see the Draeni making some changes there and trying to teach them some of our more advanced technology. Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to return to Draenor?





Oh Geez…

February 17th

Dear Journal,

I just knew that when the Princess showed back up that it was going to mean trouble for everyone she came into contact with.  I woke up to the screaming and yelling match that she was trying to instigate with the Boss, it was awful the way that she was screaming at the poor man.

Uncle Zednick was all set to arcane blast her once, just once because he couldn’t stand how she was acting to her own brother.  After all of the things that that poor man has done to make sure she was taken care of.  I know that it scared me with the way that she was yelling and the stuff she was saying about his wife and kids, it was awful.  I’ve never seen this side of her and I’ve never seen anyone talk to the Boss that way.  I kept waiting to hear her scream or something when he should have smacked her – in my honest opinion.

What a way for us to find out that the Boss was back in Silvermoon.

I guess something else happened because Agatha went flying into the Boss’s suite and came back out looking like she was going to cry and then the healer came.  I guess the Boss almost had a heart attack or something.  I know that it scared the heck out of us and we were wondering what to do next.  I guess I won’t get to see him until tomorrow because Agatha said he was okay, however, he needed to get some rest and settle down after that fight.

I don’t know how in the heck Dooddah slept through all of the noise and commotion but she sure did.  Being a hunter, one would think that she would have learned how to be alert to things even when she is asleep.  I hope she doesn’t sleep like this when she’s out in the field alone.

I’m still kind of chuckling at Uncle Zednick because I don’t think that he realized when he put on his robe and ran out into the hallway that he hadn’t fastened the thing.  There are some things that the eyes can see that you wish you could forget.  There was Zed standing there filled with wrath in his purple robe and clearly wearing a pair of heart covered boxers – that’s what started me giggling.  Where in Azeroth did he get a pair of boxers like that? Now I am going to have to push that image to the back of mind every time I see him because I don’t want to start laughing.

Well, the one good thing that has come out of all of the trauma this morning is that we haven’t seen the Princess step out of her rooms.  Maybe she left?  Oh, we couldn’t be that lucky could we?  I knew the fertilizer was going to hit the wind machine when the Boss got back, however, we don’t know what the results of that argument have been.  I hope that the Boss didn’t do anything foolish, like give into her demands.

I had planned on going to Shattrath next week to start hiring more people for the warehouse to get things set up, you know, shelving and things like that we have to have made.  Also, I’ll get a chance to see how much room we will have there.  The Boss had told me that there was an apartment setup on top like there had been in Orgrimmar, however, I’m not sure that we are going to stay in it if we can find another place, even if we have to pay for it.  Besides, we haven’t ever been in that part of the world before and we might want to branch out a bit. Uncle Zednick says that once he’s been to Shattrath, we won’t have any trouble traveling back and forth because he will be able to set up a portal, which will be freaking great – that’s a huge benefit for all of us if he doesn’t get drunk. We’ve ended up in some pretty strange places and situations when he’s drunk portaling.

Well, I guess I’ll get to talk to the Boss tomorrow when he’s feeling better, hope he feels better. I’m sure that he will be happy with the work the rest of us have done despite being saddled with the Princess.






February 16th

Dear Journal,

I awakened from a very troubled sleep with tears streaming down my checks and I must have been crying quite a bit when my Mother came into my room and asked me what was wrong and if I was okay.  I could only tell her that I was okay and that it was only a bad dream…it would pass.

She doesn’t usually sit down on my bed and stroke my hair like she did this morning, however, she wanted to make sure that I was truly okay.  I guess that was more than I could bear, I finally just broke down and started weeping uncontrollably and I’m not usually that emotional.

My dream was about my Sindorei and something was terribly wrong with him.  I couldn’t tell if he had been injured in some type of battle in my dream, if he had been attacked by some unknown assassin or if something else had transpired. It was just a very bad feeling that I had that something was wrong and I wasn’t there to protect him.  Since we are forced by circumstances to be apart a great deal of the time, I always have worried about him.  Silly man thinks that he is invincible and that nothing can harm him, not the rough and tough Fnor Morningstar.

I know that my parents haven’t always felt the way that they do now about my Sindorei and our marriage, however, they have recognized the fact that he and I are truly mated for life.  Nothing will change that, not all the politics in the world can keep us apart.  No, he can never come and truly visit where I grew up or spend all that much time in the area for fear that someone might see him and report the fact that there is a Blood Elf in the vicinity. My love for my Sindorei has no boundaries and I know that my parents have come to accept that fact.

My Mother told me that the little guys have been wanting to go to Shattrath so that they can renew their friendships down there and they wanted to see their Step-Father, they missed him.  They have talked about their biological Father quite a bit lately and my Mother is worried that they might eventually resent my relationship with Fnor.  I don’t think that is going to be an issue at all because he has always treated them as if they were his own children as much as he has treated his true sons.  I know that they worshiped their real Father and were completely lost for a while after his death, as was I.

Things have not always gone smoothly for my Sindorei and I and even though we were mated in the eyes of Elune, there was a time that I thought that he had abandoned Kal, Vashlan and myself when he would leave for months on end and we would be there in Shattrath without word from him.  In my heart, I still loved him, however, in my mind I knew that I had to provide a home and family life for myself and my children.  That’s when I met my second mate.  I know that my Sindorei was shocked and very hurt that I had replaced him in my life with another man, however, he was never replaced in my heart.  When my mate was killed in a hunting accident, I was in mourning for him for a very long time before my Sindorei came back into my life. I don’t think anyone will ever know how my emotions were very mixed about going back to him – things had been extremely hard for my children and myself.  To step back into that relationship would either make or break my children’s hearts.

I chose to take my Sindorei back into my life and I have not regretted that decision.  Oh he still has his moments when I think that he is showing himself to be what he is , a true Sindorei.  We’ve had our battles and we’ve made up, we’ve told one another that we didn’t care about the other anymore – we knew in our hearts that it was all lies.

The way that things have been for us in the last few years has been wonderful.  The children, the grown ones as well as the little ones has been undeniably a happy time.  My parents even started caring more about my Sindorei when they got to spend some time with him in Dalaran before Jaina Proudmore went insane and drove everyone away.  Even now my Father talks fondly of the talks that he and my Sindorei had together – you know those man to man talks that only the two of them know exactly what was discussed.  They were astounded when Fnor and I got married in the Sindorei fashion, however, they knew that it made the two of us very happy.

I know that I am going to feel very anxious until I set my eyes on my Sindorei again in Shattrath in another couple of days.  Yes, as per usual with him, he was going to be delayed by a few things that needed his attention in Silvermoon.  He didn’t go into any details in his message but I felt like there was some underlying things going on that he didn’t feel comfortable writing about.

I’m glad that things in Stormwind had been going along nicely with the business.  It appears as though things were being kept under control by Magdamia.  Naturally, nothing would do but to have me sit down and look at the books, we’re showing a substantial profit from our contracts, which is always a good thing to see.  That means I can keep paying my employees and I can keep getting more contracts for them.

I did get to spend some time with Vashlan and I can tell that something has definitely changed in him, however, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. He says that he is coming along nicely with his training and that he is looking forward to continuing his studies, however, he did mention that he would like to go back to Dalaran for some advanced studies.  I am very reluctant to see him set foot in that particular city because I know how much it has changed. It’s not the Dalaran that he remembers of old, it’s much different without the other races outside of the Alliance.  I told him that I would take some time and the two of us would go visit the city together.  I know, I’m over-protective of my children sometimes but it is a Mother’s prerogative.  I will also do some checking around to see if there are any other advanced mages in Stormwind or even Shattrath that might be willing to take on another student. I just dread the thought of having Vashlan being too far away, he has always been much more naive than his brother Kaldor in dealing with other people, he’s far too trusting and easily hurt.

I know that I was very happy to be able to escape Stormwind and head to Dolonaar to see my parents and my two younger sons for a while.  That’s where I am currently and where I got my Sindorei’s message.  I am assuming that the messenger went to the warehouse in Stormwind and that’s how he found me.  My mother said that he was a strange little man and seemed quite anxious to deliver his message and be gone from the area. Considering the source of the message and the fact that it was hand delivered is what has caused me some anxiety – we always try to keep our correspondence down to a minimum when it comes to using couriers.  My mother said the messenger was dressed in the latest Kaldorei fashion, however, he never would look directly at her and kept his hat pulled down over his eyes – that tells me that the messenger was probably a Sindorei in disguise, that means the message was extremely costly to deliver.  Normally Fnor would have had his messages smuggled into the warehouse in Stormwind and Magdamia would have sent one of the employees with it.

I think that I am going to cut my visit with my parents and children a bit short and head back to Shattrath. There I can at least work on getting my part of the business settled in and ready to operate while I wait for my Sindorei.  I know that we are planning on opening everything up and start advertising our presence in the city again within the month.  I am sure that some of our old clients will be happy to hear that we are back in the city again.   There are so many new people in the city after the Purge in Dalaran that the competition is going to be fierce – these are indeed desperate times.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon

Just My Opinion…

February 15th

During this last week I decided to level one of my 85 DKs to 90 and have made it to 88 so far.  You’re talking to someone that usually plays hunters for hours on end, so, the melee class is a whole change for me.  I think that my head is still spinning and it’s hard to stare at your key board for the keys and keep your character on target – whoa, lots of work.  My hats is definitely off to those of you that play this class. I have actually kind of enjoyed myself way more than I should have, I suppose.

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, I started out on IceCrown, which we lovingly referred to as “IceDown” most of the time,  back in the day.  It was actually one of the main hubs of the game when I first started playing.  I think that I spent a couple of years on that realm before the RP bug bit me and I wanted to make the change.

When Wrymrest Accord first opened its doors, I was there on my very first ever, Death Knight just to check things out before transferring any of my other characters over there.  It was fun back in the day when you had mega hubs of RP, real RP that had storylines that you could join into without much problem.  There were quite a few groups in and around Silvermoon and Stormwind that seemed to have their RP running quite a bit.  Great times and fond memories of the old days, I know. A lot of the old players that were there back then have since left the game or have let their characters fall by the wayside.

I started out with a very active group of players in a guild called Bright Moon Faire – I think that was the name.  We would travel throughout the lands presenting shows in various towns and holding quite a few RP events.  Oh, it was definitely Horde and it was where I learned most of what I know about the RP in WoW, still learning a lot even now, years later.  I think that I stayed in that guild for over a year before I decided to test the waters a bit more on my own.

I was also very much involved with writing blogs and posting them on a website that, at the time, was the main hub for most of the RP on the realm.  I have since moved on from that arena to WordPress which is definitely a much better fit for the type of writing that I do.  No, I’m not a great writer, however, I do enjoy being able to post whatever I choose there.  I did have quite a few years of work on that site and luckily for me, I was intelligent enough to save my work off to a hard drive or CDs because every year or so, the site would go under “new” management or just outright crash and burn.  I know a lot of people lost mountains of work when this would happen. After a period of time the site evolved into something that resembled the back-slapping, at-a-boy attitude and gave recognition to a select few of the players that were close friends with the site moderators.  So, WordPress was definitely a nice escape from the clique.

I have joined a couple of other so-called RP  guilds on Wrymrest in the last few years and definitely found more than I wanted in the way of guild drama and cliques.  I know that I play World of Warcraft to have fun and to be quite blunt, my ass kissing ability is very limited.  I finally got fed up with how things were going that I had no control over and promptly started up my own guild called SafeHaven – which I am happy to report that after two years, is well on its way to becoming a Level 25 guild that has been done primarily alone.  I also have a guild that I started on the Alliance side that is called Haven that is getting up to the Level 10 area, however, it is only a year old and once again, it’s being done primarily solo.  I guess that I must be a snob or something because I am very selective in allowing people into these two guilds.  Due to health reasons, it’s easier for me to keep them “private” due to the fact that I have had a few instances in the last couple of years where I couldn’t play for well past the 90 day mark where the leadership of the guild would fall to another player.

I do have several characters that are active in a guild on the Alliance side called Fools Company.  A great group of players that are extremely good at what they do.  They RP, have story lines that are open to all members of the guild as well as open RP that anyone can join into.  For a guild the size of this one, they actually have quite a few events that are open to anyone that cares to join in. Guild drama is not tolerated and if it does happen, it’s addressed very quickly by our Guild Leader.  I’ve actually been a member of the guild for over a year and they understand that I have my own two guilds that I like to keep leveling up. They know that I am an older player and sometimes am a little slow on the uptake.  We even do some of the dungeons and run some of the LFR things as well, as a group. It’s actually a lot of fun and I do love the people in there.

There was a time that walk-up RP was something that you could expect anywhere and at anytime, however, that was quickly killed off with the advent of CRZ.  I’m finding it very difficult to find any kind of  open RP because most of it is being closed off and held within the guilds or any one walking up to a group to join is quickly dismissed in some cases.  I have gone to a lot of events on the Horde side on my main(s) and have actually gotten more RP from other realms and groups  than I have had in months on my home realm.  It’s kind of sad to see this happening on Wrymrest Accord because that is usually a sign of a death knell tolling on an RP realm.

So, to make a long story short, I have started visiting other realms by rolling new characters and trotting around to see what I can see and see if there still is true RP out there any longer.  Some of the realms that I have visited of late are Sisters of Elune, Feathermoon as well as Argent Dawn.   I am happy to say that it appears as though Sisters of Elune seems to be thriving and there are quite a few areas that I look forward to investigating further. None of my characters are guilded on any of these realms, so, it is definitely a free lance thing.  I’m running both Alliance and Horde characters to test the waters and if people will talk to a level 10+ player, that’s a good sign.  No, I don’t even have my MRP filled out either so that it appears as though I’m a novice player.

Oh, I’ll never leave Wrymrest because it has been my home base for quite a few years now and I have 42 characters over there.  I’m happy to say that it is an even number per faction so that I get the full brunt of anything out there in the way of adventuring.  I have enjoyed being with the people that I know so well on the realm and usually enjoy the ambience and the immersion as I play through, however, it never hurts to go out and test the waters, so to speak.

So, this is what I have been doing for the last week.  Leveling up my oldest character on Wrymrest, searching for RP as I go and starting to visit other realms to see if things are as dead there.  No, this isn’t a rant and isn’t meant to slam the realm or the people on it, it’s just my opinion and observations from my viewpoint.