Playing World of Warcraft…My Way

March 2nd

Let’s see, hmmm, what have I been doing for the last week in World of Warcraft?


I got the majority of my 90s reforged properly and enchanted and gemmed as they should be.  Six 90s – three with check marks next to their names means that they are “done” for now or until that next juicy bit of gear drops and the process starts over again.

Rolled at least five or six newbies – different classes all,  ran them up to 20 so they wouldn’t be hoofing it and had a decent mount.  Part of it was to refresh my memory on the basic mechanics of a set class and secondly, to flesh out a storyline that might be cooking in my head at the time or just for the hell of it.   Oftentimes as not, I roll a character to relive the starting areas or to research some Lore question that I had in my mind without having to resort to some stifling and boring reading of literature.  I use the Lore in-game as a refresher. Sometimes you can’t feel the full immersion of the character until they are alive in the game for a while – you just need to get in their skin and react with how that character might with their own persona.  It’s an old trick that I have used and used well in times past – it works for me. If I don’t have the character slots available to me on my home base realm – it’s off I go to run amuck  on other realms.  I have no qualms about deleting characters that have served their purpose, it’s all good.

Will I ever get all of these characters to end-game.  No chance in Hell will that happen in this expansion.  I’m still trying to muddle my way through the game on the 90s that I currently have as well as trying to level one of my guilds up to Level 25.  Why do that, do you ask?  Well, because it is a goal that I set for myself two years ago for both guilds – it’s a weirdo geeky thing for me to do that makes it all seem right.  When I do hit Level 25 – hopefully this week with the added XP from the Faire – I intend on getting as drunk as I possibly can and partay!! As long as it causes no harm or foul to anyone else, does it really matter?  No.

Oh, the big thing.  I did get all of my MRPs updated on the machine that had crashed and burned a few months back – that was a huge time sink there. However, I am sure that I’ll end up having to do that all over again the next time we have a patch that wipes it all out.  For those of you that don’t Role Play, that MRP is like your intro to other players that might or might not want the pleasure of your company for Role Playing – frankly, some of the MRPs that I have seen lately have been novellas with way too much info for the average person to want to absorb before they can say “Hello, my name is “he who walks with dragons whilst being a death knight and paladin with sparkly vampiric teeth and skin”  – trust me there are some out there that might attempt that intro – I usually run very fast.

I’m still trying to gird my loins to stick my head back into dungeons with Pug groups.  As much as I hate the thought, it is going to be a must-have to further my characters along the path that they need to follow.  Since I love questing and losing myself with the immersion in the game, I still have to pay attention to the reality of why I’m doing all of this – I’m trying to get to end-game without feeling like some kind of driven animal.  If the stress hits a certain point, I will walk away and come back at a later time to give it another go when my addiction starts screaming at me.

I still enjoy the game and no matter what the next expansion brings, I’ll keep plugging along.  I also play some other games from time to time, however, none of them have that “call” that World of Warcraft has had on me for nine plus years.  Yep, not gonna stop until the game goes down the tubes or I do.  I enjoy the people in the game for the most part, however, what calls to me more is the whole game itself – there is so much to do and so much to learn, keeps the mind fresh.

I play the game because I enjoy it and when that pleasure dissipates, so will my activity in the game as well as cutting expenses from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Playing World of Warcraft…My Way

  1. Oh WOW ..pardon the pun but that’s pretty darn impressive .. you certainly got your plate full.. I think you hit the issue dead on for so many people.. there were times I felt like I was being herded along like some mindless sheep when it came to leveling and gearing . had to stop myself and ask why am I doing this ?
    I’m glad you are still having fun with the game, I might pop in once in awhile but right now. just can’t swing it with our finances being tight.

    • I think that I have reached the age where it doesn’t really matter, it’s a game that I enjoy playing. If I don’t want to run x,y and z dungeons, I won’t. Most of my characters are heavily geared with rep grinds – then, I head out to the Isles and hope I don’t die too terribly often, sometimes joining in with other groups of people that I know.

      If it’s not fun, you’re paying someone to torture you with it. I refuse to do that and I’ll keep going my way – I may never see end-game, however, I’m taking full pleasure in what I have done. It’s my time, my money and my weird sense of immersion in game.

      Hope to see you soon in-game. I know the financial thing is really a bummer, however, you do have to think about things like in RL. Thanks for commenting, I always enjoy hearing from you.

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