My Life and Times…

March 3rd

Dear Journal,

It has been many years since I have taken a pen in hand and written a journal.  Oh, I used to write almost religiously and then, for some reason, I stopped the habit or maybe it was because I had gotten too busy in my life to take the time to write about it.  I write for myself and no other, if anyone were to chance upon this book, I would think that they would respect the contents for what they are and expect no great literary content to be gleaned from it.

My name is Agatha Fairsong, I hail from a small village outside of Silvermoon City.  I am neither important, not of any kind of noble lineage nor am I a wealthy woman. I am a simple housekeeper to the Morningstar family.  I have spent most of my adult life taking care of their wants and needs and I have asked nothing more from this life. I  have wanted nothing more than to do this job I was hired to do many years ago and I think that I have allowed this family to become my life.  I live vicariously through them – I love them all with all my heart and wouldn’t be happy working for any other group of people.

Since I haven’t been able to locate any of my old journals since we left hurriedly from Dalaran prior to the Purge, I suppose I ought to do some work in this journal by backtracking a bit and filling in the missing pieces that are indeed pertinent to my life and story.

Yes, I did grow up in Fairbreeze, just a short jaunt from our capital city of Silvermoon.  I can’t say that I cared to spend much time in the city though, it was always a place where a girl had to be very careful, what with the randy Rangers running around and some fool looking for a very innocent and naive young country girl to pull some nonsense on.  Oh yes, my parents usually didn’t allow me to go there very often alone and when I did venture to, they had a set time for me to return home, which I did my best to follow…or sometimes ignored if I was feeling a bit rebellious.

My home was like any other home in the area, I suppose.  We had the meager furnishings that our finances could afford us and we existed as trades people.  Primarily earning our living as herbalists and scribes or alchemist.  Life was good, a warm caring family and a place where I could bring my friends to visit and not feel any shame.  No, we were far from the social climbers that lived in Silvermoon and we liked it that way.  I will always feel that my family gave me a good foundation for my life, the ability to care about others and the ability to love those same people without any barriers.  If we had enough food in the house, which always seemed to happen, we would have people drop by to join us in our meals and have a good time just socializing.  My Father always said that to do well to others would have that repaid to you in kind in the future.  I don’t know if the poor dear was just naive with his head always stuck in books or sitting at his desk working on his enchants.  My Mother was more the realist and would oftentimes upset my Father when she bespoke badly of others, however, she was right in many of observations.

Naturally, when the Scourge Invasion happened in our fair Forest, we fled like most of the populace.  We fled to the city to take shelter until the Scourge had been repelled.  There was a great deal of loss of life during that time and we lost many of our old friends, however, that didn’t stop my Father from wanting to return to our old way of life once the dangers had passed.

We ended up rebuilding our home since most of it was destroyed by the passing armies and it took a great deal of time and money to bring it back to his former hominess. However, we did it and resumed our lives as if nothing had happened.  What friends that we had left were returning from the city and they often times stayed with us while they were rebuilding.  My Mother was making noises about the fact that we should just add a few more rooms to the house and we could call it an Inn.  I am sure the comment was made in a sarcastic way, knowing Mother as I do, however, my Father took her at face value – he added the rooms and we started a very small Inn.  So, you see, that’s how our little home turned into a booming business that brought profit into the family coffers.

It was during this time that I started getting the yearning to do some adventuring on my own.  I know that I was growing tired of being a serving wench, cook, maid and anything else that was required of me to help with the business.  I was young and I wanted to see the world that these people that visited the Inn were constantly going on about. I really wasn’t bored with my life, however, with all of this talk, I wanted to see more of life and I wanted to have these rousing adventures of my own. My parents knew of my yearnings and told me that I should go out and see the world and then I would realize what a pleasant way of life we had here.  So, off I went.

And so, this is where my story begins, not all things in life are pretty and not all things in life are fair, however, this is the life that you have put before you and you must rejoice in your own existence. You have your faith to guide you, your upbringing to gather your experience from and you learn how to quell your doubts and keep going forward.  If you’re not moving onward with your life, you may die without ever having known what a beautiful, dangerous and glorious world we live in.

Agatha Fairsong


(To Be Continued)




2 thoughts on “My Life and Times…

  1. Oh yeah, she’s been kicking around in the family for years, it’s time she made her presence known, isn’t it? I think that you’ll be surprised in the long term as her story unfolds. Thanks for commenting – it’s always fun to know you’re out there and still reading *hugs*

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