My Life and Times…Part II

March 5th

Dear Journal,

Now that I have the majority of my tasks completed for the morning – there will always be more, I know.  I am going to take some time to write in my journal, for my own peace of mind, to record some of the things that have happened in my life.  Why do you ask?  I want to be able to look back on things more readily when I grow too old to actually go out adventuring again.

Let’ see, where did I leave off?  Ah yes, with my family’s permission, I left the forests and our Inn behind me to seek my fortune in the world.  Yes, I knew that the training I had had as a barmaid, maid and general housekeeper would work well for me in the cities – I knew that I would find employment out there as I continued my journey.

I did try to find work for a time in Silvermoon, however, that area still feels alien to me even now.  There is a lifestyle there that goes beyond anything that I have experienced elsewhere.  So many things are socially driven by protocols as well as wealth.  Family names are meant to push you further up the social ladder.   Since I never was one to give into the social amours, I was still able to find work with a young nobleman and his family.

I spent a pleasant time with this family and enjoyed helping them with their children when the need arose.  I do think that they were a bit crazed with having baby after baby, to keep the bloodline going.  I realize that our race had been crippled very badly after the Scourge Invasion and we needed to repopulate the area, however, one thing that I did notice with the youngsters is that there wasn’t that much time given to them by their parents.  The parents were more attuned to the political things and the social gatherings than they were to growing a familial bond with their children.  I think that the majority of the young people in Silvermoon today are products of their family’s failings.

I stayed with this Silvermoon family for quite a while and the Father was actually one of the high ranking Rangers that was eventually transferred to further his career in Northrend.  Ah yes, Northrend, the cold wind blows, the snow falls and there are Scourge to kill as the Rangers went in search of their arch nemesis, Arthas.

Nothing would do for the family other than to make the transitioning to Dalaran to accompany the Father on his journey and to be nearby to offer their support.  Now, Dalaran wasn’t always the grand city that we know of now, it was through magic and those means that moved it from its earthly place in Azeroth to another – floating high above the rest of humanity.

The city was very beautiful and one couldn’t help but be enamored of its charms.  So many things going on with the various shops and everything was expensive.  Oh, just the beauty and the peace of the city was something that I had never seen outside the confines of Silvermoon City.  Well, this city was different, it was a safe haven for all races, the authorities wouldn’t allow any clashes or altercations between the factions.  You can say what you will, Dalaran was a place where one could easily forget the strife going on in the world.

Several things are of note to write down here in this journal.  While this city, Dalaran, was pristine on the surface, there were places where one could have some foul deed befall you and that would be in the Sewers beneath the elegant surface.  It was not an area where one would tread without some caution and awareness.  I would say that it is, at the very least, comparable to Murders Row in Silvermoon although it is on a much larger scale than that little place could ever hope to achieve.

Life was indeed quite pleasant in that fair city.  There was a constant influx of new people on an almost hourly basis, however, if you intended on maintaining a residence in the city, you had to have money.  Lots of money.  I know the family that I was working for had their wealth established long ago in Silvermoon, however, they chose to take one of the larger residences in Dalaran.  Of course, they did have to have room for the tutors for their children that they brought with them, some were left behind in Silvermoon to attend boarding schools.

I found myself putting in some very long hours in this household.  I was promoted to Housekeeper and had a staff of six maids and two nannies that worked with me. It was very time consuming and left little time for me to enjoy the fair city and some of the entertainments there, however, I did manage to find some time sit in the park with the nannies and the youngest two children and we would socialize with one another as well as get to know some of the visitors to the city.  It wasn’t really unpleasant, however, I always had my duties that seemed to never end.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to interact with the stableman all that often because he seemed to have an aversion to bathing on a regular basis.

Life was still good and the family seemed extremely happy with their lot in life in Dalaran.  There were many parties held and many visitors from home to keep things as close to normal as they had been in Silvermoon City.  I know that the husband and wife were very much in love and were quite thrilled with the advances that the husband was making in his chosen career path.  I guess I don’t have to mention that he was next in line to take on the family title, properties and wealth when his Father passed on the next life.   It was indeed a happy time.

As it is with all things military, there are certain dangers that go along with the career paths taken by these individuals.   One day, late in the Spring, two young rangers approached the door and knocked and asked to see the mistress of the house.  I had a sense of foreboding about letting them to see her unannounced and without an appointment, however, they were dressed in their best uniforms and they seemed to be polite.  Little did I know at the time that they were bringing notice to the family that the Father had been killed in Ice Crown.

I stayed with the family in Dalaran until all of the funeral arrangements had been made and the body was shipped to Silvermoon for proper internment in the family crypt.  I know that I was deeply saddened at his loss because he and I had become very good friends over the time that I worked for them. He had a lilting laughter and pleasant countenance that would have made any young girl fall in love with him.  No, I wasn’t that foolish, however, I did realize when he died that my feelings were more than that of a friendship.

The family moved back to Silvermoon and I was left behind in Dalaran.  I had managed to save quite a bit of my earnings and had decided that I wanted to find employment here.  I knew that I might be living a foolish dream and I knew that I only had so much money, so, I definitely had to find work immediately.

I worked as a barmaid for a time at the Filthy Animal – I can understand why the name was so fitting.  I know that it was a rough and tumble kind of place and that the clientele there were mostly transient adventurers.  The money was good there, the tips were more than I would make in a month as a housekeeper, however, this was not the lifestyle that I wanted to continue on for an indefinite period of time.

One day there was a notice posted on the boards in the Animal as well as near the park where I liked to take my respite from the smoke and noise.  It appeared as though someone was looking for a housekeeper to maintain their home in Dalaran.   Interesting, they didn’t mention the pay, however, they did mention that the house was undergoing some renovations and that the housekeeping would be minimal at first.  Didn’t mention anything about a family with children, that might be a plus, however, it did mention that the owner was a young, single, independent businessman.  It also mentioned that the person was from Silvermoon.  The name to contact was Fnor Morningstar – interesting, no title there and that would mean that he was more of the common folk and not any kind of royalty like most of them have in Silvermoon.  I decided that I would go and apply for the job.

So, that’s where my story and my life got to be interesting.

Agatha Fairsong


2 thoughts on “My Life and Times…Part II

  1. Ahh, so that’s how she became part of the Morningstar house hold , and judging by her history, she’s got alot of experience as a housekeeper ,which one can never have enough of . Great read, looking forward to reading more on her life.

    • LOL, and the plot thickens. No, Agatha was not a sweet young thing when she got involved with the Morningstar clan, however, she was a lot younger than some would have guessed. I think that her story is going to be different – told from her point of view. Thanks for commenting 😀

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