Stay Out Of Trouble…

March 7th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I have pulled some very foolish stunts and Kae has been fairly understanding, however, this last one has got to take the cake for stupidity and I even admitted that.  Here I came dragging home from Stormwind, looking like I had been one heck of a barroom brawl, scratched, clawed and chewed upon.

Yes, I ran into some of my friends again and apparently, they had been hired to do some work up in the Hinterlands.  Something about a troll incursion of some sort.  Well, me always wanting to maintain my friendships through thick and thin, decided to go along with them.  It couldn’t be all that bad, I mean trolls in the Hinterlands attacking dwarves wasn’t too much of a surprise, however, after we arrived there, I found out that it was much more serious than I initially thought.  Well, even in my most stupid moments, I could have told them to have some good luck and taken my leave.  However, my loyalty to my friends and the dwarves against the trolls overrode my intelligence, again. I think we had one death knight, three hunters and a passing through rogue (don’t they always just pass through when the going gets rough) and maybe, just maybe, there might have been someone else that I wasn’t sure of what they were supposed to be.  I mean, we weren’t exactly heavily armed and we weren’t exactly prepared for what happened to us.

There weren’t that many of us to take on a full tribe of trolls, however, they thought that we could override anything that came into our path, little did we know that there was all kinds of skullduggery afoot.  These trolls really were organized and they had more juju and magic going for them than one would have thought possible, considering the area we were in.

We heard the war drums and knew that the trolls were approaching and all we could do was to take cover and try to figure out how many there were coming in.   There were more than we would have thought possible.  However, we stood our ground, tried to recon what was happening and covering our asses at the same time.

We were able to repel the first group of trolls without much trouble, however, that was before they brought in the magic.  Now, that was indeed an interesting thing and could have been very devastating to us, however, we’re all hardened veterans of Pandaria, with the exception of one of the hunters that couldn’t even maintain control over her pet.  Oh, she was all gung-ho and all that, however, totally lacking in the common sense department.  I almost shot her pet, just to shut her up. I have got to make myself more patient with people that are still learning their craft, however, it could have gotten us killed.

It wasn’t bad enough that these trolls were crack shots, however, it didn’t help matters any when they started bringing in ghouls to help them out.  Now, that was something that caught me by surprise.  Of course, we were overrun with these walking corpses – the Death Knight went down in a heap, knocked unconscious and I went to assist her – that’s where I really got chewed on.  While everyone was busy helping each other, I was getting munched on by at least two ghouls, still trying to protect the death knight. Finally, the rest of the group realized that I was still in trouble with the ghouls and came to my rescue.

We were able to capture a goblin that was helping the trolls and took him back to the dwarves for questioning.  Frankly, I would have shot the bugger full of arrows and called it could, however, the rest of the group felt that it was more beneficial to put the fellow through some interrogation.  I do wish them luck with that aspect of it.  I don’t know that I’ll venture back to find out or not at this point.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my wounds were pretty much superficial and more of an embarrassment rather than life threatening.  I got some first aid to hold me together until I could make it back to Stormwind where one of our Paladins in the guild was able to administer some more in-depth healing.  Then I drug my butt back to Pandaria, where I should have been almost a full day ago.

Kae wasn’t too pleased with me when I did get home and we had a long discussion about what always seems to happen when I go to Stormwind alone.  She had stayed home to take care of some things and to find out that she wasn’t pregnant – I didn’t know that she thought that she was – I was clueless.  I thought that that wonderful, nasty smelling tea that she was drinking was going to take care of that sort of thing.  Maybe we should start taking different precautions against that sort of thing.  Guess I should go talk to my Dad about that sort of thing although he seems to be in Shattrath at the moment, damn it.

Oh yes, she gave me a good talking too and while she was doing that, she was also making sure that I didn’t have other damage that might have been overlooked.  Let’s just say, I hope she drank her tea and we don’t have to worry about another surprise that might have been.

Kaldor Shadowmoon

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