Exploring…and the Faire

March 8th


Dear journal,

I will have to admit that I am still tired this morning and I am going to take some time to be lazy and write a few things.  I have been remiss with my journal of late, however, there are so many things to do that keep me occupied.  Making a living is my primary concern.  I still haven’t made enough money to buy an actual journal yet, so, my little pieces of parchment tied together with a piece of leather is just going to have to do.

Yesterday was one of the few days that I have taken a day away from duties to do some other things.  You know the kind of personal and mundane things and I wanted to do some exploring on my own.

I did take a boat to Darnassus early yesterday morning and was sitting there enjoying the beauty and the peace that is offered there.  You can fish without worrying about being attacked as well as just sit under a tree and allow yourself to daydream, if that is what you wish to do.

While I was in the city I met a nice gentleman from Gilneas.  As is the case with most of the people from that area, he had received the Curse and was indeed a bit worried that there didn’t seem to be a cure on the horizon.  I can understand his concerns and even sympathized with him, however, he seemed to have adapted to his situation somewhat.   We actually talked for quite some time, two people discussing this strange land. One thing that he has a hope that someday he will be able to return to what is left of his homeland and wrest it form the Forsaken, while I have no illusions of ever returning to my homeland.   We are both learning how to adapt to the people and the lands that we have found ourselves living with, it will be an adventure for the both of us, I’m sure.

I had heard quite a bit of discussion from some of the older people on Azuremyst, the ones that had gone out to see other parts of Azeroth.  Oh yes, they told me of the wondrous city of Stormwind and that there was a Faire going on, which was an experience that I didn’t want to miss, if I was somewhat intelligent.  Always one to pay heed to the advice of my elders, I decided that I would make the time to visit this city and this Faire, what harm could there be?

I wasn’t disappointed with the huge city of Stormwind.  It doesn’t have the grace of the Night Elf city of Darnassus, however, it seems a much busier place.  A place where people are constantly in a hurry to get to whatever destination they were heading.  Tall stone structures with massive armament towers surrounding them – one would think that they were expecting  a direct assault from some enemies – the Horde most likely.  I saw an area of the town that had met with some kind of massive destruction which led me to ask some rather naive questions.  I will have to do some further research on this Deathwing.

I went into one section of the town directly off the canals that was the Trade Center, that’s what the sign said, anyway.  While I was wondering around, I saw a poster that was advertising for adventurers, skilled hunters and the like and it piqued my curiosity.  I thought that it might be a way to make some more money and possibly learn a few more things about the land.

I found the establishment and went inside and saw a massive warehouse stacked with all kinds of boxes and people running to and fro, bringing in things from the docks and what appeared to be other people such as myself, looking for employment.  I happened to notice a very nice looking Draeni female that was standing behind a counter at the back of the building.  She appeared to be the one taking applications for work as well as handling some of the payment for things that were being brought in.

So, I walked up and did my best smile and introduced myself and asked her a few questions.  Well, I found out that the company is owned by a Sentinel and her family from Kalimdor.  Interesting that a military sort would be interested in the commerce business, however, as long as they were reputable, it wasn’t my concern.  I did find out the young woman’s name, the Draeni, and it was Magdamia.  Well, I’ll admit that I was very attracted to her and she appeared to be very knowledgeable and a woman of the world, this new world.   I filled out the forms that she asked me to do and I don’t think she even read everything that I put down in regard to my hunting experience and so forth because she was staring at me like I was some kind of meal that she hadn’t had for a long time.  I got hired on the spot and she thrust several of her contracts in my hand, telling me that they had plenty of lead time on them so that I could take my time gather the leather that was requesting on them.

I’ll admit that while she was very attractive and I like the way she looked, she did make me feel very awkward about things.  I think that I will try to get to know her a little better over some time.  Maybe I’ll ask her to dinner when I have some more money in my pouch.

I went on to the Faire from Stormwind and I passed through a little village called Goldshire.  I must say that I was rather taken back at the amount of drunken debauchery that was going on there.  I hastened my pace to get out of there as quickly as possible and found the entrance to the Faire.

I’ll admit that the Faire was different from anything that I had ever seen before.  There were plenty of things to keep you amused, games and fortune telling, places to eat and places to drink, however, I was more amazed at the fact that there were people there from both factions, acting as if there wasn’t a conflict going on.  Strange people, put them in a setting like this Faire and they forget that some of the people that they are rubbing elbows with over  tankard are their Bloodsworn enemies.   I saw so many different kinds of animals at this one section of the Faire that my mind was whirling.  Oh, to think that I might actually run into some of these creatures out in the wild was both exciting and frightening.

By the time that I got home last night, I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep, which I promptly did.  So many things have I seen in the last day, my mind needed to take a rest and have some time to absorb some of the things seen and to absorb all of the information that I had taken in.  These are indeed a strange people and the planet seems like it huge – I am looking forward to exploring more of it.


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