A Mother’s Concerns

March 10th

Dear Journal,

Well, my Sindorei had an enjoyable time in both Nagrand and Shattrath, however, we both knew that we had to head back and face our responsibilities.  Him to deal with his youngest sister and his business and me to deal with my second oldest son and my business.

Yes, word did reach me in Shattrath of Vashlan’s behavior of late and I was shocked, appalled and then I had to laugh.  You know what they say about the quiet bookish types.  Well, he’s discovered what women are at long last, however, I think he has discovered the wrong kind of women, in my opinion.  No, I don’t expect him to find a nice Kaldorei girl and settle down, however, I don’t think that  it is good for his reputation to be taking a different woman to bed every night, he apparently doesn’t care what race they are or chances that he might be taking with them.  We are going to have a Mother-Son talk that I wish his Father would be the one handling instead of me.

I told Fnor about the letter that I had gotten from Magdamia in regard to Vashlan’s current behavior and he just laughed.  He told me that boys will boys and when they grow up to be men, their interests change.   He also told me that from what I was telling him, Vashlan is showing all the signs of his Sindorei breeding- which I don’t know whether to take as a given or try to combat it in some way.  I don’t want my son running around Stormwind, drinking and womanizing because it’s in his blood, he’s Kaldorei and he’s a special kind of Kaldorei. No, he’s not pureblood but he was born with a natural talent for the magic which could have only come from his Father’s heritage or mine.

Apparently the two boys in Dolonaar are giving their grandparents a fit and it’s time for me to go there as well to see if there is a remedy for that situation as well.  They are reaching those turbulent years where they are starting to aspire to get into a different kind of mischief.   I’m not surprised at Volardan, however, I am truly surprised at Karing being involved in some of the trouble as well.  They are in an extremely rebellious stage right now and my Mother has said that I need to get home and address the problem before my Father kills them.  I wonder what all they have been doing or should I think about what they haven’t been doing.

I feel like our parenting of our children has always been good.  We’ve spent a great deal of time with all of them, however, those years that my Sindorei was out chasing skirts all over Azeroth, maybe that was a real problem that has only appeared now.   The last couple of years have been rather pleasant because we haven’t had any outside influences to hinder our relationship and now, the children have all decided to rebel.    It seems that I even need to have a discussion with my eldest son, the one that usually never gives me any trouble.

Apparently, he’s been out carousing when he comes to Stormwind with those friends of his and has caused some trouble between he and Kaelendra.   Kaldor knows better, I brought him up better than that.   I guess his last trip to Stormwind, he got wounded with his friends when they went into the Hinterlands to investigate some kind of troll uprising against the dwarves – well, Kal, son…that stuff has been going on for eternity, what is your problem?  Trolls are Horde and they aren’t your friends.  Anyway, I will talk to him about his recent misbehaving as well as try to get in touch with his friends to see if there is something that, as a company, that we might be able to do to assist them in some manner.  I will talk to the leader of the group and find out what is going on, not only for Kal’s sake but for the sake of the other people involved.  You’d don’t take five or six people to fight a full tribe of trolls no matter how good you think you are, silly people.  All the strategy in the world won’t help if you don’t have the manpower to back it up.

I need to get Magdamia down to Shattrath so that she can get accustomed to working with Zippie at the warehouse.  I know those two better not have any trouble working together.  There are two entrances for the factions, however, behind that, it’s one huge warehouse that is used by both.  I know Magdamia’s first reaction when she saw Zippie for the first time was to ask what “it” was.  Luckily, Zippie doesn’t speak Common, or she acts like she doesn’t  – Magdamia and I had a discussion about her calling Zippie a green frog, I had to explain to her that Zippie was a goblin and that her people had been displaced from their homeland, similar to her circumstances, and that she was going to have to tolerate and get along with her regardless.

Elune!! I swear that the moons must be out of alignment or something.  To have my children all seem to have been taken with a bout of stupidity and then, to have Magdamia get up on her high hooves and get all cranky about working with a goblin.  I hope my Sindorei is having an easier time with his sister and his business in Silvermoon, I have my hands full right now.

I suppose we’re both paying for that time away that we selfishly decided that we needed to have together before we both went mad with loneliness. I am in Stormwind at the moment and haven’t been able to get in touch with Vashlan yet, he is going to get such a talking too that he might not ever look at another woman again.  I will not tolerate him turning our apartment into his own private brothel. Not to mention, he’s been making passes at Magdamia, she’s old enough to be…well, she’s a lot older and more experienced and she’s a Draeni – I have no idea what kind of pairing that might produce and I’m not sure that I want to know.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Concerns

  1. Oh boy.. when that lad makes up for lost time ,he certainly takes it to heart. .course given who his father is, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I think once the novelty wears off , he will settle down but not until he gives his mother a few gray hairs,lol .That was fun read, especially about the part where maggie thought Zippie was a frog.

    • Well, things are heating up for the Shadowmoon family, it seems. Yes, Amyn has her hands full with the children, while Dad is dealing with his own problems in Silvermoon. I’m sure that it will get better – seems like it was time for a family uprising of sorts, things have been too calm lately.

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