Good Times!!

March 11th

Well, this is definitely an OOC post if there ever was one, however, it’ a happy one.  Yesterday I went absolutely bonkers, which didn’t take much.  I had been depressed about the supposed rumors on the WoW forums about the fact that there might not be flying through the entire World of Draenor expansion.  I mean, I was really bummed because I have a plethora of flying mounts and that would mean that I would shelving them for a bit.  Some people don’t care for flying, you miss out on so much or so they say.  Well, I do both and I like that option of being able to fly over an area that I have been in hundreds of times and I don’t need to know that Blizzard added one pixilated daisy in the Jade Forest.

Anyway, the Pre-order for the new expansion went live yesterday and I was probably in line before the mad rush started in the afternoon.  I was actually planning on “not buying” the expansion because of the “no riding” rumor to wait and see if there was some truth to it.  Well,  I initially was only going to buy two and wait on the other two, however, the sale craze hit me and I upgraded four accounts. So, I’ve jumped from eight 90s to twelve real fast.  However, I was very selective with the characters that I upgraded.

1 Forsaken Hunter – Hazey – she had been stuck in Outland for freaking forever and I like Outland, which is kind of bizarre.

1 Draeni Enhancement Shaman – Magdamia – poor girl was questing in Northrend and doing her profs in Outland – jumping back and forth was making me loopy. She is doing herbalism and alchemy.

1 Worgen Death Knight – Allize – She was doing her part in Outland for quests and was still running around the Eastern Kingdoms trying to level her mining and blacksmithing.

1 Tauren Balance Druid – Nahai – Poor fellow changed his leatherworking for herbalist – he was bouncing between Northrend for questing and  Kalimdor for his “new” profession. I hadn’t played him for a very long time because of the changes that had been made for druids in the last year, however, I thought, well, for old time’s sake, let’s give it a go.  I was also looking at 4K gold to upgrade his flying.

All of these characters were over 60, so, I took full advantage of the max on the professions.  One of the things that they don’t tell you is that the character might be maxed, however, they don’t have any of the recipes. I think the most expensive one to get caught up on the recipes was the Death Knight, however, I think that it is going to be well worth it.

At least all of these characters can fly straight away in Pandaria which will make the mining, herbing and leatherworking fairly easy and a pleasure instead of the constant “fight your way to that node, have someone else grab it  and fight your way back syndrome”  that you deal with while you’re still on foot.

Since the newbies have hit max level so quickly, so many things have been added to them that it is going to take me some time to get used to the mechanics as well as setting up my action bars to accommodate them.  Luckily, I had experience with the DKs  and some on the Shaman, however, the Druid is going to take some getting used to again.   I’ll probably trot across the street and get some help from the neighbor again because he has all of his characters running Flex Raids – guess he knows how to play them rather well.

With the way that the characters are geared when you get them – starting area was Timeless Isle when I landed, which I have had a huge fear of.  You can start right there and go for it.  Since the hunter was something that I was more than familiar with, it was a natural thing to get her going there and she got geared up pretty quickly, however, not quite ready for Flex Raids yet.

Oh, yes, one of the things that they don’t tell you is that you have to find all of the flight paths again.  That’s not so bad with flight.  However, you still have to go through the landing areas questing to gain access to not only the rep building, to also get to the point where you can land at some of these flight paths.   I’m one of those people that loves to quest, get immersed in the game and can do that for many hours on end without flinching.  I may have done the quests many times before, however, I always find something “new” and different that I may not have noticed before.  Questing these new 90s is going to be a blast for me.  My inner geek is jumping for joy.

I have quite a few alts and, now, 90s to work on.  I have faction changed many of my higher level characters in the past which has had me hanging in limbo for Loremaster (after almost ten years)  however, I was one zone away from completing it when Cata dropped, lost all of that work and was starting over.  Thank heavens for shared achievements.  Anyway, long story short, I found one character that was still “pure” and she will be the one that I will be doing my Loremaster on primarily.  I also play solo for most of the game, however, I do like to jump into a dungeon with friends sometimes or even throw back a couple of drinks and hit the LFR.

Now that I have gotten over my fear of the Timeless Isle, things will move along at a rapid pace.  I may not be as fast as some of the other players, however, I will be out there killing and bashing things along with the rest of them.

I would like to give a special thanks to a friend of mine of many years that took the time to show me around the Isle and I would also like to thank my Alliance guild for doing the same thing and telling me that dying isn’t all that bad – the repair bill is a bit much, however, I’ve found my way around.  If you are ever on Timeless Isle, Wrymrest Accord,  and you see a character wandering about aimlessly, that’s probably me.

So, I’m a happy camper, got my 90s, got over my fear of the Isle and now I am in questing heaven and yes, I am going to just jump into things with wild enthusiasm.  With all of the new 90s out there now, I can hide with them and no one will notice some of my noob shenanigans. I was gazing at the forums this morning and noticed that LFR is now broken because of the “new” 90s jumping in without a good understanding of the mechanics on their characters – it made me giggle a bit, anyway, I won’t be one of those doing that.

Until next time for an OOC thing – Good gaming!!



4 thoughts on “Good Times!!

  1. Oh wow, it’s great to hear what my new 90 will and won’t get. I didn’t even think about the recipes. Glad you’re having fun on the Isle and yeah, the repair bill the first week or so for everyone was really high, lol.

    • Oh, I was kind of surprised but not at the same time. My DK was expensive only because her professions were so low to start with, so, basically, from the ground up. Oh yeah, I’m having a great time with the new characters and realizing how much “more work” I have to do, however, that’s okay, it’s part of the fun of the game to me. 😀

  2. You are welcome my dear friend and if you wanna run some LFR’s I’ll run through those with you as well since I am your dungeon crawler friend! In all seriousness I ran one last night and it was brutal on the repair bill and time lol

    • LOL sure, we’ll have to do that sometime since I seem to have a few more characters to deal with. I’m very happy that you were able to take the time and explain things to me on the Isle. It was actually fun. Yes, the repair bill out there can be awesome, so, it will have to be on one of the characters that has some money.

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