Both Busy and Fun Times…

March 24th

This is definitely an OOC post for those of you that haven’t figured out my writing style of late.   I haven’t written anything in the last few days due to the fact that I have actually been playing too much WoW – it happens when you boost characters that have opened up whole new mechanics for you.

I’m definitely still loving my Shaman and my Druid, however, the hunter is old hat and I had to boost her, just because she’s a Forsaken and I actually started one of my accounts just so I could play her in the beginning.   My Death Knight, well, we’re going back to the drawing board on that one and I’ll be checking out Icy Veins for some possible new rotations to try.  I’ve leveled up one DK the old fashioned way (one still waiting in the wings at 85) and now my boosted character.  I’m playing Unholy because that’s the only one that I had any kind of reasonable understanding of and haven’t done the dual spec yet.

One of the things that I have been doing that I dearly love is getting a chance to RP a bit more on both the Horde and the Alliance side of things.  It’s not been real eventful, however, with all of these new characters running around, people seem to be a bit more friendly than they have been in the past.  We’re all trying to make contacts, it seems like.  That’s a real bonus that I have seen, personally, with the boosted characters.

I actually play on two different computers, once it was strictly to do the quad-box thing when I was running a bunch of characters through RAF or whatever, however, I have stopped doing that since my pairs are so out of sync now that it would be like pulling teeth to get it back in alignment.

One thing I have been doing is trying to get my MRP stuff up to date on both machines to make sure that they match ;etc.  I had one of my machines that had the majority of the MRP stuff on it go belly up not too long ago, however, it’s working fine, I just had to redo the MRP stuff.   My Role Play is definitely a critical item to have when you’re playing “serious” RP on an RP realm.  I do tend to keep mine pretty brief because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time by trying to put in a novella for them to read before they say “Hello”.  This time I got smart and actually put all of the info in a word document so I can just cut and paste as needed for each character – previously, I had been doing one by one and that was a royal pain in the backside.   I also keep the word document on a flash drive so that it’s easier to transfer the information back and forth as needed.

I’m finding that if you don’t even RP and you have MRP on your system, you tend to want to fill it out just in case someone runs into you or not that “might”, just might, want to RP.  It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.  However, I do think that the boars up by IF get really tired of my little gnome warlocks need to greet them before she gives them the one shot.

So, there you have it, I have been getting myself organized and I truly am trying to get on one character and stay there for a while even if I have a bunch that I should be working on as well.  I tried the jumping back and forth thing and kept everyone right around the same level, however, that was starting to make the questing rather redundant.   I’ve lowered my initial goal of going the old fashioned way with a goblin engineer, a worgen hunter, a gnome warlock, a blood elf warlock ;etc.  to reach cap before the release of WoD.  I’m running, roughly, fifty characters at this point and I need to narrow that down and stay with some long enough to see daylight.

My biggest problem with blogging, and always has been a problem, is that if I write about a character, they should exist out there somewhere.  I feel compelled to see how they will react in different situations and get immersed in that character for a while.   I even have some characters that I don’t really like because they have real bratty personalities, however, that’s how they turned out.

Plus, with the addition of my boosted characters, I am finding that I want to “everything” all at once as well as drag my long-time nineties along for the ride as well.  I also find that I need to take a break from the game and just relax a bit too, which cuts into my “time” in-game.

I’m still having some health issues now and again if I force myself to stay in front of a computer for too long, so, that’s been taking a bite out of my time.   Let’s not even talk about the fact that you have to make time for RL friends too – it’s getting to be that time of year where things will be happening “outside” under that big bright light in the sky.


2 thoughts on “Both Busy and Fun Times…

  1. All I can say is take it easy hon and take a deep breath. I know it gets very overwhelming doing all characters at once. Quest here quest there. Gear here gear there thing.

    After leveling my 90 I got burnt out with questing to be honest with you. My poor shaman who’s level 36 is left alone in Pvp server. Still yet to level her too. It’s pretty hectic but I am focusing on my priest now.

    Anyway, health issues? Been there I am also wearing glasses for 3 years now Bec of it. Gained weight too gah!!! But my vitals are always normal thank god.

    Anyway if you happen to be in game add me my battle tag it’s Amergamer#1255 take care!!

    • LOL, I have decided that I am not going to get all of these characters – even the 90s all caught up by the end of this expansion, so, I’m just kind of winging it. If they get geared, it will be because I got crazy and went to the Lost Isle and hung around for a bit.

      I actually love to quest a lot and do dailies. I know that it is the one thing that I can do well. I like to get immersed in my characters and just kind of plod along. Of course, if I ever wanted to get back into raiding, it would be hell to pay now.

      World of Warcraft has always been an escape valve for me as well as a social outlet. Since I’ve been retired, I actually don’t get out all of that much although the Summer months are usually my busiest with the family.

      I did add you to my RealID list – however, one thing that I have noticed of late with Battle-tag is that it no longer allows you to put in a note as the requester.

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