This Is So Not Fair!!

March 26th

Dear Journal,

Of all of the nerve of some people.  I get back from working my behind off and find out that I’ve been “moved out” – no notice, just one of those things when you go into your room and notice that everything you had is gone.  Some more of my brother’s brilliant ideas, I suppose.  I guess I’m supposed to just take this sitting down and he’s not even home for me to scream at.

Agatha just informed me that the living arrangements had been changed and that I had a new house to go too.  Well, isn’t that just peachy!   It isn’t bad enough that I had to share this house that has been my home for quite some time since we left Dalaran and now, I find out that the goblins and whomever else might be staying here are more welcomed than I am.

At least the new place is habitable even if it is very small and very old.  I bet this place is older than my dear Brother.  The furniture is terrible and I suppose that I won’t be doing any kind of entertaining here for a while unless Mr. Morningstar is going to refurnish the place, I would be too embarrassed for my friends to see this house like it is.  I suppose I should be thankful that he at least let me have a couple of maids and a junior housekeeper.

I wonder who is going to pay for all of this, I don’t have that kind of money.   Agatha told me that all of the arrangements had been made and that my brother felt that I would be happier living almost on my own, since, I was a young lady of some means and needed a home of my home.  Well, that was almost like a slap in the face, wasn’t it?

I suppose the next thing that he will do is set up some kind of marriage thing for me and I won’t have it.  I have one man that I will marry willingly and he’s too far away for me to get to see him.  Yes, Dawnglory is the only man that I will marry.  If my brother thinks that he can stick me with some old stick of a man and I’ll stay in the confines of that marriage, he has another thought coming, I won’t do it.  If it’s not what I want, then, I’ll just do what I want with it.

My new bedroom is about the size of my old closet, speaking of which, all of my gowns and things had to be stored down the hall because there isn’t enough room for them in here.  It’s awful.  The color of the room makes me look green.  Oh, and the bathing area, that’s something that I can’t understand, we don’t even have hot water out of the tap, at least I have running water, which I suppose I should be happy about.

At least it’s in Silvermoon, I guess I should be thankful for that, however, I am going to be talking to my brother again real soon about these changes, if I can catch him now.  I suppose I’ll have to go camp out at the warehouse here in town to catch him and listen to that little tramp, Zippie, talk about how great business is.

Oh, the real corker is that I have keys to this house, there are no wards on anything, so, I’ll have to rely on locks, I can’t say that I have ever had that happen before.  Locks and keys for everything.   I don’t know that I can live here, it’s almost like camping out in the wilds except that I have lumpy mattress to sleep on.

I checked out the kitchen and I am just not happy at all.  The larder is filled with everything that I need to live on, however, the dishes are older than anything I’ve ever seen.  Oh my, there is a hand pump in the kitchen to fill the sink and still no hot water.  The stove, well, it’s worse than the one than anything I have ever seen, well, maybe it might have come from some hovel somewhere but it’s not anything like I’m used to having.  It looks like I have to burn wood or coal in the thing to make it work, I don’t know how to cook on something like that!

I suppose I should be happy, however, I’m not.  There isn’t even a letter here from Fnor telling me that he has given me any extra money to live on.   No accounts to shop with and now, I have a house to support too.

I’m going back to the main house tomorrow and I am going to stay there until my brother sees me, he has a lot of things to answer for.  I won’t be shuttled off like some misbegotten person that he felt like he needed to give some charity too.  Well, even the apartment above the stables where the Forsaken are staying is better than this place.

Well, I’m not going to deal with this sitting down, no I’m not!  I wanted to move out and get away from him, however, I didn’t expect to live in a dump.  No, he will make this right or I’ll figure out a way to really make him suffer.  I bet the authorities would love to know about his little family of half-breeds and his Sentinel wife.  No, if I do that, there might be some fallout there that might make things worse for me.   I’ll think of something.  This whole thing is not fair and it’s not right!!

Faendra Morningstar

2 thoughts on “This Is So Not Fair!!

  1. LOl,, looks like Fae, is learning that life isn’t fair.,but getting her to accept it will be another matter.. though I think Fnor is past fed up with her demands and tantrums;and this is way of getting some peace and quiet .Its always so amusing to see her have her little fits and get the smack down from everyone around her . Great read as always

    • LOL, well, this was kind of curve ball that she didn’t expect because things like this don’t happen to Faendra Morningstar. She’s definitely not a happy girl at the moment and I am sure that she will find a way to get back at her brother, although, most girls her age would be delighted to have a house of their own.

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