My Life and Times – Part III

March 18

Dear Journal,

Well, I have finally found some time to sit down, take a few sips of tea and relax for a little while.  My staff is busy getting their daily tasks done while I sit here and think about opening another house for full-time living here in Silvermoon.  I do believe that our little red-haired tyrant is going to be moved over there to keep her from upsetting everyone here at the main house.  I have several candidates on staff here that will make god housekeepers for her and won’t be swayed by her devious little mind.  I never thought that this child would grow up to be such a person as she has, I know that it has caused my employer more grief and anxiety than he should have ever allowed it to be.

All of us have this one fault or most of us do that haven’t grown so cynical that we despoil our own happiness before it has a chance to blossom.  Poor Fnor is no different than anyone else, he’s a man that has his pride, his humility as well as his great love of family that will often disappoint him, although, the parties involved are never chastised for being themselves.   Faendra is a product of a doting brother and one that cares very deeply for – she’s never wanted for anything in her life even though I know that when she was young, her brother would go hungry just to make sure she had that dress to wear to the next party.  Yes, he said he was trying to make up for the loss of their parents, however, I think that he did too much for the girl and unfortunately, the monster was created out of sheer love.

Ah yes, let’s get back to my story.  Stories from the past they must be, however, it is always good to reflect back and see where your life is going so that you may regain a clearer perspective of where it is you’re going and what your future may hold for you.

When I met young master Fnor Morningstar for the first time, he was freshly arrived in Dalaran with his newly acquired wealth from his company in Shattrath that he and his mistress had started after he had left his tenure with the Rangers for a time.  At this point, I wasn’t aware of the fact that his full involvement with his Kaldorei mistress, I didn’t even know she was Kaldorei because back in those days and probably still holds true today, fraternizing with the enemy was punishable by death.

He started off showing me around the house that was under renovation, much of the work was being done by himself because he couldn’t afford to have proper workmen come in and do it, plus, I think that he took great pleasure and pride in doing it himself.  He talked about the fact that he wanted this house to be finer than anything in Silvermoon that he had ever lived in.  The size of the place was immense and one could tell the areas that he had worked on were going to be beautiful once they were completely furnished and the work was completed.  The size of the place was enormous.

I was a little bit taken aback by what he showed me in the kitchen.  While it was nice, it was lacking quite a few things.  He had been using his camping gear for cooking on the stove and the oven hadn’t been cleaned in years, from the looks of it. He told me that he wanted a housekeeper that would be willing to help him keep the place clean as possible and to help him decide on what it was that was needed, the house needed a woman’s touch. He also told me that he couldn’t afford to pay all that much, however, there was a room for the housekeeper to stay, so, there would be no added expenses to take away from their earnings.

He showed me the room where the employee was supposed to say and I was flabbergasted.  It wasn’t just a room, it was an entire suite.  There was a sitting area, bedroom, private bath as well as a balcony where one could take their leisure if they so desired.  To be exact, the suite was almost as big as my family’s home and little Inn outside of Silvermoon.

He also told me that he had set up accounts with all of the merchants in Dalaran to where the housekeeper could go shopping and put it on the business accounts.  I was floored, the generosity of the man was almost overwhelming.  If I needed personal articles that I didn’t have the funds for, put them on the business accounts and they would be deducted from my wages over time without interest.   Obviously, this man hadn’t heard of goblins and their financial brilliance yet.

Well, he had some applicants to see and told me to come back the next day which I did, he would have made his decision by then.  So, the next morning before the sun was even high in the sky, I was knocking on the door of the house.  He answered the door looking rather disheveled and sleepy and invited me in.  I told him that I would take the job and he burst out laughing and told me that he had made his decision when he met me, however, he didn’t want to seem too eager.

Now, that I look back on things, that was probably a smart move on his part because I could have asked for more money even though the wages were much better than the wages I was getting at the Animal, even with the tips.

I will admit that I was very smitten with my young employer.  He had all of the things that a girl could imagine in a husband.  Money, looks, kindness, education and appeared to have a lust for life on all levels that would have put most men to shame.  I think I may have fallen in love with him in Dalaran or it could have been lust rearing its ugly head.  I think that, foolishly, I felt that there might be a chance of romance with handsome ex-ranger and entrepreneur with a lowly housekeeper such as myself.

I know from the first day that he hired me, I tried everything that I could to please him and give him a home that he so desperately wanted and needed.  I think that we were both attracted to one another, however, we did keep things under control for quite some time.  Ah yes, that’s another story that  I will speak of at another time.

Agatha Fairsong


My Questioning Mind…

March 16th

Dear Journal,

I have been in this strange land of Orcs, Blood Elves, Trolls, Tauren and Goblins for quite some time, however, I have never felt compelled to write anything down since I arrived.  I thought that today I would remedy that.

My name is Leiluna Sungmoon and I am from Pandaria.  Yes, I’m one of those chubby little furry things with the strange accent and the weird ideas that seem to amuse some of my fellow Horde.  I will have to admit that some of their names are rather amusing as well, although, they seem to think that they are perfectly normal, silly beings that they are.

I could say that my life has definitely changed for the better since I left Pandaria, however, I’m not real sure that it has in all ways.  I am learning so many things since I left home that my mind is oftentimes spinning when I finally take the time to actually think about all of the changes that I have undertaken.

My life in Pandaria was probably much as it was for those of us that chose to leave our homeland. I had a family that I truly miss and hope to see again in the future and friends, I do miss my friends most of all. My parents were farmers and they would till the soil from sunup to sundown every day and go on as if there was nothing more enjoyable in life, well, having a good brew was one of the things that they enjoyed too.  I do miss those times and I do miss the warmth and support of my family.

The reason that I left Pandaria was because I wanted more out of life.  I wanted adventure, excitement and most of all, I wanted to find someone, a fellow, that I could call my own.  Our village was small and all of the eligible bachelors had been taken by the time I pulled my head out of the earth to notice that.  I was bound to be one of those old ladies that sits around and talks about the best way to brew a curative or the best way to brew a special beer.  I was young, I didn’t want my old age to be lonely and have no children to call my own.

When the Mists opened and revealed our land to these strangers from far away, life changed for most of us.  They spoke of these great lands far away and I could feel my imagination taking flight as I heard these tales.  They brought many strange customs and many strange languages to our homeland, some things were good and some things were bad.  One thing that they did do, all of them, was to reawaken the Sha that hadn’t been seen in our lands since the last Emperor.  I’m sure that most of us younglings thought that it was just a myth, a boogeyman to scare us when we were little, however, the Sha was real and once again was running rampant in the land.

These strangers with their strange ideas and strange ways of doing things not only awakened the Sha, they brought their own brand of greed and avarice with them.  There were two different factions and at first we thought that they would bring enlightenment with them, however, sad to say, that was not the case.  Some were here to explore the country and some were here to rape the countryside of all of its wealth and natural resources.

I grew enamored of the Horde because they seemed to be very aggressive in their endeavors to gain wealth as well as to feed their growing population, not only in Pandaria but in their homeland.  Little did I know where this would lead me. I thought the Blood Elves were so elegant and educated, that surely had their ideals were different than what I had heard of the rest, they knew how to fight not only with their physical abilities, they knew how to fight with their education.

Okay, I was a silly girl.  I saw these Rangers and they seemed so assured of themselves and they struck a romantic chord in my soul.   I was so sure that I would find a home with them and be able to be enlightened as they were.  I should have listened more closely to my teachers about how these strangers had no true enlightenment of “self” – they were the here and now people in both factions.  They had been at war for many centuries in their homelands and like a silly fool, I thought that I could take some of our teachings to them and make a difference.  I am not a monk, nor a teacher, I am but a lowly hunter that wanted to make a difference.

After much meditation, and much foolishness, I chose to travel to Kalimdor to see this land that was spoken of with much love.   I thought that this was a place that I could fit in and grow.

Upon my arrival in this city of Orgrimmar, I was presented to their great Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream and was surprised at how he reacted towards me.  I tried to explain why I had come and he just told me to get to work.  Well, okay, that wasn’t exactly a warm welcome and I did as I was told.

Once I got over my feelings of misgiving, I made some friends with a few Goblins, Tauren, not the Orcs so much because they scare me.   I found out that the goblins were treated pretty much the same way as I was when they arrived.  However, unlike them, I have a home to return too, their homes were destroyed by a natural catastrophe. Poor goblins are forever bound to the Horde for they have nowhere else to go.  I told them about Pandaria and told them how life was there and some of them seemed anxious to make the transition.  Someday, we will all go there, me to my home and them to go on to more adventures.

Luckily, I have been able to find some more people from my country and we have banded together to continue our own learning and teachings.  I know that we all spend a great deal of time in meditation trying to regain that inner peace.

I wanted excitement and adventure in my life and I definitely have achieved that, however, the cost has been dear.  I thought that some of my dearest friends were coming with me to Orgrimmar, alas, they chose to join the Alliance which seemed too passive to me.  Oh well, some day there will be peace and we can all be friends again.




Mach 15th

Dear Journal,

I am a little bit upset with Kae getting in touch with my Mother about my behavior.  It’s like getting double-teamed by  a couple of females.  It’s not fair and it’s definitely not fair when one is your Mom and the other is your girlfriend.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a talking too by my Mom, it’s been years in fact.  Now, I’ll admit that I like to drink and I like to rough house with my friends and I am not used to someone that is going to get their nose out of joint when I do either of the above.  I just know that I am not a little boy and I did politely explain that to my Mom, although I don’t think that she heard that part.

She’s just upset with the way that Vashlan is acting lately and I do find it kind of surprising, however, I think that he will settle back down once the novelty wears off and he finally grows up enough to where he realizes that things aren’t that great if that’s all you do.  Mom is worried about him neglecting his studies and I’ll admit that that could be a problem, so, I’ll have a few passing words with him when I am in Stormwind in a few days.

Kae acted as if everything was okay between us when I got back this last time, all banged up and somewhat injured, however, I didn’t know that it bothered her enough to send a letter to my Mom like someone being a tattletale.  Well, she and I have had a discussion on the matter and I think that I made it real clear that she doesn’t have the right to contact my Mother in regard to my behavior.  If she has a problem with me, she needs to talk to me about it before she starts wailing at the moon like some spoiled little girl.  I don’t need for my Mother to know about or be involved with the things that I do because I am a grown man, the last time I checked.  Sure, I’m still a young man, however, I’m considered capable of taking care of myself quite nicely.

Let’s just say that Kae stormed out of the house and I didn’t see her for a couple of days.  I thought that she had left me and had gone back to her Sentinels again.  Well, she did go back there and found out why she left in the first place and they didn’t exactly welcome her back with open arms as she had anticipated that they would.  She didn’t sign up or anything, she just offered to help out where needed.  She got stuck with training some of the newer people that had join the ranks and I guess she was really not pleased with that, especially showing them how to dig new latrines and covering the holes from the old ones.

She came back and we argued some more and finally got to the point that we would agree not to talk about it again until both of our tempers had cooled.

Women!  You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!  I know that I have a tough time trying to figure out the moods that my beloved Sentinel can get into and to add my Mother to the mix is just not a fair thing to do to a man.  My mind was just spinning with all of the do’s and do not’s that I just ended up shutting down and trying to ignore my head for a while.  If I didn’t love both of them, I would have just packed up my things and traveled on to someplace else, until it hit me that this is my farm and I built it before either one of them ever saw it.  No, I wouldn’t be the one leaving, however, nothing of that sort happened.

I just find it odd that women, or the ones that I have known, are all lovey dovey when you’re courting them and then, after they feel more secure in the relationship, they get all weird.   I know that Kae and I have had some arguments or disagreements in the past and some of them have gotten to be rather heated, however, we always did the kiss and make up thing before we went to bed together.  Women do have some strange moods and emotions sometimes and I always wonder if these things will settle down as they get older if it is something that a fellow just has to deal with indefinitely.

I wish my Dad was here in Pandaria instead of Silvermoon because he has had much more experience with this sort of thing than I have and maybe he could give me some pointers on how to stay out of trouble. Or at least stay out of the sights of my loved one when she is in a snit.   I’m sure that female Sindorei and female Kaldorei are similar in their emotional makeup, although, I think that the Sindorei girls might be more excitable.  I just don’t know.   I could ask Dawnglory, I suppose, although he has mellowed out quite a bit since he got involved with his woman and they had their baby – I’m sure he still remembers the days when he ran around like a crazy man.

Maybe I should just keep to myself on this and figure it out on my own for a while.  I know that it’s almost embarrassing to admit that you don’t understand the woman that you are with.  I do think that I love her and that one day we will be mated and take our vows, however, I’m not quite ready for that kind of commitment just yet.   I wonder if she would have so readily run to my Mom with the problems that we were having if we were mated or is it because we’re not?  I don’t know, I guess I should give this whole thing a lot more thought.

Kaldor Shadowmoon 

Who Are These People?

March 14th

Dear Journal,

I almost feel like what Dawnglory sounds like.  Where the hell are all of these untrained people coming from.  Has that shithead back in Orgrimmar completely lost his mind.  Things were cooling down here in Pandaria and I’ll be blessed if they haven’t sent more new recruits up there that couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel.

Ty and I both are just kind of keeping to ourselves because we’re in a bit of a shocked state of mind.  We see supposed Rangers that have no clue about anything.  Where are they coming from?  I know that there are certain requirements to be met to become a Ranger, however, there seems to be a real open door policy going on right now.   I watched a fellow try to kill a tiger and after missing the beast several times, just politely lead the beast back to where I was standing.  Oh, it was a simple kill for me, however, the fellow just smiled and took off again.  Where are they coming from? He didn’t even stop to skin it, so I did, and watched him scamper off into the forest as if he had an appointment with a lady or his hairdresser.

Oh, I know that a few new Death Knights have shown up and they seem to be surviving okay, however, there is something real strange about them.   They know they are free of the Lich, however, they aren’t real sure why they were sent here either.   The ones that came through Silvermoon and the Regent Lord are at least trained and have some idea as to why they are here in Pandaria, however, they are full of a lot of questions about just basic things.

There must be something going on that we aren’t aware of right now.  Why all the new raw recruits are being sent here is a mystery to me unless they are trying a new training program.  If you live through the training here, then, you move onto the next area?  I don’t know, there are always rumblings of things on the horizon with these politicos and it makes you wonder if they have started letting some Village Idiot lead the parade out of Orgrimmar and the Regent is trying to keep pace by releasing some real green kids to come up here to cover his interests.

Well, Ty and I almost have enough money to buy our farm now and I am looking forward to getting there and settling down.  I should say that I am looking forward to getting there and hide out until all of this passes and someone tells us what in the name of the Light is going on.  Did the Sunwell blow up and these are the people escaping from that?

I haven’t heard a word from my brother in the last few weeks and I am getting more than concerned.  Naturally, I am still getting letters from Faendra with all of her complaints about being in Silvermoon and how the living conditions are there.  Poor little lamb is having to work for her money and she isn’t too happy with that.  Naturally, everything is Fnor’s fault and she is going to let him know how she feels – she says he slapped her the last time he was in town.  Well, knowing my sister and knowing my big brother as well as I do, she did something to set the fireworks off.  She’s no innocent, that’s for certain.  I think I will drop a line to Fnor and put the bee in his bonnet about trying to marry her off so she will leave Dawnglory alone.

Oh, I saw the baby, Mirrin, in Halfhill and she certainly is growing and from what I gathered from Romy and Dawnglory, she’s quite the handful.  There is nothing sacred in their house that this little one isn’t either trying to explore or to shove into her mouth.  She’s adorable and Dawnglory certainly can’t deny being her Father with all of that golden hair.   I guess they are getting married, which came as a real shock to me, I never thought that in a million years that any woman would be able to tie that rascal down – he’s always been one to hit any skirt that sat still long enough.  Now, he’s a Father and soon to be a husband, who’d a thunk it?

I’m sitting here trying not to burst out laughing.   Ty is trying his best to teach Fuzzbutt to be an attack cat.  To see this grown man down on the floor and taunting this kitty to attack anything is just funny.  He even tried to get her to attack a moth that he had caught flying around the lamp.  Well, Fuzzbutt was intrigued at first and then ran over and jumped up on the bed and curled up.  Then, the laugh finally had to come out – Ty wanted to know how hunters get their pets to track and hunt like they do.  Well, hello, my almost brain-dead love, the beasts are much larger and the hunters know how to work with them.

Luckily, Ty and I are alone tonight and the neighbors don’t seem to be inclined to visit here in Halfhill quite as often as the barracks where you had no choice but to tolerate people being around constantly.  I think that Ty and I are just happy that we were able to rent this place for a while until we save up our money for the farm.  When Ty heard that Dawnglory was getting married, he looked at me afterwards as if he was going to say something and then clamped his jaws tight and had this kind questioning look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he said “Oh, nothing, I just swallowed a bug and I was wondering what kind it was?”  Oh, likely story that is.


Felaran Morningstar 

Where Am I?!?

March 12th

Dear Journal,

Isn’t this just grand!  I mean, I go to Silvermoon to turn in my contracts and get paid and there was this little man waiting there, or so it seems.  Well, I got conscripted to serve the Horde, guess someone must have told them that they might catch me in Silvermoon – I only told a few people that I would be gone for the day and I even told my brain dead sister that I was going to be in Silvermoon today, even brought some of her stuff in so that she could have some money.

I didn’t have time to pack my bags, make any arrangements to keep things under control in Orgrimmar either.  I was just boosted onto a boat, told to jump down a rope because the airship was crashing. I told the idiot that I was going to slide down any ropes, I was a lady even if I was dead. Well, I ended up taking the damn jump because, let’s face it, I wasn’t going down with a burning ship no matter what was going on – trust that good ol’ goblin engineering and you’ll get your butt blown off – if I even had one in my present condition.

Anyway, I’m here in Pandaria and I will admit that my brain is just spinning with all of the changes.  I was happy doing my own thing in Orgrimmar and the Outlands, those were places that I knew really well, now, I’m here in Bear Land.   I’m sitting here in the Vale of whatever, there’s some goofy music going and I see these Pandaren all happy and dancing around.  Well, I suppose they should be happy, I’m not.

I’ve already sent a letter off to Brianca to let her know where I am and that I didn’t just take off with her money, which I enclosed in the letter, and that I would get back home as soon as I could.  I have no idea when I will make it back to Orgrimmar, much less Undercity. I know that I didn’t even have a chance to grab a change of underpants – what were these people thinking of?   Of course, I don’t think that Orcs wear undergarments and I am real sure that they smell as rank as the Forsaken sometimes because they sure don’t seem to bathe that often.

I was issued some new gear that I didn’t have to pay for, which was nice and was told to stay with my group.  Oh hello, did anyone ever tell these Orcs that there are civilians in the group and that they may or may not have a brain in the head much less have an idea of what they were doing?  I did put up a fight when they took my bow and slammed a rifle in my hands – guess that’s the going thing for a hunter in Pandaria, I hate the noise more than anything.  I’ll be on the lookout for a bow in the near future, trust me, this rifle and I are not bonding. Oh, they gave me a nice mount, didn’t know whether I should pluck the feathers off or just eat it plain.  No, I didn’t eat it, I need something to get around on and it seems quick to respond when I’m flying.

Man, that fool idiot Garrosh must be rolling in some money if he can outfit all of these soldiers, doesn’t even check to see if we’ve been trained in anything and ship us off to this Pandaria place.   Sure, I knew about the war and all that stuff, however, one would have thought that things were cooling down, not heating up.  At least I ended up with some Rangers and they were trying to test me to find out what I did know and what I didn’t know – simpering louts.  I guess I passed the tests or whatever because this kind of silly looking fellow says “She’ll do.”  She’ll do what?  I guess I have to learn how to follow orders and read minds now.

I know that I am just so confused right now that I am lucky that I can remember my name and I miss my coffin.  They have beds here that we can use, however, they lack the coziness of my nice coffin. I already got yelled at for eating something that I had just killed too, they better watch it!  If I’m hungry, I’m gonna eat.

Oh crap, does this mean I’ll lose my job with Morningstar Enterprises?  Oh gees!  I had better fire off a letter to Zippie right away to let her know what has happened, I count on that money for my living and they haven’t mentioned anything about pay since I’ve been up here.  I hope they aren’t stupid enough to think that people are going to risk their lives for the Horde and not get paid for it.  Oh, I do hate Orcs, did I mention that?

Hazey Smythe

Good Times!!

March 11th

Well, this is definitely an OOC post if there ever was one, however, it’ a happy one.  Yesterday I went absolutely bonkers, which didn’t take much.  I had been depressed about the supposed rumors on the WoW forums about the fact that there might not be flying through the entire World of Draenor expansion.  I mean, I was really bummed because I have a plethora of flying mounts and that would mean that I would shelving them for a bit.  Some people don’t care for flying, you miss out on so much or so they say.  Well, I do both and I like that option of being able to fly over an area that I have been in hundreds of times and I don’t need to know that Blizzard added one pixilated daisy in the Jade Forest.

Anyway, the Pre-order for the new expansion went live yesterday and I was probably in line before the mad rush started in the afternoon.  I was actually planning on “not buying” the expansion because of the “no riding” rumor to wait and see if there was some truth to it.  Well,  I initially was only going to buy two and wait on the other two, however, the sale craze hit me and I upgraded four accounts. So, I’ve jumped from eight 90s to twelve real fast.  However, I was very selective with the characters that I upgraded.

1 Forsaken Hunter – Hazey – she had been stuck in Outland for freaking forever and I like Outland, which is kind of bizarre.

1 Draeni Enhancement Shaman – Magdamia – poor girl was questing in Northrend and doing her profs in Outland – jumping back and forth was making me loopy. She is doing herbalism and alchemy.

1 Worgen Death Knight – Allize – She was doing her part in Outland for quests and was still running around the Eastern Kingdoms trying to level her mining and blacksmithing.

1 Tauren Balance Druid – Nahai – Poor fellow changed his leatherworking for herbalist – he was bouncing between Northrend for questing and  Kalimdor for his “new” profession. I hadn’t played him for a very long time because of the changes that had been made for druids in the last year, however, I thought, well, for old time’s sake, let’s give it a go.  I was also looking at 4K gold to upgrade his flying.

All of these characters were over 60, so, I took full advantage of the max on the professions.  One of the things that they don’t tell you is that the character might be maxed, however, they don’t have any of the recipes. I think the most expensive one to get caught up on the recipes was the Death Knight, however, I think that it is going to be well worth it.

At least all of these characters can fly straight away in Pandaria which will make the mining, herbing and leatherworking fairly easy and a pleasure instead of the constant “fight your way to that node, have someone else grab it  and fight your way back syndrome”  that you deal with while you’re still on foot.

Since the newbies have hit max level so quickly, so many things have been added to them that it is going to take me some time to get used to the mechanics as well as setting up my action bars to accommodate them.  Luckily, I had experience with the DKs  and some on the Shaman, however, the Druid is going to take some getting used to again.   I’ll probably trot across the street and get some help from the neighbor again because he has all of his characters running Flex Raids – guess he knows how to play them rather well.

With the way that the characters are geared when you get them – starting area was Timeless Isle when I landed, which I have had a huge fear of.  You can start right there and go for it.  Since the hunter was something that I was more than familiar with, it was a natural thing to get her going there and she got geared up pretty quickly, however, not quite ready for Flex Raids yet.

Oh, yes, one of the things that they don’t tell you is that you have to find all of the flight paths again.  That’s not so bad with flight.  However, you still have to go through the landing areas questing to gain access to not only the rep building, to also get to the point where you can land at some of these flight paths.   I’m one of those people that loves to quest, get immersed in the game and can do that for many hours on end without flinching.  I may have done the quests many times before, however, I always find something “new” and different that I may not have noticed before.  Questing these new 90s is going to be a blast for me.  My inner geek is jumping for joy.

I have quite a few alts and, now, 90s to work on.  I have faction changed many of my higher level characters in the past which has had me hanging in limbo for Loremaster (after almost ten years)  however, I was one zone away from completing it when Cata dropped, lost all of that work and was starting over.  Thank heavens for shared achievements.  Anyway, long story short, I found one character that was still “pure” and she will be the one that I will be doing my Loremaster on primarily.  I also play solo for most of the game, however, I do like to jump into a dungeon with friends sometimes or even throw back a couple of drinks and hit the LFR.

Now that I have gotten over my fear of the Timeless Isle, things will move along at a rapid pace.  I may not be as fast as some of the other players, however, I will be out there killing and bashing things along with the rest of them.

I would like to give a special thanks to a friend of mine of many years that took the time to show me around the Isle and I would also like to thank my Alliance guild for doing the same thing and telling me that dying isn’t all that bad – the repair bill is a bit much, however, I’ve found my way around.  If you are ever on Timeless Isle, Wrymrest Accord,  and you see a character wandering about aimlessly, that’s probably me.

So, I’m a happy camper, got my 90s, got over my fear of the Isle and now I am in questing heaven and yes, I am going to just jump into things with wild enthusiasm.  With all of the new 90s out there now, I can hide with them and no one will notice some of my noob shenanigans. I was gazing at the forums this morning and noticed that LFR is now broken because of the “new” 90s jumping in without a good understanding of the mechanics on their characters – it made me giggle a bit, anyway, I won’t be one of those doing that.

Until next time for an OOC thing – Good gaming!!



A Mother’s Concerns

March 10th

Dear Journal,

Well, my Sindorei had an enjoyable time in both Nagrand and Shattrath, however, we both knew that we had to head back and face our responsibilities.  Him to deal with his youngest sister and his business and me to deal with my second oldest son and my business.

Yes, word did reach me in Shattrath of Vashlan’s behavior of late and I was shocked, appalled and then I had to laugh.  You know what they say about the quiet bookish types.  Well, he’s discovered what women are at long last, however, I think he has discovered the wrong kind of women, in my opinion.  No, I don’t expect him to find a nice Kaldorei girl and settle down, however, I don’t think that  it is good for his reputation to be taking a different woman to bed every night, he apparently doesn’t care what race they are or chances that he might be taking with them.  We are going to have a Mother-Son talk that I wish his Father would be the one handling instead of me.

I told Fnor about the letter that I had gotten from Magdamia in regard to Vashlan’s current behavior and he just laughed.  He told me that boys will boys and when they grow up to be men, their interests change.   He also told me that from what I was telling him, Vashlan is showing all the signs of his Sindorei breeding- which I don’t know whether to take as a given or try to combat it in some way.  I don’t want my son running around Stormwind, drinking and womanizing because it’s in his blood, he’s Kaldorei and he’s a special kind of Kaldorei. No, he’s not pureblood but he was born with a natural talent for the magic which could have only come from his Father’s heritage or mine.

Apparently the two boys in Dolonaar are giving their grandparents a fit and it’s time for me to go there as well to see if there is a remedy for that situation as well.  They are reaching those turbulent years where they are starting to aspire to get into a different kind of mischief.   I’m not surprised at Volardan, however, I am truly surprised at Karing being involved in some of the trouble as well.  They are in an extremely rebellious stage right now and my Mother has said that I need to get home and address the problem before my Father kills them.  I wonder what all they have been doing or should I think about what they haven’t been doing.

I feel like our parenting of our children has always been good.  We’ve spent a great deal of time with all of them, however, those years that my Sindorei was out chasing skirts all over Azeroth, maybe that was a real problem that has only appeared now.   The last couple of years have been rather pleasant because we haven’t had any outside influences to hinder our relationship and now, the children have all decided to rebel.    It seems that I even need to have a discussion with my eldest son, the one that usually never gives me any trouble.

Apparently, he’s been out carousing when he comes to Stormwind with those friends of his and has caused some trouble between he and Kaelendra.   Kaldor knows better, I brought him up better than that.   I guess his last trip to Stormwind, he got wounded with his friends when they went into the Hinterlands to investigate some kind of troll uprising against the dwarves – well, Kal, son…that stuff has been going on for eternity, what is your problem?  Trolls are Horde and they aren’t your friends.  Anyway, I will talk to him about his recent misbehaving as well as try to get in touch with his friends to see if there is something that, as a company, that we might be able to do to assist them in some manner.  I will talk to the leader of the group and find out what is going on, not only for Kal’s sake but for the sake of the other people involved.  You’d don’t take five or six people to fight a full tribe of trolls no matter how good you think you are, silly people.  All the strategy in the world won’t help if you don’t have the manpower to back it up.

I need to get Magdamia down to Shattrath so that she can get accustomed to working with Zippie at the warehouse.  I know those two better not have any trouble working together.  There are two entrances for the factions, however, behind that, it’s one huge warehouse that is used by both.  I know Magdamia’s first reaction when she saw Zippie for the first time was to ask what “it” was.  Luckily, Zippie doesn’t speak Common, or she acts like she doesn’t  – Magdamia and I had a discussion about her calling Zippie a green frog, I had to explain to her that Zippie was a goblin and that her people had been displaced from their homeland, similar to her circumstances, and that she was going to have to tolerate and get along with her regardless.

Elune!! I swear that the moons must be out of alignment or something.  To have my children all seem to have been taken with a bout of stupidity and then, to have Magdamia get up on her high hooves and get all cranky about working with a goblin.  I hope my Sindorei is having an easier time with his sister and his business in Silvermoon, I have my hands full right now.

I suppose we’re both paying for that time away that we selfishly decided that we needed to have together before we both went mad with loneliness. I am in Stormwind at the moment and haven’t been able to get in touch with Vashlan yet, he is going to get such a talking too that he might not ever look at another woman again.  I will not tolerate him turning our apartment into his own private brothel. Not to mention, he’s been making passes at Magdamia, she’s old enough to be…well, she’s a lot older and more experienced and she’s a Draeni – I have no idea what kind of pairing that might produce and I’m not sure that I want to know.

Amynlarae Shadowmoon


Exploring…and the Faire

March 8th


Dear journal,

I will have to admit that I am still tired this morning and I am going to take some time to be lazy and write a few things.  I have been remiss with my journal of late, however, there are so many things to do that keep me occupied.  Making a living is my primary concern.  I still haven’t made enough money to buy an actual journal yet, so, my little pieces of parchment tied together with a piece of leather is just going to have to do.

Yesterday was one of the few days that I have taken a day away from duties to do some other things.  You know the kind of personal and mundane things and I wanted to do some exploring on my own.

I did take a boat to Darnassus early yesterday morning and was sitting there enjoying the beauty and the peace that is offered there.  You can fish without worrying about being attacked as well as just sit under a tree and allow yourself to daydream, if that is what you wish to do.

While I was in the city I met a nice gentleman from Gilneas.  As is the case with most of the people from that area, he had received the Curse and was indeed a bit worried that there didn’t seem to be a cure on the horizon.  I can understand his concerns and even sympathized with him, however, he seemed to have adapted to his situation somewhat.   We actually talked for quite some time, two people discussing this strange land. One thing that he has a hope that someday he will be able to return to what is left of his homeland and wrest it form the Forsaken, while I have no illusions of ever returning to my homeland.   We are both learning how to adapt to the people and the lands that we have found ourselves living with, it will be an adventure for the both of us, I’m sure.

I had heard quite a bit of discussion from some of the older people on Azuremyst, the ones that had gone out to see other parts of Azeroth.  Oh yes, they told me of the wondrous city of Stormwind and that there was a Faire going on, which was an experience that I didn’t want to miss, if I was somewhat intelligent.  Always one to pay heed to the advice of my elders, I decided that I would make the time to visit this city and this Faire, what harm could there be?

I wasn’t disappointed with the huge city of Stormwind.  It doesn’t have the grace of the Night Elf city of Darnassus, however, it seems a much busier place.  A place where people are constantly in a hurry to get to whatever destination they were heading.  Tall stone structures with massive armament towers surrounding them – one would think that they were expecting  a direct assault from some enemies – the Horde most likely.  I saw an area of the town that had met with some kind of massive destruction which led me to ask some rather naive questions.  I will have to do some further research on this Deathwing.

I went into one section of the town directly off the canals that was the Trade Center, that’s what the sign said, anyway.  While I was wondering around, I saw a poster that was advertising for adventurers, skilled hunters and the like and it piqued my curiosity.  I thought that it might be a way to make some more money and possibly learn a few more things about the land.

I found the establishment and went inside and saw a massive warehouse stacked with all kinds of boxes and people running to and fro, bringing in things from the docks and what appeared to be other people such as myself, looking for employment.  I happened to notice a very nice looking Draeni female that was standing behind a counter at the back of the building.  She appeared to be the one taking applications for work as well as handling some of the payment for things that were being brought in.

So, I walked up and did my best smile and introduced myself and asked her a few questions.  Well, I found out that the company is owned by a Sentinel and her family from Kalimdor.  Interesting that a military sort would be interested in the commerce business, however, as long as they were reputable, it wasn’t my concern.  I did find out the young woman’s name, the Draeni, and it was Magdamia.  Well, I’ll admit that I was very attracted to her and she appeared to be very knowledgeable and a woman of the world, this new world.   I filled out the forms that she asked me to do and I don’t think she even read everything that I put down in regard to my hunting experience and so forth because she was staring at me like I was some kind of meal that she hadn’t had for a long time.  I got hired on the spot and she thrust several of her contracts in my hand, telling me that they had plenty of lead time on them so that I could take my time gather the leather that was requesting on them.

I’ll admit that while she was very attractive and I like the way she looked, she did make me feel very awkward about things.  I think that I will try to get to know her a little better over some time.  Maybe I’ll ask her to dinner when I have some more money in my pouch.

I went on to the Faire from Stormwind and I passed through a little village called Goldshire.  I must say that I was rather taken back at the amount of drunken debauchery that was going on there.  I hastened my pace to get out of there as quickly as possible and found the entrance to the Faire.

I’ll admit that the Faire was different from anything that I had ever seen before.  There were plenty of things to keep you amused, games and fortune telling, places to eat and places to drink, however, I was more amazed at the fact that there were people there from both factions, acting as if there wasn’t a conflict going on.  Strange people, put them in a setting like this Faire and they forget that some of the people that they are rubbing elbows with over  tankard are their Bloodsworn enemies.   I saw so many different kinds of animals at this one section of the Faire that my mind was whirling.  Oh, to think that I might actually run into some of these creatures out in the wild was both exciting and frightening.

By the time that I got home last night, I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep, which I promptly did.  So many things have I seen in the last day, my mind needed to take a rest and have some time to absorb some of the things seen and to absorb all of the information that I had taken in.  These are indeed a strange people and the planet seems like it huge – I am looking forward to exploring more of it.


Stay Out Of Trouble…

March 7th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I have pulled some very foolish stunts and Kae has been fairly understanding, however, this last one has got to take the cake for stupidity and I even admitted that.  Here I came dragging home from Stormwind, looking like I had been one heck of a barroom brawl, scratched, clawed and chewed upon.

Yes, I ran into some of my friends again and apparently, they had been hired to do some work up in the Hinterlands.  Something about a troll incursion of some sort.  Well, me always wanting to maintain my friendships through thick and thin, decided to go along with them.  It couldn’t be all that bad, I mean trolls in the Hinterlands attacking dwarves wasn’t too much of a surprise, however, after we arrived there, I found out that it was much more serious than I initially thought.  Well, even in my most stupid moments, I could have told them to have some good luck and taken my leave.  However, my loyalty to my friends and the dwarves against the trolls overrode my intelligence, again. I think we had one death knight, three hunters and a passing through rogue (don’t they always just pass through when the going gets rough) and maybe, just maybe, there might have been someone else that I wasn’t sure of what they were supposed to be.  I mean, we weren’t exactly heavily armed and we weren’t exactly prepared for what happened to us.

There weren’t that many of us to take on a full tribe of trolls, however, they thought that we could override anything that came into our path, little did we know that there was all kinds of skullduggery afoot.  These trolls really were organized and they had more juju and magic going for them than one would have thought possible, considering the area we were in.

We heard the war drums and knew that the trolls were approaching and all we could do was to take cover and try to figure out how many there were coming in.   There were more than we would have thought possible.  However, we stood our ground, tried to recon what was happening and covering our asses at the same time.

We were able to repel the first group of trolls without much trouble, however, that was before they brought in the magic.  Now, that was indeed an interesting thing and could have been very devastating to us, however, we’re all hardened veterans of Pandaria, with the exception of one of the hunters that couldn’t even maintain control over her pet.  Oh, she was all gung-ho and all that, however, totally lacking in the common sense department.  I almost shot her pet, just to shut her up. I have got to make myself more patient with people that are still learning their craft, however, it could have gotten us killed.

It wasn’t bad enough that these trolls were crack shots, however, it didn’t help matters any when they started bringing in ghouls to help them out.  Now, that was something that caught me by surprise.  Of course, we were overrun with these walking corpses – the Death Knight went down in a heap, knocked unconscious and I went to assist her – that’s where I really got chewed on.  While everyone was busy helping each other, I was getting munched on by at least two ghouls, still trying to protect the death knight. Finally, the rest of the group realized that I was still in trouble with the ghouls and came to my rescue.

We were able to capture a goblin that was helping the trolls and took him back to the dwarves for questioning.  Frankly, I would have shot the bugger full of arrows and called it could, however, the rest of the group felt that it was more beneficial to put the fellow through some interrogation.  I do wish them luck with that aspect of it.  I don’t know that I’ll venture back to find out or not at this point.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my wounds were pretty much superficial and more of an embarrassment rather than life threatening.  I got some first aid to hold me together until I could make it back to Stormwind where one of our Paladins in the guild was able to administer some more in-depth healing.  Then I drug my butt back to Pandaria, where I should have been almost a full day ago.

Kae wasn’t too pleased with me when I did get home and we had a long discussion about what always seems to happen when I go to Stormwind alone.  She had stayed home to take care of some things and to find out that she wasn’t pregnant – I didn’t know that she thought that she was – I was clueless.  I thought that that wonderful, nasty smelling tea that she was drinking was going to take care of that sort of thing.  Maybe we should start taking different precautions against that sort of thing.  Guess I should go talk to my Dad about that sort of thing although he seems to be in Shattrath at the moment, damn it.

Oh yes, she gave me a good talking too and while she was doing that, she was also making sure that I didn’t have other damage that might have been overlooked.  Let’s just say, I hope she drank her tea and we don’t have to worry about another surprise that might have been.

Kaldor Shadowmoon

Oh! Thank You!!

March 6th

Dear Journal,

While I will be the first one to admit that there are times that I just want to smack the crap of people and ask them if they were born this stupid or was it something they acquired over time.  I’m hoping it was something acquired, I would hate to think that they were born that way.

We run a very simple business here in Stormwind, or I think it’s a simple business.  We’re an import/export firm that does occasional odd jobs such as escorting people to different locations and they don’t want to travel the roads alone, that’s fine.  We also have been known to do some mercenary work once in a while, however, we do charge a fair price for it.  The bounty hunting is a good sideline, however, I do have some really stupid people to deal with sometimes. 

Yes, you took the bounty hunting contract because the money was very good, however, you’re supposed to deliver the body to the client as proof that the contract was filled, not bring the body back to the warehouse and try to store it.  Really?  Yes, it really happened and it was quite the stench that took over the whole building that alerted me to the fact that something was definitely dead in there.  What can I expect, I have Night Elves, Dwarves, Worgen and a Pandaren that might sometimes suffer with too much to drink or maybe just total forgetfulness – I don’t know which is worse.

I wish the owner of the company , Amynlarae Shadowmoon, would spend more time in Stormwind and not spend as much time in Shattrath City right now.  I guess she is going to spread the operations out a little bit more to make more money .  She said that she has had a business in that city before and she is in the process of reopening it again.  Well, I don’t care, I hope that she doesn’t expect me to handle the books for both places now – what a nightmare that could be. Yes, I know that the owner is mated to a Sindorei, however, that is kept strictly under wraps – I wonder what her family thinks of this arrangement – the boys are grown men for the most part.

Okay, I’m cranky, that’s nothing new.  I need to get back to see my family and do some other things rather than working all of the time.  Besides, the boy, Vashlan, has finally discovered women.  I was beginning to worry about him, you know, always wearing those robes and always messing with his hair – must be a by-product of his mixed breeding.  Yes, I have known that he was part Sindorei from the day that I laid eyes on him – those green flecks in his eyes that he tried to pass off as a by-product of being a mage with all of that magic.  Well, if that wasn’t something silly for him to say, I have no idea what was.  Once I met his older brother, same eyes, I knew that the owner of the company had to have had more than one pass at the other faction, a nice little Sindorei  fellow.  It really doesn’t bother me, I’m not of these people in the Alliance, my people are from a totally different planet and we happened to crash here. I just hope that some people here in the city aren’t as observant as I am because it could mean trouble for all of us that work for the business.

I had a nice looking Draeni fellow stop in and he put in application to do some work for us.  I will admit that I was more than just talking to him, I was definitely looking, hope he didn’t notice that.  It’s a rare thing for one of my countrymen to be free lancing as a hunter, however, you do what you have to do in order to survive.  His name is Lagn, he says the “g” is silent and just call him Lan.  Honey, I’ll call you whatever you want me to call you, okay?  I don’t even think the ink had a chance to dry on the application before I found myself hiring him on the spot.  I know that I gave him some of the best contracts that I had available that paid the most – well, for a  hunter anyway.

I think it has been too long since I have been with a man.  Maybe that’s why I’m cranky.  I offered to show this Lan fellow the city and I definitely thought that he would catch on that I wanted to show him more than just the city.  I wasn’t too forward, I was trying to maintain my decorum, however, those horns, those hooves and the way that he talked was enough for me to almost throw that nonsense out the window.  I hope he didn’t notice how many times I was blushing or how I was just staring at him – my he is a handsome fellow.

I would just like to offer my thanks to any of the Powers To Be, I don’t even care which ones at this point, for dropping this fellow in my lap, almost.