Soooo Busy…

April 3rd

First of all, I would like to apologize to TomeoftheAncient for not getting the Liebster Award that they nominated me for posted.  Got the bloody thing all filled out and can’t get the “award” to post to the published area – I’m not real computer savvy it seems.  I have the whole thing written out and ready to go, just the one thing holding me back – I’ll figure it out eventually.

I haven’t been writing much in the way of my blogs of late due to the fact that I am having entirely too much fun with my new boosted characters in-game.  I have always had a thing for Tauren, especially the Tauren Druids.  I had been plodding along for quite some time trying to get things figured out on my druid and it was just basic things that I had forgotten as well as many patches and many nerfs ago.  I chose to play Balance Druids because they offered the very faithful Boomkin that I initially fell in love with back in the day.   With the help of one of my neighbors and Icy-Veins, got the fellow caught up and proceed to boost him to 90 – that was druid number one, Nahai.  Then, I just had to bring up the one that was my inscriptionist  – that was druid number two – Mooma.  Silly name, however, she was my very first Tauren and I like the female Tauren a lot – the dance, the whole thing.  These two characters actually hadn’t been real active since 2012 and I could never bring myself to delete them – sentimental attachments.

While I was at it, I did go ahead and brought up another Tauren, my Death Knight, Sadheart – sometimes called Naton.   I think what kicked that one off was the fact that I had a Worgen Death Knight, Allize,  that I had boosted and found out just how smoothly they operate with the boosts – already knew how to play the class, just was extremely slow in leveling them.

Also brought up my Draeni, alchemist, that I am so terribly fond of.  She has been a fan favorite of mine since I started playing her as a goblin a while back – faction changed her and now I am really having the time of my life.  She’s  a bit stuffy at times and a bit snarky, however, that’s her personality.  That is Magdamia, the erstwhile accountant and business manager for my Alliance side import/export company in Stormwind.

I am one of those people that just loves to quest and loves to work on professions and will totally get immersed in the game, along with the Lore, as well as just staying off to myself a lot.  Since I am primarily a solo player in an MMO, it’s actually kind of relaxing.  I finally started going back and trying my hand at Scenarios as well as the Lost Isle to gear up some of my existing characters – talk about time consuming.  Next big step is going to be hit the Pug LFR groups in the near future, however, I dread it with a passion due to the type of attitudes that I have seen in there historically – can’t be any worse now with the advent of all of the boosted 90s.

Between playing the game and finally getting back into some Role Playing situations, briefly, my time has truly been consumed.  Of course, I do have to deal with RL issues, you know cleaning your house once in a while is a must-do thing or you start looking at the dust bunnies and giving them names and tell your cats to play nicely with them.

After looking at my roster of characters that I have currently active I have discovered that I have 14 90s – eight of which were done the old fashioned way and the others were boosted along with my purchase of WoD or individual boosts.  I think I’m done with that for a while, although, my warlock and my mage are looking at me with sadness in their little eyes wanting to join their fellows in Pandaria.

I have been playing all of these characters for so long that they almost seem like a part of the family in RL although I’m sure that it drives my spouse absolutely wild with the amount of time I spend in World of Warcraft – I rarely watch television and I do come down out of my loft occasionally to play with the grandkids when they are around.

So, that’s my last week of WoW – just having as much fun as I possibly can.  I know that I will continue to play the game until they close the doors or I physically can’t play any longer, whichever comes first.  I’ve tried other games and I keep coming back to the love of my life – World of Warcraft.   I can’t believe that I have been at this for roughly ten years.


2 thoughts on “Soooo Busy…

  1. I keep thinking it would be so nice to boost my alchem/jeweler Rogue. She’s around 22 I think so I have some time to think about it. I promised myself I wouldn’t boost anymore but it sure was kind of fun!

    • LOL I’m looking at boosting my alchemist when she gets to be at 60 on Horde side – I have plenty of time to play with that thought as well – it really has added a lot to the game with being able to cut out some of the grind after a gazillion times of doing it. 😀

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